Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Heavy aluminum ride on playground horse

Cool old horse has handles front and back where the horse could be suspended by rope or wire to display. Just love the look of this old cutie! Horse measures 31 inches long and 23 inches tall. One handle at head is bent downwards as seen in photo. SOLD!

Neat old door panels with implements attached

Thought this was a great way to display these old tools, one a shovel and the other an old rug beater. Both wired to old chippy and weathered door panel. The rug beater panel is 40 by 9 and the little shovel is on a panel that is 34 by 11. Love the look! Rug beater on green panel is sold!

Wire baskets with carrying handles

Three metal baskets, all the same. They have handy carrying handles and measure approx. 25 by 11-1/2 and are 10 inches tall. Two are SOLD! One left!

Canvas basket on metal legs

Great canvas bag, industrial or laundry maybe? This has little metal feet and measures 21-1/2 inches in diameter and is 17 inches tall with two cloth handles for carrying. SOLD!

Aleppo Shriner's circus ad framed

Pressed between two pieces of glass so you can see both front and back of poster. Some damage at top edge, with discoloration, but interesting facts on back, and great circus details on front. Measures 31 by 15 inches. SOLD!

Child's wooden folding chair from 1950's tv show

I don't remember this show, but apparently there was a 1950's tv show featuring Pinky Lee! This chair was made by Fritzel Toys. It measures 17 inches wide, arm to arm, and 13 inches deep, and stands 22 inches tall at top of back rest. SOLD!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Large wooden cutout of spring ducks

Originally meant for a lawn decoration, there is a place in back where metal posts could be inserted to stand up on lawn. So adorable, with momma duck and her two ducklings in a little egg shaped wagon! This is big!! 43 inches across, almost four feet! Stands 35 inches tall at duck's head. SOLD!

Tall armoire/wardrobe

Perfect if you need some extra hanging storage. Great for winter coats, etc. This is tall and won't take up much room! Measures 80 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 22 inches deep. Has hanging rod and one shelf above, for hats and gloves. SOLD!

Fodder cutter

I have sold a couple of these old fodder cutters before, but haven't had one that's been painted. Love the blue on this, as it would make a pretty spring planter! These were used to chop up fodder such as cornstalks or hay for livestock. There is a rusty blade on end, and originally had a handle to raise and lower the blade. The handle became detached, but we still have it. This measures 36 inches in length and stands 38 inches tall.

Asian style wooden saddle

This saddle is in great condition with some beautiful detailing on front and back sections. The saddle measures approx. 19 inches long, 16 inches wide and 12 inches tall at highest part. Made entirely of wood, with some leather lacing. SOLD!

Ricardo spurs

Set of cool spurs with leather straps. Spurs are marked Ricardo, and just about 7 inches in length. SOLD!

Ruff Rider toy gun new in package

Cute little plastic gun and holster set made by Pilgrim Leather Goods, of Haverhill, Mass. Ruff Rider new in unopened package