Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Awesome large egg crate from NH

All sides, plus inside of lid are marked. There are paper labels on sides. This has two compartments inside with all the cardboard egg holders and cushioning intact. The lid could be screwed down to keep the cargo safe! This is from Greenfield, NH. Excellent condition! Measures 27 inches wide and 15 inches tall. SOLD!

NH schoolhouse slate board, double sided

The back of this super cool slate board reads that it was in the Water Village School house and moved in 1954. This is very heavy and has a large chalk tray. Real slate board. Measures 22 by 33 and 3 inches deep. SOLD!

Large Sugar Barrel with lid

The American Sugar Refining Company was the largest sugar refinery in America in the early 1900's. It later became known as Domino Sugar. This barrel is super solid, and has the lid which has graphics as well as the bottom of the barrel. This is good sized and stands 29-1/2 inches tall and the opening at top is 20 inches in diameter, although it is wider at middle. SOLD!

Mini sawhorses and board for display

Perfect if you set up at shows, or just need a height builder in the shop! Easily portable. The two little sawhorses are 22 by 16 and 21 inches tall. The board comes with the set and is 52 by 9-1/2 inches. SOLD!

For my crafty repurposers!

Solid sewing machine base. New Home brand. Has two wheels in back on legs, but missing two front wheels. Other than that, it's ready to go, just needs your new top added! The base is 20 by 17 and 28 inches tall. SOLD!

Sweet little metal stool

This has an industrial look to it, but not sure where it came from. This stool is 24 inches tall and the seat has a diameter of 11 inches. Nice and sturdy. SOLD!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wonderful Siddall's Soap box

Every week, I have a favorite piece, and this is it! Love the label on inside of box. Nice handles and finger jointed edges. The box measures 16-1/2 by 10-1/2 and stands 6 inches tall. SOLD!

Metal rack advertising Wonder Cover

Tried to research these Wonder Covers, but couldn't find anything! The other side of the rack reads for Home, Marine, Farm and Industrial use. Maybe the rack held some type of tarps for sale? Not sure, but it's a cool rack and would look nice displaying a collection, maybe in a garage or man cave. The rack measures 27 by 20 and 40-1/2 inches tall.

Two sturdy and heavy drawers

These drawers are big and solid, very heavy duty. One has nice dividers inside but is missing one of it's Eastlake style pulls. The other is not divided but has both pulls! These have large dovetail joins,and some old green paint on drawer fronts, giving them some nice age! They measure 25 by 20 and are 6-1/2 inches deep

Sturdy wooden ladder

Nice and solid with no rot. Has a few little paint splotches for character, and the pulley to pull up the paint can. This ladder is 7 feet tall, and 13-1/2 inches wide. These make great hanging displays! Sold!

Large copper boiler with insert tray

In excellent condition, with lid (has a few dents) and wooden handles, this large copper boiler is 23-1/2 by 13 inches and stands 14 inches tall. You hardly ever see them with their insert still! This is a beautiful piece! SOLD!

Interesting cloak, military or police?

I bought this cloak down in Rhode Island, and thought it was unusual. It is canvas or oilskin, dark blue, with a collar and openings for arms to come through. Inside one pocket was the hat all folded up, a sort of beret with three decorative buttons down the back. Along the inner front edge are two different stenciled names and numbers. SOLD!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Very large country drawer turned cubby shelf

This is one of my favorite pieces in a long time. I love it! This must have come from a large country display piece. Was a drawer with old handle still attached. Standing on it's side, it makes a fabulous cubby shelf. Heavy and big! This measures 30 by 30 square and 5 inches deep. SOLD!

Wire egg basket

Large wire egg basket from a local farm! Sold!

Metal cart is perfect for fall display!

This was missing a bottom when I got it, but then I remembered I had a sheet of the old rusty ceiling tin lift and it not only fit almost perfectly, it matched very well! This pretty cart measures 38 by 25 and 32 inches tall. Sold!

Long galvanized chicken feeder

These make great planters! This one is long and measures 5 feet 2 inches. Wire top lifts up to access the trough. Sold!