Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulous find! Primitive wooden bathtub

I have only seen these old primitive tubs in country magazines, never in person. When they feature a rustic house, where the owners want an authentic period look, they will have one of these tubs.
In excellent condition, with beautiful dovetailed joints on corners, the tub itself is made of wood, and the inside is galvanized tin. One end is sloped for bathing comfort. Measures 66 inches long by 24 inches wide and stands approx. 20 inches tall. I think this may be one of my favorite finds ever! SOLD!

Cool shelving!

Primitive shelving unit measures 38" tall by 10" wide and 10-1/2" deep. This may have had a box in every slot at one time. There is one box at the bottom and it could be moved to any slot. The box itself has dovetailed joints at the corners. One side of the shelving unit is marked Haverhill, Mass, and what I think says Winchell. It's a little harder to make out the name. Nice compact size!

Pelouze scale

Wonderful springtime green color on this Pelouze scale. The black pointer on this scale is very pretty. Nest with egg sold separately!
Scale is SOLD!

Wooden cheese box

Ready for you to fill! Someone made little footed brackets for this round cheese box so it stands freely on it's side. This will make a great display for someone crafty and clever! SOLD!

Child's doll crib

Adorable metal doll crib. One side is shown with the bars all the way down. Crib comes with quilt and pillow as shown. Bears sold separately. This would be perfect for displaying dolls (or bears!)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What an awesome old mixer!

Just imagine this beautiful old mixer displayed on your Hoosier, or kitchen counter top. It would look perfect just about anywhere. Magic Maid mixer with original Magic Maid mixing bowl in Jadite green.

By the front door

It's been so cold that I haven't changed much on my front porch lately. I just run right past it all to go inside and enjoy the warmth of the shop. Now that we had a few milder days, I had a chance to change things up a bit. Since St. Patrick's day is our next holiday, I grouped some green things together.

Child's ironing board

Well loved little toy ironing board with cloth. Actual ironing board is made of wood, and has metal legs. Also available is the cute little toy iron. IRON IS SOLD!

Primitive dolly

I just love the look of this old wooden dolly. It has wonderful patina, and has been well used. Old cast iron wheels, and a pull rope. It's approximately 24 inches in length, so not too big.

Padded ironing board for sleeves

Great little padded ironing board for ironing sleeves. These also make a neat addition if you have old sewing or laundry items. They can give height to your display for visual interest.

Dog mold

I was told that this was a mold to make dog statues. I just think the dog is cute by itself. The base is metal and quite heavy. SOLD!

Metal document box

Large rectangular document box with two metal tabs that keep top attached. This would be cool painted up, or just use as is for keeping your treasures safe!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hohner Auto Harp Harmonica

Cool old Hohner Auto Valve harp harmonica. The original box is my favorite part! Made in Germany.


Indian emblem

Not sure exactly what this went to, but I thought it was interesting. It looks like it might have been a hubcap centerpiece. However when I researched Pontiac Chiefs, these did not come up. Maybe someone out there knows? This is about 4-1/4 inches in diameter and the back has two little metal spring clips to hold it in place.

2 hearth stools

I am calling these hearth stools. They each have a little handle, so you can pull them up to the hearth. At least that is what I would do, park myself as close to the fire as possible! Both are SOLD!

Great door panel, old blue paint

The blue paint on this panel is just perfect! Well, perfect if you like the paint chipping off like I do! This would be awesome for a project or to paint on. This panel measures 17-3/4 inches wide by 48" tall and is 1-1/4 inches thick. I can't wait to see what someone will do with this!


Child's tin refrigerator toy

Adorable little tin refrigerator toy, made by Nassau. Inside door has food and beverage graphics. Measures 15" tall by 7-/12 inches across and 6-1/4 inches deep.

Vintage trash can

Love this cute little vintage metal trash can with a poodle! Reminds me of the poodle skirts so popular in the 1950's. Very good condition. Pale pink and cream stripes on background.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am trying to conjure up spring!

After two hours of clearing snow this morning, I needed a touch of spring. The little bird is so cute, and I just love bird's nests too.
Bird is SOLD!
Nest is SOLD!

Bluish gray cubbies

Cubby shelves never seem to last long in the store. Great for displaying smaller treasures. This shelf measures 20 by 20 inches and is 13 inches deep.
I better go dust this before I put it in the store, ha ha!

Hand painted teapot

Buy this in time for St. Patty's day tea! St. Patrick's day is less than a month away now, and we will be that much closer to spring. Hooray!
Handpainted in Japan, with an Irish blessing on front.

Divided drawer

These divided boxes are so popular. Everyone loves them because you can store all kinds of stuff in them, and it keeps it nice and neat and organized. Measures 21 by 15 inches. SOLD!

Wood box?

Not sure why the base was covered with aluminum, but maybe to keep something insulated? This would make a great wood box next to the stove.Measures 24-3/4 inches long by 21 inches wide and is 9-1/2 inches deep. SOLD!

Giant glass piggy jar

Giant glass pig jar. This would probably hold a million pennies, or a thousand cookies! She measures 19 inches long and is just over 9 inches high. Just think of the things you could store in here! Back reads This Little Piggy Went to Market. SOLD!

Wall hanging intercom system

Hang this on your wall and you can pick up the mouthpiece and ask the maid to serve you tea and crumpets! Great conversation piece.