Saturday, May 31, 2008

Black anvil

Heavy black anvil, measures 10 inches wide at top, and stands about 6 inches tall. SOLD!

Butter Churn in red paint

Floor model butter churn stands 35 inches tall. Wonderful red paint, missing cover, but still a great piece. Handle is intact, and will turn paddles when cranked. SOLD!

Victor Engineer's Lantern

Great for hanging display, is this Victor engineer's lantern with red glass shade. SOLD!

Vintage suitcase in great condition

Vintage suitcase in excellent condition. Looks like it was hardly used. Stack with other suitcases for that look that is so popular in Country Magazine.

What a cutie! Little primitive washboard

Little Gem washboard, very primitive! Measures 15 inches tall by 7 inches across. Back side is corrugated aluminum. Well used!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We also finally got a new screen door

Now we can enjoy the cool breezes without the bugs flying in. I love it!

The new cathedral ceiling is in too!

The beams were stained, and the boys were able to get the ceiling wood installed on Sunday. I did the first coat of stain and poly mix that night. Today, I finished the second coat. Almost time to put the wallboards in place. We are getting there slowly but surely. I bought the first thing to hang on the new beams today. I am sure I have lots more stuff already in storage but this was bought specifically to hang on the beam. (an old black axe head, very cool!) Can't wait to fill up the whole room.

Some more progress on our addition!

The electrician came and did the rough wiring. I was able to get the walls insulated. Love to keep it toasty warm!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cool old Schwinn girl's bicycle

Great old vintage Schwinn's girl's bicycle. Tinker with it a bit and you could ride it, or just makes a neat old display piece! $75.00

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Very rustic wooden ash sifter

Here is a rough wooden ash sifter with nice advertising graphics stencilled on side. 15 inches in diameter. Wire bottom. If you like primitives like I do, then you will love this!

Beautiful tole painted electrified lamp

This is an old Rayo kerosene lantern that someone electrified. The detailed flowers and leaves are just wonderful. Great little lamp.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's all a front!

The stain was hardly dry, and I had my son hanging the shutters that I bought months ago! Then I just had to put the window box on, and hang an old bucksaw too. I have no patience. (when can we start on the other side?)

Now we just need to finish the rest!

Another side view of the front of the addition!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Early seeder in red paint

This would make a wonderful display for the yard. I was told that this early seeder had a box on the back that would hold seeds. As the wheel turned, a mechanism would cause the seeds to drop into the field. The big wheel in front is in excellent condition, and measures 32 inches in diameter. With the addition of an old wooden box or crate full of flowers, this would be an awesome planter!


Cast iron plant holder with flowers

What a beautiful display piece for the garden. I bought the one big pot of flowers to put in the top, but you could also just place this in the garden and plant a climbing ivy or flowers inside the base.

Cast iron plant holder

Here is a great old cast iron plant holder. I took this picture with it empty so the details on the back could be seen better, and then took a picture with flowers. Many uses for the garden!

Iron plant holder with flowers

What a beautiful way to display spring flowers in the garden! I bought this one big pot of flowers to go in the top, but you could also plant climbing flowers around the base for another look. SOLD!

Vintage Antiques sign

Here is one of my latest finds from an auction up north. This is a great old, weathered antiques sign that someone handpainted with flowers along the bottom edge. Hang inside or outside!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A close up view of the interior

We couldn't do any work outside today thanks to the rain (again!) but we were able to buy our beams and get those in place. More places to hang stuff!

A view from the side

We tried to keep as many trees intact as possible, so our addition is long and narrow, but will give us some much needed room!

A little more progress!

A view from the front, connected to the original building.