Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday's haul. Good thing I brought the truck!

I had already been to two auctions and my favorite little barn sale this week. But, when these great primitive items are available, you just have to get them while you can. Should be set for the weekend now!

My favorite find of the week!

This wooden milk bottle carrier has a beautiful patina. One of the little wooden slats must have broken long ago, so someone twisted a thick piece of wire to make a new divider. I just love the way they used to repair things, nothing went to waste!

Charlie the fish

Buying "Charlie" the mounted fish prompted a little area of fishing stuff.
Charlie is SOLD!

Cast iron blacksmith's table

Very heavy! Cast iron blacksmith's table. They would fill these up with hot coals and work on the horseshoes, etc. Shown here used as a gardening bench.

miniature roombox

All the work has been done! Ready to display. This can hang on the wall or sit on a table. Very cute three story box of country rooms. Plexiglass slides up and out to gain access to rooms. Measures 23-3/4 inches tall, 12 inches wide and only 4-3/4 inches deep, won't take up too much space!

screen door with kitchen items

I had an old door in the store practically since I opened. It held all these kitchen items. The other day it sold, and I wondered where I could display everything now. I remembered this great screen door in my garage. Now the kitchen stuff has a new home!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Salt container with chicken and rooster

Little ceramic salt container with chicken and rooster details.

Lovely ladies leather shoes

Beautiful old ladies leather shoes made by W. Quant & Sons of Bury St. Edmunds.

Casige child's sewing machine

Wonderful little Casige child's sewing machine. My friend said she learned to sew on this. Made in Germany for Macy Co.

Old box shown here closed

Great old box with cool black finish. I just love the look of this one!

Neat box shown here open

I'm not sure if I like this box better open or closed. Either way, it's pretty cool!

Rusty bedsprings for all you creative crafters!

I had a whole bedframe full of springs that I removed and they are now available separately. I put a primitive crow on one to show what can be done with these.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My black eyed Susan's are in bloom!

When we bought the land to build our log cabin, the whole field was just full of wildflowers. Now, we have just a few left along the edges of the property. I love to see the black eyed Susan's this time of year, and especially in a mason jar!

Little log cabin

Cute little wooden log cabin has label on bottom from foreign country. This was probably made in Germany. Base measures 4 by 6 inches.

Barrel with cake flour graphics

Wooden barrel has most of it's label still intact. Fauld's sponge cake flour. Great look!

Beautiful bird print in early frame

I loved the birds in the print, but when my friend saw the frame, she loved the frame, and said she would take the bird print out. It's funny how two people can have such a different opinion of something. The frame measures approx. 27-1/2 inches by 24 inches.

chicken cone

This almost makes me want to be a vegetarian! Used to catch chicken heads at slaughter time. Someone please come and take this away!! I didn't buy it, a friend left it on my front porch. Apparently, he thought I would like it!
SOLD! (thank goodness!)

Esso can

Stands 27 inches tall, and has a diameter of 14 inches. If you have antique cars or gas station memorabilia, these look great in the garage as trash cans.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little display case table

These display cases are so handy, and I have tons of little odds and ends that really need something to keep them all organized. This is a compact little table with legs to really showcase whatever you are displaying.

Fiddlesticks gave me a great idea!

Since it was raining yesterday, I decided to visit one of my favorite country stores, Fiddlesticks in Hampton Falls. They have wonderful things, and the barn it is located in is lovely with lots of character. They had a string of lights with some of the lights hooked into Mason jars. I thought it looked so pretty, and I have dozens of Mason jars. So, I "borrowed" their idea and made one for myself!

Hand painted log cabins on leather topped stool

Another beautiful hand painted piece by Darlene of Homely Cottage. Of course, I love the log cabins, and the little stool is also very useful.

Square tines are fitted into round openings

Very primitive rake, hand crafted with split handle and tines that are hand notched. SOLD!!

Lu-Ray dishes

These are so bright and cheery, that just looking at them makes me smile! Some of them are Lu-Ray and some are Edwin Knowles. Two cups and saucers, a few little dessert plates, and two small dishes. Very pretty!

Rug hooking stand

Nice, sturdy rug hooking stand. Has graphics along the sides for Columbia yarns.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We are surrounded by water! Don't tell Kate I borrowed her pink wellies to get out here this morning!

Nail kegs

Lately, I can't seem to keep these stocked in the store. As soon as I get them, they are sold. I have four currently, and one large barrel that I did not photograph yet. Great little nail kegs!

Woven bee skeps

I looked and looked for one of these for my own garden and discovered that they are not easy to find! I now have three for sale, and they are approx. 12 inches tall. They do look beautiful in a garden!

Two Table Talk pie boxes

These are two Table Talk pie boxes, one stacked atop the other. They are missing some of their slats, but I like the way they work as little bookcases almost. I have my sewing misc. displayed in them. Nice dovetailed corners, and some advertising on sides.

Tile top table

Small table with tile top. Two small drawers in front. Table was painted white and the tiles are off white.