Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hupfel beer crate

Wonderful orange Hupfel beer crate with cardboard and tin dividers. I think someone put this into service later as a cola carrier because it also reads Royal Crown Cola. So what is it? A beer crate or a soda crate? I don't know, but I like the way it looks! SOLD!

Cardboard egg boxes

Love my chicken items! Great displayed on your country counter! Nice graphics on these old boxes.

Pie lifter

Nice old pie lifter with wooden handle. Shown with enamel pie plate. Sold separately! BOTH ARE SOLD!

Ever popular Brownie camera

This one is in a leather case. These don't last long as they are affordable cameras that look great in a display.

Cast iron sink

This would be perfect if you are building a large potting bench. They are so popular right now. This sink is heavy cast iron. Measures 21 by 24 inches and is 8 inches deep. just in time for spring gardening!

Large German cookie mold

Large wooden cookie mold for industrial sized cookies! This measures 32-1/2 inches tall by 10 inches wide and is 1-1/2 inches thick. Great primitive look.

Great primitive corn grinder

I was joking with my friend that I should advertise this as a meat grinder for those who are worried about pink slime in the hamburger! This has a metal grinder inside and wooden handles. It would have sat atop a barrel. Measures 24 inches long and 18 inches wide, handle extends another 12 inches.

Metal tin

Interesting metal tin marked Phenix herb tin on bottom. Tag on front reads PO German worm seed. Love the look! SOLD!

Cute paint splattered bench

Sold my flaky green cabinet last weekend that was holding all the clay pots. This works perfectly in it's place! Sturdy little bench with carrying handle hole in top. Measures 27 inches long by 9 inches wide and stands 15-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I saw this on the auction website and drove 200 miles hoping I would get it!

Three wide pine boards make up the back of this wonderful stepback hutch. One horizontal board across top. It has a great look. Love the way it displays country items. Two doors at bottom with shelves inside, and a wide counter area, and a more narrow shelf at top. Both upper shelves have a plate rail for displaying your favorite plate. The hutch measures 47 inches wide by 15-3/4 inches deep at counter area. It stands 61 inches tall. Winning this made the trip worthwhile!

Wooden tool tote

Bluish gray paint on this tool tote. It has a wooden carrying handle and several compartments. Love to use these for spring decorating! Measures 31 inches long by 11-1/4 inches deep and stands 11 inches tall at highest point.

Pretty stoneware bowl

Flowered design decorates front and back of this older stoneware bowl.

Hearth cricket

Cute little cast iron cricket will sit on your hearth! They are supposed to bring good fortune to your home. He is 9 inches long from end to antennae.

Cool camp-y bed!

I love the look of this camp style bed. It has the rails, the metal bedspring frame, a headboard and a footboard. This would make a wonderful bed in a cottage or camp, or if you are into repurposing, the headboard and footboard could go in the garden, and you would still have the interesting bedspring frame. I have seen them used for great displays! The bed measures 40 inches wide at the headboard's widest point, and the headboard measures 38 inches tall. Made of metal. The headboard and the footboard both have the clamshell type embellishment on them.

Galvanized bedwarmer

Neat galvanized bed warmer has a brass fitting at top that unscrews so it can be filled with hot water. SOLD!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Galvanized chicken feeders galore!

Bought these at a country auction last year, and have been saving them for spring. They are being shown in magazines and pinterest with little plantings in a row. Very cute. Only $3 each. A few different sizes and shapes.

Here is what happens when the weather turns warm!

It was such a beautiful morning, I decided to forage through the garage, and clean it up a bit too. Most everything featured on this weeks blog came from my garage! I have been saving these items for spring. Not only did I find some great hidden treasures, but my garage is swept clean and my car fits ALL the way in again! A collection of terra cotta pots. These came from an auction, and I am pricing them to sell. $2 for any pot, any size! Get here early for the best selection! Also, love them in the green flaky metal cabinet. It makes a great little potting cabinet!
Cabinet is SOLD!

Nine foot long bench!

I bought this from a barn where it has probably been sitting for years. Most of the stuff from that sale was untouched. This is nine feet long and did have a back with rungs or slats. Those are long gone, but still makes a wonderful front porch display. Very comfortable too. I was sitting out in the sunshine yesterday and it was nice and sturdy.
SORRY! This is SOLD!

Architectural posts

I bought these with the idea of putting them in my garden. Well, that never happened, so I have decided to sell them. I wanted to have them at different heights and display something on top of them. Now you can think of something clever to use them for!

Perfect garden display piece

Old grinding wheel with some of its handle still attached. Love these nestled among the flowers and foliage! SOLD!

Another great garden piece

This has been on my porch for a year or so. I think it is being overlooked as a great garden accent. It looks like a wooden pump handle. I just love it, and now it is marked down to only $12! Stands about 3 feet tall.


People love these in the garden. I have actually used mine around the yard and barn, and they are a fantastic help! Or just display it!

Rusty stacking hardware bins

Bought these down at Brimfield. I have three stacking bins. They can be purchased separately or together as a set at a discounted price! Quite heavy!

Metal wall hanging planter

Cute metal wall hanging planter with birds. Comes with two terra cotta pots.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Primitive baby carriage

Some of you may remember this from Halloween when it was pushed by Mama skeleton and baby skeleton was riding inside. Much less scary now! Just look at those wheels! I can see this in some flower shop or other store for a wonderful place to display things. If my house was big enough, I would keep it and just have fun changing out the contents with the seasons! SOLD!

Makes a great display for my spring goodies!

Love these cabbages! I have been eyeing them and finally bought some for my spring display. They are for sale too along with muslin bunnies that have wired ears for posing, and some chalkboard signs, as well as carrot bunches and nest and flower picks.

Folk art hand painted cloth bunny

Soft cloth bunny with long legs and ears. Her face has been handpainted and she is quite serious! She is 28 inches tall from head to toe!

Small wheelbarrow made with crate

Love the front wheel! This has a wine crate for body, clever design! Overall measurements are 43 inches long and 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Crate itself measures 22 by 10.

Egg and flowers candle ring

Candle ring with eggs and flowers. Would also make a cute, small wreath!

Wooden screen door from country store in Danville, NH

I was told this screen door came from the Danville country store. I hope they don't come looking for it! The door measures 30 inches wide by 79 inches tall. It's in such good shape it could be used as a door, or also would make an excellent display.

When I went out to update my website, the animals were enjoying this sunny day!