Monday, July 23, 2012

Love these old grain bins!

Made of one wide board on all sides and top. The top has split in half but was originally one wide board. Three interior sections make for great organization. I can just picture this in a pantry or primitive kitchen holding dogfood, recycling, extra kitchen items, you name it! Bootjack ends. Measures approx. 5 feet wide by 18-1/2 inches front to back and stands 25 inches tall. SOLD!

And two of my favorite parts........

are the tin repair and the old grain tag from Concord, NH. These old grain bins were usually chewed through by rodents and they would just patch them up with a piece of tin.

Vintage wooden water skis

So cool! Love the look of these. They remind me of the ones I learned to water ski on! It only took me about 125 tries before I was able to stay up! These would look fabulous in your lakeside cabin as a display. SOLD!

Pretty wall hanging box with country painting

Wooden wall hanging box measures 8 by 7 inches and stands 16 inches tall. Someone hand painted a lovely little country scene on the top. Two drawers on bottom. SOLD!

Metal traveling salesman's display suitcase

Black metal suitcase has leather handle, and inside is a label declaring that Health O Quality products are 100% guaranteed, and the certificate is dated 1926. Measures 19 by 13 by 5 inches tall. SOLD!

Funky little make do plant bench/table

I believe someone put the table top and legs together, and the legs have been shortened. Cute though, with green legs and natural top. Measures 42 by 16 and stands 23 inches tall. SOLD!

Kewpie brand crate

Kewpie made vegetables and baby food, and here is a wooden shipping crate that held some. Measures 18 by 14 and 6 inches tall.

Royal Sealy cookie jar

He was too cute to pass up! I don't know why the bunny is eating a pie when he is a cookie jar, but still cute. Made by Royal Sealy. No chips or cracks. SOLD!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Which came first?

Most of you know, I can never resist a chicken! Carved from wood is this fun chicken with egg. She is 10 inches long and 6 inches tall.

Plumbing snake!

I love these not for unclogging things, but for their visual appeal! They just have a cool look to them, and hey if you do have a clog, they come in handy! Measures 17 in diameter.

Little wall hanging box

Use for candles or what have you. Made with small square nails. Measures 5 by 3-1/2 inches and is 12 inches tall. Hole for hanging. SOLD!

Deep dish pottery pie plate

This one has been well used, the bottom looks like it may have had direct contact with some heat! No chips or cracks, just aged to perfection! Measures 9-1/4 inches in diamater and is 3 inches deep. SOLD!

A pair of small footstools

These never seem to last long! I love that the top one has two different pairs of legs. Gives it a nice folky look. Top stool is natural finish and measures 14-1/2 by 6-1/4 inches and stands just 5-1/2 inches tall. Bottom stool is off white with metal studs on top. Measures 16 by 8 and stands 9-1/2 inches tall. Both are SOLD!

Tiny tin one room dollhouse

I love the graphics on this. The red roof just pops out at you! Missing some of it's pieces, but so cute! Measures 11 by 7-1/2 inches and only 5 inches tall. Won't take up much room!

Black Tin Tub

So many uses! This old tub could be used as a planter, catch all, or put it near the fireplace with kindling. (not that we are thinking about fires in this heat!) Tub is made of tin with copper bottom and has wooden handles for carrying. Measures 25 by 12 inches and is 13-1/4 inches tall. SOLD!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New policy in effect!

Just a reminder that I will no longer be able to hold items. In fairness to all customers, please come to the store. Thank you for your understanding!

For the nautical lovers out there!

Gorgeous old wooden rudder with bluish green chippy paint. What a stunning piece of architectural art! Rudder measures 38-1/2 by 11 inches, and the handle measures 39-1/2 inches long. Also a beautiful blue glass float ball that is approx. 10 inches high. Covered with old netting. I bought the float ball down at Brimfield last summer and I guess I was waiting for something to display with it. Then along came the rudder, and a perfect pair they make! Rudder is SOLD! Float ball still available.

Love the old blue paint!

I believe it was part of a door at one time. Two planks of wood are held together by strips of wood on the back. There is also a 2-1/2 inch wide strip of wood running entirely up one side of the door. Beautiful blue color! SOLD!

Saw buck

Sturdy little saw buck holds your log while you saw. It is a very useful device! I think it would also make a great holder for small logs or kindling strips next to your fireplace or stove. Or place it in your yard for the old time homestead look! Forgot to measure this one, but I would approximate it at 24inches tall.

Table top Marble game

Interesting marble game manufactured by Schneider Co. USA. Still shoots marble up as you try to get the most points by landing your marble in the high scoring slots. Made of metal with paper graphics on front. 24 by 14 inches. SOLD!

Vintage fabrics

Most are made of wool and range from one yard to 2-1/2 yards. There is still a receipt attached to one from a store in Guild, NH and the date on the top of the receipt is from the 195O's!

Table top display

If you set up at shows, or have a booth, this is a great table top to add height to your display. Made of pine with natural finish. Measures 28 by 22 inches, and stands 8 inches high. SOLD!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Favorite find of the day! Pantry cabinet

Very primitive looking pantry type cabinet. Square nail construction with tongue and groove boards on back. Doors in front open to shelves for storage. Also on top is a cool little trap door that opens so you can reach inside to the shelf below. Measures 50 by 24 inches and stands

32-1/2 inches tall. Someone was using it as a workbench later in it's life as it is paint splattered, but I think it just adds more character!

and it makes a great display counter too!

Plenty of counter space for display. Cute kitchen scale handpainted with strawberries and some strawberries, enamel plates and a divided strawberry decorated condiment dish set.

Dirty girl mannequin!

Actually now that she had a bath in the sink, she isn't dirty anymore, but she is still naked! Can't resist buying these quirky items. It was pretty funny carrying her out of Todd Farm. I was getting some grins as people passed me. I didn't know where to put my hands! SOLD!

Jester's costume

I bought this as a joke for my son, but he will never wear it and the mannequin needed something to wear. She can't be naked in the store! The costume is made of felt and consists of the vest and the neckpiece that has bells and fuzzy pompoms attached to the points.

Cool wooden trays

Not sure what these were originally from. They are 46-1/2 inches long by 17 inches wide and 3 inches high in the back. If you sell wooden knobs, or jewelry, printers blocks, anything that you have a lot of, then these would be perfect! Have two available. Dark stain finish. SOLD!

Tin goose sign

Not old, but cute. This could be used indoors or out. Canadian geese by the water. Sign measures 35 inches wide and 35 inches across. Has a metal stand to support it so it is freestanding. Cute in the yard! SOLD!

Unusual old jug

Love this jug with bale handle. Probably about two quart size. Off white with black bale handle.SOLD!