Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a find!

I stopped at a barn sale way up north and the lady who was running it let me go up into her loft. I saw this amazing partial bicycle hanging on her wall. I admired it and she said I could buy it! She found it in her garden overgrown with weeds. She said it took her a while to pull it free. I almost hate to part with it!
SOLD! :(

Tool tote with pansies

Another wonderful wooden tool tote. The handle has a fantastic worn patina. Great in the garden!

Covered barrel

Nice for storage, small wooden barrel with wooden lid.

Three legged milking stool

Primitive little three legged milking stool. Has a neat crooked appearance.

Rusty store bin

Tin storage bin is almost totally rusted now, but has a great look.


Cute little off white birdcage perfect for the garden! SOLD!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another great wheelbarrow!

Ready for spring decorating. Black and green paint chipped finish. Priced to sell too!

My favorite find this weekend

It would be hard to reproduce the look of years of paint being splattered on this child's birdcage chair. I just love the many different colors layered on the seat. Perfect in a garden, or to be painted by one of my talented crafters.

Interesting grinding tool

My personal
"American Picker" brought this by in his car. I was instantly attracted to the great gears and red handle. It took me a minute to realize it was a grinding stone. He didn't know it either! The handle turns the gears and they in turn set the grinding stone spinning. Very cool look to it. Marked McCormack Deering, Chicago, USA

TIn box with mosaic lid

Little tin box measures 6-1/2 inches by 5 inches, and is 4 inches high. The sides are covered with a patterned paper and the top has a mosaic look design with a knight atop a horse.

Cigar Press

These old wooden cigar presses have a wonderful primitive look to them. They were used to shape the dampened and rolled tobacco leaves into traditional cigar form. SOLD!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love, love, love these oars!

Perfect camp/cottage look to these old oars with the name Cutler stencilled on them. Just in time for summer decorating. If your name is Cutler, and you lost your oars, don't call me!

Wooden berry tray

Okay, this is how bizarre I am...... I bought this cute little basket of artificial blueberries when I was shopping one day in the middle of winter. Seeing the blueberries reminded me of summer, and I had to buy them. I have been wondering how I would display them, and then last night at the auction, what are they offering, but this beautiful wooden berry tray. Perfect! The tray is stamped Bangor, ME on one side. Great primitive piece. SOLD!

Cast iron parlor stove

The guys went to the Thompson, Connecticut automotive swap meet, and didn't find anything they needed, but I got this great little cast iron parlor stove. Go figure!
You might want to repaint it, but of course, I love the rusty chipped paint look. The older looking, the better. Just needs a stove pipe and it could still be used. SOLD!

Fantastic Schwinn Tornado girl's bike

Great color, great vintage look. 1958 Scwinn Tornado girl's bike. Ride in style this summer. Has Cadet speedometer still intact. Even if you don't ride it, it would just be a great display piece.

Great old stoneware jug

It would be way cooler if this said 100 proof moonshine, but it doesn't. The old partially intact label says wild cherry syrup, but it still has a great look.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ginger and Horns

Poor unsuspecting animals! Today the vet is coming to give them their annual checkup and vaccinations. Little do they know!
When the vet came, I mentioned that we were concerned that she has lost weight. She is almost 30 years old. He looked at her teeth and they are pretty bad. He told me to call the office and get an appointment with another doctor there who specializes in equine dentistry! I don't know how we will get her in the chair or get that paper bib on her either!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little milk box

Cute little milk box. They look great planted with flowers on the porch or front steps!

Little milk box

Cute little milk box. They look great planted with flowers on the porch or front steps.

Red metal lawn chair with pussy willows

Great metal lawn chair in red. I will be sorry if this sells, because when it got sunny, I took it off the porch and sat in the sun with a book.
Chair is SOLD!

Finally took down the dog sled!

With such warm weather over the weekend, I was motivated to put out some new spring displays. I finally took the baskets and barrels full of pine branches down. We are done with winter! My friend was going to throw this beautiful old wheelbarrow away (the horror!) I love the rusty and crooked look of it.

Awesome tool tote!

This tool tote is just loaded with character! It has remnants of bluish gray paint, and wonderful worn patina on the handle. One side also has a black painted detail that looks kind of neat! Very cool!

Yellow chair with red leather seat

Yellow is such a happy color, and this chair with the red leather seat definitely says spring to me! Perfect in the garden or on a porch. There is a little geranium decal on the back, so it would be pretty with a pot of geraniums on it!

Hat mold

I always try to pick up these hat molds whenever I can. I just think they are so cool! This one has a label that says size 7-1/8. SOLD!

This one I am keeping!

On Easter Sunday, I was closed, and what else do I do but go antiquing? I found this beautiful hat mold up in Maine, and just fell in love with it! Everytime I look it, it makes me happy!