Friday, February 26, 2010

Last night's storm: the telephone pole shown snapped off.

I am so happy that my mom has power at her house. I was able to come over, take a shower, have coffee, and use her computer. Ah.......electricity!

After the storm

Last night's heavy winds took down a 60 foot tree which ripped out our wires and then in turn, put so much pressure on the telephone pole that it snapped in three pieces. The transformer came crashing down on top of poor Derek's car. Luckily he has another car that he drives and this is the only car that got hit in the driveway. There must have been nine cars in the yard when all this happened. We were lucky that the house and store were all safe, not to mention, us and Ginger and Horns who are in the barn right near this pole.

Tree branches and wires

Fortunately, my husband and some of Haffner's crew came over and cleared some of this out of the way so we could drive out. We were all trapped!

The top of the tree that just missed my porch

I can't believe how lucky we are that this fell right where it did. It could have been so much worse.

The tree just missed the store

Here is the tree that was probably about 60 feet tall from where it broke off it's base. The top of it landed only about five feet away from my store porch. One of my son's friends was visiting last night and his truck was parked only feet away from where this fell. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Wires everywhere!

Wires across the store parking lot.

The tree that took down everything can be seen in the background.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glenwood stove in green

This is the third old cookstove I have had in the store since opening. I absolutely love them for displaying all my rusty tin and other kitchenware. This was being used right up to the time it was sold to heat someone's house, and the firebox is all intact and the stove is in working order.

Vanilla extract box

Beautiful vanilla extract shipping box. They sold the bottles of extract for only 10 cents apiece! They cost so much more nowadays, don't they?
This must have been in someone's barn because it came totally filled with a bird's nest!

Old wooden icebox

Nice old look to this piece. Has neat wire racks inside too.
Measures 30 inches wide, 42-1/2 inches tall by 17-1/2 inches deep. Won't take up too much room!

Egg and tanglevine wreaths

These wreaths are available in two sizes as shown.

Muslin Bunnies

Just a few more Easter things this week! Little muslin bunnies with wire hangers.

Child's sewing machine

The woman who sold this to me thought it might have been a cobbler's sewing machine, but the more I looked through pictures of these old machines, the more I thought it might be a cast iron child's machine. So, I'm not 100% sure but I do know that I love the look of it! It is only decorative, no longer functional. SOLD!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have been wanting one of these old machines.......

to display all my sewing notions and buttons. I think these old machines with their table and treadle bases are like a work of art. The detailing on the machine is gorgeous! My late mother in law used to use on of these. She bought a newer electric model eventually, but still favored her old treadle machine!

Bee Charmer's Cottage goat's milk soap eggs

I bought this great old sink from one of my favorite places-Blue Moon Salvage. (Unfortunately, they are now closed in NH) I knew I was keeping this sink for a use such as this! I love the soaps displayed in the old bowl. These soaps are wonderful too. They are scented and really moisturizing. Don't dry your hands like some soaps can. Also, they look so cute for springtime decorating your bathroom!
Sink is SOLD!

jelly bean scented candles

Country Keepsake's soy candles come in jelly bean scent. Yum! I just have to try to stay away from the real jelly beans displayed around the candles!

Easter is coming early to Log Cabin!

Just a small sampling of Easter goodies. I still have boxes of decorating items to come out. I just couldn't wait to bring out the new wax bunnies and sheep from Bee Charmer's Cottage. Also, shown here are bags of natural Easter grass, wooden chicks, decorative eggs, and candle rings. Much more to come in the next few weeks!

Doll's sleigh bed

Beautiful older sleigh bed for doll's. It just needs a nice old patchwork quilt and a pillow!

Rustic birdhouse

I am trying to rush spring! I am putting as much in the store as I can find! Cute little wooden birdhouse, perfect for the garden or indoor decorating.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New candles!

From Bee Charmer's Cottage, these are great little candle nubs. Approx. 3-1/2 inches tall in mustard, red and black. They look wonderful in old candleholders.

Shamrock light covers

Silicone shamrock light covers slip right over mini lights. So cute for St. Patrick's day!

Sale on linens

A whole bin full of linens, some are embroidered and some are pillowcases, etc. You just don't know what you will find! It's all on sale, take an extra 50% off prices marked.

Pet carrier

Adorable little pet carrier has carrying handle and a screen with flap on one end for air. Puppy is not for sale, he's just helping to display it.

Wooden tool box

I bought this old tool box at least two years ago. It's been in storage, and then I put it in my house for a few months. It's finally out here for sale. It looks cool with all the old tools in it, and keeps it all organized.

Chicken feeder

Think Spring! These galvanized chicken feeders look great full of flowers. This one is ready to hang with two chains attached.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Aspen!

Aspen is 5 years old today! Happy Birthday crazy dog!

Odds and ends from Dover Antique Market

Yesterday was the next to last Dover antique market. Only one more in March and then we will have to wait until fall. I loved the big wooden bobbins. The faucets are earmarked for Ray and Linda's birdhouses if they want them. Ray likes to attach interesting architectural pieces to his birdhouses. The wooden piece looks like it was the top to a basket, but I figured someone could paint on it, or of my clever crafters will make something out of it.
Wooden piece is SOLD!
Faucet knobs are SOLD!

Laundry items

I just picked up the beautiful laundry basket last week at an auction. It still has a tag on it from an automatic laundry center with a four digit phone number.

Can an ice fishing sled be cute?

I think so! This is a handy little ice fishing sled. The box folds flat so you can stack supplies on top and haul it across the ice. The bottom is smooth metal to make for easy sliding.

Old box with removable lid

Nice old wooden box with removable lid has great handles on side and top. Gray on the outside and a greenish wash on the inside.

Photographic lantern

Universal lantern is marked Hugh Morrison and Sons Photographic Supplies, Pittsburgh, PA. I tried to do some research on this as I had never seen one before. Hugh Morrison and Sons had a photographic supply business from the late 1890's. Apparently, these lanterns were used in the darkroom to give a little light to aid in the development process.

Rustic table

Adorable little table. Measures 36 inches wide by 25 inches deep and 25 inches tall. Would look great in a hall, kitchen, or just about anywhere! Has false front, not an actual drawer.