Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tonight's project!

We had this in storage since last year, and this year I was determined to set it up. We believe these are either from the 1930's or 40's. Wooden pieces have been painted, but are showing some signs of age. They were displayed outside for many years, and have held up remarkably well considering they were actually exposed to weather. These are full size and there is a sleigh full of toys, Santa, a wreath that reads Merry Christmas and two sets of two reindeer. Very cool vintage decorations! SOLD!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cool cupboard doors

I love the look of these. The doors interlock or you can use them for decorating projects as single doors. Great paint with black and green traces beneath. The doors are 34-3/4 inches tall and are 9 inches wide. Interesting hardware latch attached too! SOLD!

Wooden sled

Just in time for November decorating! Has nice green paint on some of the slats on top, and remnants of the pull rope. Cute one. This is 45-1/2 inches long and the body of the sled is 15-3/4 inches wide. SOLD!

Wooden snow shovel

Made by Schneeland, reminds me of snow, schmo, but that is just me! Anyway, this is a cute wooden shovel with a little snowman on decal. Sweet for decorating. Hopefully we won't be needing to shovel anytime in the near future!


These are long snowshoes, measuring 45 inches. No bindings but perfect for decorating. If you split them up, you can do two separate shoes with greens! Or criss cross for the traditional look. They have a manufacturers plate attached. I forgot to write it down of course! SOLD!

Cool metal wheel

Love these old metal wheels, and this one has a pretty design in center. Has a post attached. Wheel is approx. 15 inches in diameter. SOLD!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Men's brown leather ice skates

What a great pair of skates. These are made of brown leather and have straps that buckle over the laces. They would make an awesome decoration for the coming winter! SOLD!

Wooden fox on metal stand

He's so cute! Black wooden fox is 19 inches across and he is on a stand that is 43 inches tall. Wide metal base supports the fox on pole.

What a drag!

Heavy, heavy wooden drag with chain was used for compacting earth. Pulled behind a tractor to even out the desired area. Cool primitive look! Measures 30 by 30 inches and 4 inches tall. SOLD!

This was last being used as a chicken crate!

Wooden slatted crate had been used as a chicken coop. I think it would be great for kindling wood, or holding recycling. Lots of new uses! Measures 20 by 14 inches and is 12 inches tall. Chicken sold separately!

Rusty clamming rake

Love the look of this rusty clam basket rake! I have one on my own front porch with no handle. This one still has it's handle. Great piece! SOLD!

Wooden sled

This is a big heavy duty sled base. We believe it was probably one half of an old sleigh. The sleigh body would have attached to these runners. I think it could be repurposed into something wonderful, or just use as a decoration as is. Measurements are 36 inches wide and from runner to runner end it is 49 inches long.SOLD!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love my scales!

Would love to keep this, but just have no place for it! Detecto scale with large tray makes for a perfect display. Just add pumpkins or other produce. This is a big one! Stands 35 inches tall at top of scale face and the pan measures 24 by 18. SOLD!

Handcrafted colonial child's jacket

One of my favorite finds! I bought this at an auction a few weeks ago and ordered a mannequin to go with it. Still waiting for my mannequin to come when I found this little make do mannequin. He is standing in (pun intended) until the real mannequin arrives. All hand sewn, very small child's colonial jacket. I would guess it may be a size 3 or possibly 4, but it would make a very cute hanging decoration in any case. Velvet type material with little brass buttons, brocade trim, and lace at the sleeves. SOLD!

Sweet doll bed on wheels

I love the look of this with it's wire mesh platform for mattress. Measures 27-1/2 inches by 13 inches wide and stands 16 inches at the tallest part of headboard. SOLD!

Oval deep dish pottery with saltware glaze

Large oval deep dish pottery would make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Picture this full of Indian corn, pumpkins, a little bittersweet, you get the idea! 15 by 10 inches. no marking on bottom other than the number 3. SOLD!

Vintage Midwest Tricycle

Circa 1940's-1950's adorable little tricycle. Light up skeleton is sold separately, but they make a perfect pair!

I don't know what you keep in your rusty breadbox......

but I keep bread and skulls in mine! Breadbox measures 11 by 16 and stands 7 inches tall. SOLD!

Little rustic workbench

Very heavy and well made. Top is one thick slab of wood. Measures 30 by 13-1/2 and stands 20 inches tall. SOLD!

5 one half gallon canning jars

Very cool one half gallon canning jars in the older style with twisted wire around the neck. They almost have a smoky hue to them. The lids don't match but I think that gives them more charm! One is newer and marked Ball and one has a remnant of it's old label for Armour's cherries. All jars except newer Ball jar are SOLD!

Full size chenille bedspread

Hard to find a place in the shop to spread this out and take a photo of it opened up. It is in excellent condition with the design along the edges and mostly white in the center. Pretty colors and nice and warm! SOLD!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Open house this weekend! Sat. the 13th and Sun. the 14th

Almost forgot to mention it's our 6th anniversary and fall open house! This Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 both days. We will open early on Sunday at ten instead of noon just for this week. We have two free baskets of goodies we will be raffling off. Refreshments will be served, and Miss Emily's home made canned goods are here! Weather permitting, Miss Emily may be here on Saturday to do another food tasting. Her products are so delicous and this gives you a chance to try before you buy! Also a sale will be going on. 20% off storewide exluding Rustic Country Handcrafts and Miss Emily's items. 30% off anything outside or on the porch and 50% off all books. Hope you can stop in for a visit!

Tin dough riser (missing lid)

Perfect large display piece! Presently holding muslin rag balls made by my friend Donna, and some skulls! Large tin dough rising bowl measures 18-1/2 inches in diameter and is 7-1/2 inches tall. Even without it's lid, it is still a cool way to display something. SOLD!

Stack of stools

On bottom is the larger of the two, and it is made of rougher cut wood. Measures 23-1/2 by 13 and stands 8-1/2 inches tall. Natural finish. The top stool is grayish blue and measures 20 by 11-1/2 and is 11-1/4 inches tall. Gray stool is SOLD!

Metal fabricated rooster

Love, love, love this guy! Fabricated of pieces of metal and painted a dull reddish brown. I just had to take his picture out on the old Army truck outside, they have the same color and patina! Forgot to measure him, but he is life sized like a real rooster (a small rooster!) SOLD!

wood and wire rat trap and it comes with a stuffed rat!

Thought about keeping this for my own Halloween decoration but I am running out of room in here. Wood and wire trap has the remnants of an old spring loaded trap inside. One end swings in so the rat would go inside for his piece of cheese. Measures 12 by 7 and is 8 inches high.

Primitive pants stretcher?

When drying your wool pants, you might have used a stretcher like this to keep them from shrinking down in size. I believe that is what this is, but I may be wrong! This is cool no matter what, and makes a great conversation piece hanging on your wall. Measures 34 inches long and is 8 inches wide. Made of wood and wire.