Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My favorite piece this week!

This is amazing! Old wooden divided crate with wide dove tail joins has the name Lt. Col. K.A. Hunton Epping NH on one side. I did some research and he was in the Civil War. He is listed as leading the company of Michigan engineers at The Battle of Mill Springs in Kentucky. I find it so fascinating that this very box probably traveled around with him, and then returned back to NH! Measures 20 inches by 28 inches by 10-1/4 inches deep. Great piece of NH history!

Snowy weather equals wet mittens!

I remember when my kids were little and they would come in from playing in the snow and be soaked. I would have to drape wet hats, gloves, mittens and scarves all around the woodstove to get them dry quickly so they could head back out later. This is great because it has several arms that will hold lots and lots of items! Stands 51 inches tall.

Another wonderful wooden tool tote

Just can't get enough of these. Usually as fast as they come in, they go right back out! This one has a green painted bottom fitted in on top of the actual wooden slatted bottom. I think they were trying to keep the nails and things from going through the slats. The painted board could be removed if desired. Tool tote measures24 inches long, and 12 inches wide and the box is 4 inches high. Handle is 9 inches high approx.

Adorable childs wooden putter

So cute, tiny little childs putter with wooden shaft. Measures 25 inches long.

3 Tier pie holder with pie plates

If your kitchen is like mine, and you don't have much counter space, this is perfect for you! Holds three pies in the space of just one! Comes with three vintage pie plates with advertisements for Table Talk pie crust.

Pastry cloth and cloth covered rolling pin

Just in time for holiday baking! Set out your pastry cloth, cover it with flour, and use it to roll out pie crust or sugar cookies!

Calling all my crafty crafters!

Skinning board is in perfect Santa shape! Ready to paint or decorate as you choose!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday!

Great old chicken crate and a new metal chicken with straw and some porcelain eggs included. Both are SOLD!

Closed this Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Reopen on Friday at 10 a.m. and open Saturday and Sunday.

Don't forget this Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday. Mini open house with light refreshments, and 20% off storewide! Shop local, shop small!

The Hoosier decked out for baking!

Great old Hoosier style cabinet with distressed finish. could be repainted or stripped, or leave it as is for shabby chic! Bought the candy cane garland which prompted a whole candy theme! SOLD!

The big bay window is dressed up for winter!

It is so much fun to decorate this beautiful window for the changing seasons. Anyone who comes in after 4 pm now that it gets dark so early comments on how pretty the window looks all lit up! I am just hoping the snowflakes don't attract the real kind! Not just yet anyway. Short aluminum toboggan, and a golden angel that came from Connecticut. This was at an automotive swap meet! Also hanging above the window some pretty red and white childrens skis.
Angel and toboggan are SOLD! Childrens skis are SOLD!

Quite possibly the most quirky item I have purchased!

Can you guess what this was in its previous life before I repurposed it as a planter full of greens and berries? I added a knob to a hole in the front for whimsy. Well, if you can't figure it out, it was the old wooden back of a toilet tank! I believe it had a copper tank liner that would hold the water. It has a great look, and a pretty funny story to go with it!

Santa's tub

This galvanized tub belongs to my friend Sue. I love it and think it would make such an eyecatching display for someone. I have had a skeleton with cowboy boots in it, a scarecrow, and now it is ready for Santa to take his bath! His clothes are laid out and he has his brush, shower gel, towel, and bath fizz. Santa's suit is not for sale, sorry! I sometimes dress up a mannequin in the suit, so I am not ready to part with it yet, but the tub is available and ready to go to its new home!

Simple wooden sled

Ready to decorate if desired, but I love the simplicity of this sled. Has an old piece of leather with a few sleigh bells attached. Greens could be added if desired.

Adorable baby boots!

So cute. Old black leather, well worn and soft. Perfect for a display!

Primitive grungy stocking

Almost 3 feet long, all grunged up and ready to hang. Smells like delicious cinnamon and coffee. These can actually stay out all year on an old cupboard.

Double bike basket

Wish I didn't sell all my old garden bikes, because this would be perfect on the back or front of an old bike to fill with greens for a cool holiday display. I bought this down in Connecticut. Black paint.

Concrete statuary Siesta time!

Saw this concrete statuary of the boy taking his afternoon siesta, and knew I had to have it to display with my big plaster cowboy hat. They need to go home together, I think!
Siesta boy is SOLD!

Rustic bird house in red!

My friends Donna and Al have at least one birdhouse decorating their beautiful primitive house. I guess I never thought of bringing one inside to decorate, but I thought it looked amazing sitting on a cupboard. When I saw this, I thought of theirs and had to have it! Love the old red paint. It was full of a bird nest too, but after discovering mice in one of my bird houses, I decided I had better empty this one out!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet my two lovely assistants!

They love to come to work with me (as long as the store is closed!) Sasha is on the left, black, and Aspen is on the right, golden. Believe it or not, Sasha is the mom. She had ten pups and all of them were different. Some were short haired, some long, some all black, some gold, and the little runt looked like a Jack Russell terrier. Go figure! We fostered her and her pups after she had been abandoned and we kept her and her son, Aspen.

A wonderful cubby shelf!

I have been saving this for my holiday display because I love the old green paint on it! This is very versatile because not only does it look great on it's side as shown here, but it will also stand and be like a bookcase! Several little cubby units to fill with all kinds of fun things. Measures 63 inches wide (or tall) by 24 inches across and 10 inches deep.

USA Cookie Jar

Ceramic cookie jar made in USA. Has wooden lid with rubber seal for a nice airtight fit. Also, looks fantastic displayed with some of Maria's chocolate chip cookes. They are made of muslin with embroidered choc. chips. They look good enough to eat!
Cookie jar is SOLD!

Russian pedal car

My husband and I fell in love with this wonderful little car. It has an emblem that indicates it was made by the Lenin Youth Communist Factory. The emblem on the front grill reads A3VK. The Lenin Youth Communist Factory was so named in 1969 but had been in business under different names. So this tells us that the car was made after 1969. It is mostly constructed of metal with hard rubber tires, and the steering linkage turns the wheels. It also has wiring for lights, but we do not have the battery, so we don't know what type of battery it would have had. Missing the windshield and a tail light lens. Also, one of the headlight lenses has been replaced, but it is not a match for the other headlight. Still a very cool and collectible little pedal car. Unusual find!

Cedarized wooden chest

What a great distressed look this has. It was covered in wallpaper or some other kind of paper and it has peeled off here and there in spots, so it almost looks like chippy paint. Inside the tag reads MOTHEX a "cedarized" chest. Measures 30 by 14 inches and 12 inches high. This is one of Corrine's wonderful finds.

Maria's striped peppermint candy

She is so clever! Now she has created muslin peppermint candy. Wrapped in cellophane just like real candy. Available in red or green stripes!

Handpainted child's shovel

Adorable little wooden child's shovel has been handpainted with a winter skating scene. Jingle bells hanging to the right are not old, but they have a lovely tone.

New holiday wreaths

Just in! Approx. 18 inches in diameter, rustic holiday wreath has rusty stars and jingle bells, greenery, red berries and tied with fabric strips. Great country look! Above it is a handcrafted burlap primitive Santa wreath.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kate decorated the log cabin tree!

We went with a log cabin or lodge theme this year. The ornaments are all for sale. Log cabins, bears, clip on birds, fishing creels, snowshoes and skis! Kate worked on this while she was watching the store on Saturday for us. I think she did a beautiful job!

How I spent my Monday night!

I wanted to bring in this cupboard and also wanted to arrange some of my horse items around it. First had to move the cubby unit out of the store, and bring this in. It took me a few hours, but I was finally happy with the end result!

Cupboard made from old horse stall door

We had two old horse stall doors, and my daughter wanted to incorporate one into her room in some way. I asked my talented friend Wayne if he could build her a cupboard out of one of the doors. He did, and I loved it so much, I had him build this one as well. Perfect gift for the horse lover in your family! Made from rough cut lumber and the old door. Even has the horse's nameplate above the door. Two shelves for storage. Measures 39 inches wide by 42-1/4 inches tall and is 14 inches deep.

Plaster cowboy hat

Not sure if it's a mold, but very unique plaster cowboy hat. Quite heavy. I love the look of this! Front reads cooling plaster.