Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little school desk (top only)

Great wood on this school top desk. No legs, but makes a cute display!

Small blanket chest

Small blanket chest with one small drawer, and the top lifts up. Chest measures 30 inches by 16 inches and 13-1/2 inches tall.

Blanket chest

Inside view with blue paint.

old wooden ladder

Showing the top half in this photo. Just the right size, not too tall at 7 feet! Old green paint for a nice aged finish!

Duck silhouette

Cool free standing duck silhouette has great country look.

Maple syrup strainer

Wood and wire strainer used to strain maple syrup.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A day spent treasure hunting

I thought it would be fun to show how we spend a day stocking up on all the treasures for my store. 7:30 a.m. I pick up my partner in crime. This is a photo of her beautiful barn. She has some really neat old tools displayed, plus four beautiful horses inside, and a few chickens too!

A cute dog at the gas station

This dog was so cute, he looked like he was driving!

A cute dog at the gas station

Then his owner came out and the dog almost climbed out the window.

Dunkin Donuts!

Have to stop to load up on caffeine for my co-pilot!

Entering White Mountain Region

Yahoo, 95 miles later, we are almost there!

A beautiful field of wildflowers

If it had not been so overcast, the mountains would have been visible in the background.

Some of the auction treasures laid out

I can't show a picture of the exterior of this auction hall because that would divulge my top secret buying place-hee hee!

Jan's Junk

My favorite stop after the auction. She calls it Jan's Junk, although it's anything but junk. She finds me some great old primitives. I love coming here.

Redneck Lawn Mowers

A roadside curiosity!

An old truck and an old car in an old gas station

Gotta love these old trucks!
That's it, time to head back on the highway.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burrough's adding machine

Cool Burrough's adding machine. I love the old yellowed roll of paper still intact in the roller.

Boston Mass crate

Beautiful old crate, marked Boston, Mass on front. Nice divider inside. This would make a great little coffee table with storage. SOLD!

Hat block mold

This is the second of two wonderful old hat block molds.

Long wooden tool tote

Nice long tote, measures 36 inches long by 11-1/2 inches wide. Lots of little compartments in this one.

Hanging scale

I think that this scale must have been exposed to the sun and the glass had a magnifying effect, which burned the paper face on this.

Still love the look of this great old scale.

On my day off, trying to relax by the pool!

I was trying to read a really good book, and my 70+ pound dog got scared by something. (He's neurotic!) He kept trying to climb up into my lap. I kept pushing him down. Then he hopped onto one of the patio chairs and tried to get on the table. I wrestled with him for three minutes. Did I mention he is very stubborn? Anyway, I turned my back for one second, and he hopped right onto the glass topped table. I finally gave up and just let him stay there. I was nervous that if I struggled to get him down that he would break the glass or get hurt. Well, he stayed there for two whole hours! Gail, can you come and teach this dog some manners?

My good dog!

Here is my GOOD dog! She is the mom, and doesn't she look embarrassed by her son's behavior? Notice how she stays on the ground where all good dogs belong!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Red metal lawn chair

This chair reminds me of my grandparents house for sure! They always had these great old lawn chairs. Love the red paint too!

Cream separator

De Laval Junior cream separator. Made in Sweden. Crank will turn 65 rev. per minute. Great graphics on this cool dairy piece!

A selection of old hubcaps

We have a whole pile of old hubcaps, but the one on top is one of my favorites! I think it's for Mercury, the winged man. They look great hanging in your vintage garage!

Leather worker's bench

Weathered wood leather worker's bench. My friend had this in her garden, but it would make a great little side table too.

Stone house bank

Hand made stone and wood house bank. Measures 13 inches wide by 8 inches deep and 9 inches tall at peak of roof. Very heavy, weighs 8 pounds with all those stones!

Milk Can

Big milk can stands approx. 24-1/2 inches tall. Stencilled 28M, and has it's lid intact. Embossed letters read Spears (?) Dairy. Marked Detroit.