Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Large birdhouse made from Vermont barnboards

With the weather being so beautiful, I felt I had to focus on some of the garden things we have currently. This is a gorgeous handcrafted birdhouse, very large. It is made from old Vermont barnboards. It is resting on a table so that it can be at eye level.


Another side of the birdhouse

aluminum carrier

This is a large aluminum pan with handles, maybe for feeding animals?

tractor seat with post

watering cans!

only two left......

an old seeder with flowers

This old seeder was worn around the waist. It's missing it's cover, so I thought it just needed some flowers to be re-purposed for the garden!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Country table in blue

Pretty little country table in blue paint. It may have had leaves once, but they are gone. Measures 21 inches deep by 42 inches across. Nice compact size!

Vintage watering can

I thought this was so pretty! Aluminum watering can painted with spring daisies!

Terra cotta chicken planter

Terra cotta on the outside, and a brown glaze on the inside. Great chicken planter made in Italy. Just in time for your spring planting.

Red standard scale

It's red and it's a scale, two of my favorite things together!

Wire pie rack

Three tier wire rack for displaying or serving pies. Also, several stoneware pie plates available!
Pie rack and plates are SOLD!

Wooden barrel used for shipping perishable meats

This wooden barrel is in excellent condition. Stands 29 inches tall and has a 19 inch diameter opening. Wire holds the barrel together in center. Tag attached said it was for perishable meats and the destination was Vermont. Great piece!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pretty blue and ivory table and chairs

Oak table (with two additional leaves) painted blue and ivory with a nice, aged crackle. Two matching chairs with a third chair in same color, but different style. Great country look

Telechron table clock

Telechron table clock has a nice inlaid wood style trim. White and red dot for a.m-p.m.


Iron cross

We took a ride to Arundel, Maine on Easter Sunday and found this beautiful cast iron cross. Gorgeous in the garden!

Ceramic bull skull

This bull skull is made of ceramic, but I think it looks like the real thing. Sometimes I just like to buy things because I think they will go with the "log cabin" and this is one of those items!

Royal Copley head vase

A departure for me to buy anything breakable! Someone
asked for a head vase a little while ago, so I figured I would grab one while I had the chance! No chips or cracks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Small log cabin bank

One of my favorite auction finds from this week! Small log cabin bank made in Austria. Has store advertising on bottom for Van Dyk teas. No chips or cracks! Approx. 3-1/4 inches by 2-1/2 inches.

Old farm bin

Not quite sure what this wood box was used for originally but it is lined with aluminum that has rusted over the years. Box measures 20 by 20 inches and stands 25 inches tall.

Wood clamp with large tea stained flag

We have sold so many of the smaller flags on various wooden farm pieces, so we thought we would try a larger one. This flag is attached to an old wood clamp. Flag is tea stained and can hang inside or out. The flag is 32 inches by 54 inches.

tool box with flowers

This was used for displaying blades in a hardware store. I thought the yellow paint was a perfect match for some spring pansies!

Chatillon Scale with brass scale

Black Chatillon & Sons scale with brass face.

Tool box with Charles Lindbergh photo

Small tool box has photo of Charles Lindbergh standing in front of the Spirit of St. Louis. Bottom of box has portion of old movie poster.

Another little tin plane!

I had another little tin plane a few months ago, but it sold the first day I put it out. I was happy to find a second one the other night. It looks great swinging from the beam.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Child's wheelbarrow

I was so happy to see real, live flowers for sale. Just what I needed to put in this great little wood wheelbarrow. Spring is finally here!

Child's wheelbarrow with flowers

Cute child's wheelbarrow, shown from front

Water meter dial

When we found this, it had all it's pipes attached. I thought it would look great hanging on the wall, so we took all the pipes off, and here it is! 10 inches in diameter

Cool plaster arm!

You just never know what you will find at Dover Antique Market! I loved this neat piece. This was the last market until fall, which makes me sad! It's my favorite place to go.

Brass carriage lantern

My husband found this down in Connecticut. Nice brass carriage lantern with oil can, missing wick and wick fitting. Red light in front and smaller red dot light on side.

Rustic cupboard

This has a nice dark green paint on the outside and a natural stain inside. Very compact, with nice narrow shelves. Great look!

Tin spice set decorated with flowers!

Much prettier in person, lovely flowers on front, sides, and top. 6 Spice tins inside.

Tin spice set

and all it's little tins are intact. They are even full of old spices still!