Monday, March 13, 2017

Fabulous hand crafted seed bins and display shelf.

The paperwork for this handcrafted seed bin cabinet and shelves state that it was ordered in 1901. It took the carpenter one week to build and he charged just 17-1/2 cents per hour! Made in Pennsylvania. The cabinet could be separated from the shelves and turned into an island and the shelf could hang nearby, just an idea for use in a home! Makes a beautiful spring display! There are 18 drawers that are very deep. This measures 45 across and 30 inches deep at widest part of base. Entire unit stands 61 inches tall. Comes with the handwritten work order. The seed sign on top of display shelf is painted and made of wood. It has a crack at one side where it looks like someone tried to remove and reattach for some reason. I have had lots of inquiries about this already, so I am posting the price. SOLD!

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