Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are closed Easter Sunday

We will be closed on Sunday, April 4th for Easter. Open Thursday through Saturday 10-5. Happy 23rd birthday to my daughter Kate. She is not happy to be sharing her birthday with the holiday.
Happy Easter to all!
This picture is not of anyone I know. I just liked the old car......

Hanging scale

I absolutely love old scales, the rustier the better. I think they look great hanging in the kitchen. They are great for holding fruit, or produce. I can never resist buying old scales.

One of my favorite finds!

I can just picture this cute cutting board in a 1950's camp kitchen. Two black bears, with one chasing a porcupine up a tree. He has a nose full of quills!

Wonderful green cupboard

No, it's not crooked! That is my picture taking at fault. In order to fit the whole cupboard in the shot, I had to take the photo at an odd angle. This cupboard is fantastic for display, and has plenty of shelves. Plus you have got to love the green paint!

Wooden chair in blue chipped paint

I bought this chair on Monday and also had the pretty hooked rug from a previous auction. This chair is just perfect in chippy blue for springtime.
Chair is SOLD!!

Sam's patchwork bear

Sam made this adorable little patchwork bear from an old cutter quilt. He matches the chair perfectly, so they just had to go together!

Primitive Hand carved syrup pourer

This is a really cool primitive piece. Hand carved bowl and handle, used for pouring syrup. Someone did a nice job carving this great little pourer!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey, I am a day early!

Usually I update my blog on Thursday, but I got ambitious today. I cleaned my house, put out some of my own Easter decorations (it's only 12 days away!) and put some of my new items out in the store. I don't know where I got all of this energy, but I like it!

From our open house drawings, congratulations to Dan, winner of the Easter basket, and Linda, winner of the gift certificate.

Somehow everything I bought was green!

It just kind of happened that the things I happened to have the winning bids on were all green. It looked pretty all piled in my car! The striped piece on top of the bench is an old seeder. I have had a couple of these but never one so colorful!

An old bilge pump!

Okay, this is is the only thing I bought last night that wasn't green! I just couldn't resist it though. My parents had an old wooden boat that was built in the 1930's. We used a bilge pump just like this one on that boat, and sometimes my father would send us kids into the skiff to pump out rainwater that would collect there. He liked to put us all to work! They sold that boat, the Side by Side in 1965 and bought a beautiful old wooden Chris Craft. That boat was already named the JoLyn, and they kept the name. I loved it because I always thought it was named after me! My mother thinks that boat had an electric bilge pump, so we no longer had to use one of these contraptions.

One of the green boxes from last night's auction

This is one of the green pieces that made it in to the store. Fantastic green paint, perfect for spring! Has a latch to keep it closed and one handle in front.

I had to sneak in a picture of Aspen!

Here is my silly dog in one of his favorite spots! He loves to look out the front windows and growl at all the kids coming and going. He is on patrol, and thinks this chair is just for him!

Washtub stand

Wooden washtub stand still has some of it's lettering on the top slats. Shown here with an aluminum washtub. I had several of these tubs saved up, but they are selling fast!
Stand is SOLD!

Wooden tool tote

Wooden tool tote with handle and the notches for keeping saws in place. These are great for spring displays! I wonder what the carpenter who used this would think of it being used to hold flowers?

Another chicken feeder

I haven't made it up to Rumney for one of my favorite little country auctions in months. They are finally running again now that spring is here! I can always find something unique there. I just can't get enough of these aluminum chicken feeders. This one can be used for water, or feed.

Hoppe's gun cleaning kit

Also from Rumney, a cool little wooden box with gun cleaning accessories from Hoppe's. Box has finger joints on corners.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mountain Holly Twig wreaths

I have three of these pretty Mountain Holly twig wreaths. They are handmade and are approx. 24 inches in diameter.

2 wooden swans

I love these sweet little wooden swans. They are nesting on an old nail keg. SOLD!

Little yellow wagon

This little wagon would be cute on a porch with real flowers, in your garden, or in a shop as a wonderful spring display! Shown with a Pepsi case full of silk flowers which is not included.

Garden cupboard

Rustic cupboard would be perfect for all your garden items!
Door on front and two on side. Greenish blue inside.

Well Pump and silk flower picks

Just in time for spring, a great original well pump. Silk flower picks with a little butterfly attached.
Pump is SOLD!

Corn husker

Neat metal corn husker. I had one in wood, but I love the big metal teeth on this one!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My favorite piece from the auction!

Lurking under the dirt and grime was a brass plate. I got out my brass polish and there it is! I love the contrast between the rusty jug and the shiny brass plate. From 1921, Worcester, MA. I do like weird stuff, don't I?
SOLD! :(


Two cute little cameras. One is a Brownie and the other is a Falcon Rocket. These look great on a shelf in a little grouping. A nice inexpensive collectable.
Falcon is SOLD!

Wooden puzzle in slide top box

Old wooden puzzle cut in Keene, NH. I started to put it together, but with all those quirky shapes, my brain started to hurt!

Old display box

Cool old display box has a top that lifts off. Cork on back would allow for things to be pinned to it. This box will stand on it's side for display also. I have a few old sewing things, but the possibilities for displays are endless!

1940 Insurance Advertising Calendar

Big wall calendar from 1940 with a five digit phone number listed for John Cuddy Jr. Insurance Co.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleaning up after the storm

We got our power back late Sunday night, but the wires for cable, internet and phone had all been ripped out. They can't get out to restore them until tomorrow, March 3rd, so I am at the library using my laptop and their Wi-Fi access. What a great service! We have spent several days cleaning up all the brush and clearing out the area by the store where the big tree fell so we can re-open for the weekend. We are ready to go. Open regular business hours, Thursday through Sunday from 10-5. Can't wait to get back to work!

Curved single yoke

I love this old farm piece. I haven't seen one with a curve in it like this before. Looks like it was hand made.

Aluminum egg mold

Well used, (and dented) egg mold for making small cakes.

Bookshelf with mint green shelves

Nice compact size bookshelf with three shelves. Exterior is off white, and interior is minty green.

Easter treat bags

Little individual Easter treat bags, have a tiny bunny face pocket with wire hanger, and some chocolates. Great for Easter baskets.

Wall of horse stuff!

Lots of cool horse stuff. A bridle with blinders, wooden stirrups, a crop, horse hoof trimmers, and some old iron pieces that were dug up on a farm in Connecticut.
Wooden stirrups and crop are SOLD!