Sunday, November 22, 2015

Upcoming holiday hours

Just a reminder we will be closed until Saturday November 28th. We will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving and Friday in preparation for our open house. There will be no updates until Friday afternoon or evening. Stay tuned for pics! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Awesome double sided restaurant sign

I love this neat old sign. Look at the prices of the items! Too funny! This sign is wooden with wording on both sides. Both sides are in great condition. This measures 42 inches tall and 5 feet across at top which is slightly wider than the bottom. SOLD!

Another cool industrial rolling cart

This cart rolls nice and easy and has a step ladder attached so that parts could be reached on upper shelves and then placed on the cart to bring to where they were needed. Steps are diamond plate pattern but painted in a sweet turquoise green shade. Three shelves and big heavy duty wheels for rolling along. This measures 52 by 22-1/2 inches and is 39-1/2 inches tall to top of cart and 51 inches to top of ladder. SOLD!

Old cobbler's bench

Fantastic wear and patina on this old cobbler's bench. Put together with square nails. Has some worn down spots where it was actually used! This measures 41 inches long by 21 inches wide at widest point and stands 17 inches tall. SOLD!

Very large and sturdy wooden barrel

This is a large round barrel that is 19 inches in diameter at top but widens out to 22-1/2 inches at center. Very sturdy and clean. Stands 30 inches tall. SOLD!

Hand forged hanging pot rack

Our welder friend made this about 35 years ago and it was never quite finished. It will need to be adapted somehow for hanging. We used an old pulley and some chain to hang it temporarily after this picture was taken, but it will need a more permanent solution. However, it is very cool and hand forged. This measures 46 inches long and approx. 16 inches tall.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another sleigh, this one is so cute and petite!

This sweet pony sleigh is just adorable! We put it atop a table so you can see it is not too big! These make great displays and this one won't take up too much room! The sleigh is in overall good solid condition especially the runners. The only issue is the very back board what would be the tailgate has some soft spots as well as one floorboard, but can certainly be used as is. This cutie is 6 feet long and is 40 inches wide and 41 inches tall to the top of the seat. Sleigh is SOLD!

Interesting cubby unit made of individual boxes

This was put together with several wooden boxes and then the front was framed out with trim pieces. We bought this down in Connecticut over the weekend. It makes a really nice display for any collection. I have filled it with Santas. This measures 37 inches wide by 8 inches deep and is 50 inches tall. Great look! SOLD!

Antique wooden sled

Cool old sled has metal runners and the old rope for towing. Faded old red paint. This measures 42 by 15 and is 6 inches high. SOLD!

Wooden child's table and two matching chairs

Pretty little set made of wood, and painted blue. This is nice and sturdy! Table measures 32 by 20 and stands 20 inches tall. SOLD!

Hazel Atlas Egg Nog set

I'm pretty sure my grandmother had one of these sets and used it every Christmas! Hazel Atlas egg nog punch bowl and six cups. Excellent condition! SOLD!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lovely old cupboard with many shelves!

Wanted to keep this one, but too big for where I need it! Love the old paint with a layer of mustard beneath the cranberry. Many shelves for canning, or displaying lots of items. This measures 37 wide by 16 inches deep and stands 81 inches tall. Nice and solid! SOLD!