Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hand carved pig

Who wants roast pork for Sunday dinner? Very unique hand carved wooden pig. Approx. 16 inches long. He does have a crack on one side of face as seen, but I just think he's pretty spectacular. SOLD!

Necco candy jar

Fantastic old country store candy jar for Necco candies. I even found some little wrapped Necco wafers to go inside. Love this jar! Measures 8-1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide. More square than round. SOLD!

North Pole Freezer

Pretty soon it will be time to crank out some home made ice cream! North Pole ice cream freezer by the Alaska Freezer Company, Winchendon, MA. Brrr! Makes me cold just writing it.


Field desk has great potential

Interesting field desk has fold down front that latches in place when you want to carry it closed. Two handles on sides for carrying. Lots of great nooks and crannies, plus a divided drawer makes for excellent storage or display. Measures 29-1/2 inches wide by 21 inches tall and 12 inches deep.

Lovely ironstone bowl with handpainted birds.

Look what I found when I cleaned out my garage! When I come home from auctions, sometimes I just pile boxes in the garage. I guess I forgot this treasure from several years ago. I don't know why I didn't put this right in the store because I love it. Has some chipping of the glaze finish on rims. Some crazy "crazing" is going on here, but that is one of my favorite looks, and I think it just gives a wonderful aged appearance. SOLD!

Wooden Dominoes with advertising

Dovetailed box made of wood. Missing it's lid, but displays nicely the wooden dominoes within. One domino is missing from the set. Dominoes have store advertising on back for Plimpton-Hervey Furnishers, Boston MA. They were in business around the early 1900's. What a novel way to advertise their business! SOLD!

Lambert & Scammel soap dish

Made in America! Beautiful little soap dish by Lambert & Scammel.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old cigar factory shipping crate

Beautiful old wooden shipping crate has Boston address on top, and the inside is lined with newspapers dating back to 1921. This would make a cool coffee table with plenty of storage inside. Measures 32-1/2 inches long by 20 inches wide and stands 23 inches high. On casters for easy maneuverability. SOLD!

Old cigar factory shipping crate

Both sides have paper labels that read Diesel-Wemmer cigar factory. One side is missing it's rope handle.

Large mill wheel

Over three feet in diameter! This is a very large mill wheel made of wood. Beautiful detailing on the outer edges with smaller pieces of wood making up the entire outer wheel. They all fit together like a puzzle! I believe these were used in mills with flat pulley belts. Fantastic architectural art! Weighs almost 35 pounds. SOLD!

Black pulley wheel

I am so drawn to these wheels. Love the look of them! This one could be mounted to a wall or doorway, and has a center pulley wheel.


Country birdhouse

I found lots of fun "springy" items while out treasure hunting this week. Cute blue birdhouse and two metal birds also available. BIRDS ARE SOLD!

Birdhouse is SOLD too!

Concrete statuary

Love this little angel statue! He can hold a plant in the top or even a large pillar candle. He's adorable!


Bookcase made from two old drawers

We had these two old drawers and they were too good to toss out, so we stacked one on top of the other and nailed them together. It made a cute, sturdy bookcase, with fun knobs and keyhole detailing on top shelf!

Wicker table with shelf

Pretty little wicker table with shelf beneath. Just in time for spring!


Set of two stacking suitcases

Very cute, just like all the country magazines are showing them. The one on the bottom is slightly larger and measures 17-1/2 inches wide. Both have cloth linings.

Leather horse collar

I have had these in black leather, but this is the first brown one I have had. Stuffed with horsehair, which is kind of ironic to me! Pretty braided trim. This one is in very good condition. Sometimes they are found with holes worn where the straw or stuffing is poking through from rubbing against the horse's neck.


Horses feed bucket

These were sometimes made of canvas or wire like this one. This would be strapped around the horse's neck so they could eat from it. I guess this is where the expression "putting on the feed bag" comes from!


Automotive watering can

Great old aluminum can was used to fill the radiator in a car. Has handle with wooden center and some traces of red paint on can.

Another scale!

This scale has been waiting in the house for months. Finally over the weekend, I sold three scales and this one could come out! Made by the Computing Scale Co. in Dayton, Ohio. Pretty white candy scale. All glass is intact as well as the scale pan.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wagon by the road

Hard to believe that this wagon was totally buried under the snow just a few weeks ago. You would not have even known the wagon was there! Once the snow started melting, I was able to take away all the winter decorations and finally added some new spring items.

Screen door says "Welcome Spring!"

This has been in my living room, kitchen, and dining room for a few months just waiting to come out for the spring open house!

Screen door display

We attached little legs to the base of the door to make a free standing display. Wonderful spring yellow/gold color.

Scale with birds nest and stone bird

This was the photo for my Country Register ad for March and April. I love the old rusty scale with the nest and blue eggs together. Also in front of the scale is a little stone bird for the garden. SCALE and NEST are SOLD!

Wooden hinged bunny

Long wooden bunny is hinged in the middle. She is wearing a pretty tin necklace of leaves and berries.

Handcrafted bunny pillow

Cute and just in time for Easter decorating. Wool bunny is appliqued onto an old log cabin pattern pillow. SOLD!

Silk hydrangeas and chicken waterer

I love the look of hydrangeas with galvanized metal feeder. Last summer I had a bucket with real hydrangeas, and I think they make a pretty pair! Old chicken waterer is missing it's lid, but that makes it useful for flowers.
Chicken waterer is SOLD!

vintage wooden baby swing

I have this cute wooden baby swing hanging from the beam in my store. It makes a unique little display area. You could put just about anything in here! It would also be great for an antique doll or teddy bear.


Twig purse with birds nest and eggs

I have had this little twig purse for a few years. I think it originally held a potted plant. I have been wanting to do something with it, but wasn't quite sure what. Then I got the birds nest which is actually cleverly constructed of dried mud and a few pieces of straw. I put them together and liked it! Then I added some blue and brown speckled quail eggs. These were blown out to empty the shell.


Cool lunch box and Thermos

They didn't go together originally but we like the look of them as a set!

Metal tool box

I can just picture this metal tool box filled with potted plants. The toolbox measures 34 inches long and 11-1/2 inches wide.
Tool box is SOLD!

Spring items

A Goebel bunny egg and in the background, a beautiful handpainted Haviland Limoges plate.

Some more of Corrine's beautiful jewelry

A few more pieces shown, and lots more in the store!

Corrine's awesome jewelry magnets

Corrine is so clever! She has re-purposed these old pieces of jewelry into magnets. Dress up your refrigerator.

Rustic wooden wheelbarrow

Great old wooden wheelbarrow just needs some TLC to bring it back to life! I think if the boards on the deck of the wheelbarrow were replaced, It would be all set as the rest is quite sturdy. Plus you have the nice, old iron wheel and hardware. Priced to sell at $65! SOLD!

Cultivator ready for spring decorating

These look wonderful tucked in among your flowers. Yes, pretty soon we will see flowers again! Great red accents.


Perfect little end table for your man's man cave!

Fantastic industrial look to this piece. Not only does this actually function as a table saw, it would be perfect for a manly end table. The motor was working and the saw was turning when I bought this, but I snipped off the cord as it was quite frayed. The cord could be easily replaced and if so desired, used as a real table saw. Love all the gears and gadgets. Measures 24 inches wide by 21 inches deep and stands 24 inches tall. COOL item! SOLD!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fresh from a Kingston barn!

Fresh to market! Just about 3 and 1/2 feet long. Great plant stand or bench in old green paint. Just in time for spring!

Primitive decoy

Very primitive wooden duck decoy. Love him! Black body with green mallard head. Looks like an oldie! SOLD!

Folding tool box

I was told that this box was possibly used by a leatherworker. I am not sure exactly what these tools were used for, but I do know that they are all contained in this neat carrying case. The outside is covered with cloth. The inside has one drawer and several little holes to keep the tools neat and organized, plus a few shelves.
One of my favorite components are the old clothespin type clamps made of wood with metal springs. If you don't like the tools, I can see this being repurposed as a very interesting display case. You could put just about anything in here and it would make a very cool visual display.

Two of my favorite things this week!

Combine an auction where you buy a whole boatload of assorted knobs, and a cool spinning display bin from John's barn, and this is what you end up with!