Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little wooden stool

Little wooden stool in green paint. Nice and sturdy!

seed box with top closed

Seed box shown here with top closed, has nice but faded letters on the front that read Hiram Sibley and Co. SOLD!!

early seed box

Wonderful old seed box with great graphics on label. The inside top of the box says Hiram Sibley & Co. with a carrot, lettuce, and other veggies too. It has some compartments still, but is missing some of the dividers. Great look!

Wooden knife box

Lovely old wooden knife box. These don't usually last long around here!
And this one is sold too!

Steamer trunk

Cool old steamer trunk has label from the vessel Apapa which sailed in the 1940's between Liverpool and West Africa. The name B.A. Parker is also stencilled on the side. Very good condition!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The truck has it's lettering!

Today, my son and I put the lettering on the old truck door. The finishing touch! Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Signs of the Times in Exeter who made the awesome decals for me!

Old carpenter's tool box with handle

Nice old carpenter's tool box, these are fun to decorate with. They look great with flowers, or pumpkins. Use your imagination!

Tin Halloween garden stakes

Tin garden stakes greet you as you come up the path. These are the last of them-two witches and a few pumpkin heads. They both have glass marble eyes, and tin embellishments.

A vintage bike with gourds & bittersweet in basket

Here is a great old bike with a wonderful basket that can be decorated for every occasion!

Halloween graveyard

A close up of the skeleton in the truck cab.

Halloween graveyard

Here is a view of the Halloween graveyard. One skeleton is riding a bike, and the other is in the cab of the truck.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Measuring tape with cloth tape

Unique retractable cloth measuring tape. Little brass crank rolls up the tape. The crank is patented 1899 and the case is patented October 1900.

Black tin hamper with tole painted roses

Pretty little tin hamper, tole painted with roses and other detailing. Also have a matching tin tissue box painted with same roses.

Wonderful wooden chest with brass hardware & key

This is a beautiful wooden chest or box. Shown here closed, with brass corners and insert in middle. One of my customers was looking through the box, and he found the key in one of the secret compartments! Shown below with box open.

Interior of box

I'm not sure what the original purpose of this box was. It was sold at auction as a tool box. I found buttons, needles, etc. which led me to believe it was a sewing chest. Another customer thought perhaps it was a document box. In any case, it has lots of lift out boxes, and secret compartments beneath. Very unusual!

Black table centerpiece

The possibilities are endless! I think this had a glass cover at one time, but now it's just the black base made of wood. It's perfectly distressed for Halloween decorating!

Hull Covered chicken casserole dish

Hull USA covered chicken casserole dish. I can just taste my sister's chicken and rice casserole now!

Doctor's leather bag

Well worn leather doctor's satchel. I have mine displayed with some reproduction brown bottles for Halloween, and also some original medicine bottles.

Electric wringer washing machine

In great old green paint, this washer makes a great conversation piece or put it in the garden! Thank goodness we don't have to use these anymore!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Chair in old red paint with folk art painting

Beautiful country look! Wooden chair with rush seat, and folk art detailing in old red paint. SOLD!!

Folk art painting close up

The detail on the back of the chair.

Pine commode

Pretty little pine commode has a lift up top, one drawer and a door that opens. Approx. 32-1/2 inches tall, 28 inches wide and 17-1/2 inches deep. Great country look.

Lighted curio cabinet

Those of you who know me, know that this is way too perfect to be in my store! I love things with peeling paint, and dents and gouges. Someone needs to come and give this beautiful cabinet a good home! There are five glass shelves with the bottom shelf being mirrored. The cabinet stands 81 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep. There is also a light at the top to showcase your collectibles.

Wooden ladder

Nice old wooden ladder with all rungs intact. Unlike many of these small ladders you see, it has not been cut down. 7 feet high. They make great displays just about anywhere!

Wooden pantry box

Wonderful large wooden pantry box is 18 inches in diameter. Cover is intact and box is in excellent condition. Cover is marked L. Frome Mfg. Co.

Old wooden door panels

I picked these old door panels up for all the crafters out there who would love to paint on these! They are the small wooden insert that would have been in an old six panel door. Going fast!