Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another wooden wheelbarrow

Great look with various colors of paint. Red on handles, the sides have a blue tint inside and the wheel of course is green. Buy it now and fill it with pumpkins and mums in a month or so! This came in very handy at the auction too. I filled it with some of the stuff I bought and wheeled it all out to the car. SOLD!

Chicken waterer top

I spent the whole day traveling on Monday to find some treasures, and I think this may be my favorite find! Of course, I am into chicken stuff, but there is something about the red paint on top that I just love. This had a circular tray around the bottom at one time, but it's gone now. SOLD!

Croquet balls

I thought these wooden croquet balls had a very beautiful "architectural artsy" look to them! I polished them up with some Brie wax just to bring out the colors in the rings around them.

Needlepoint Dog

Beautifully done in needlepoint. This is a large framed piece of artwork. 18-3/4 by 24-1/2. The dog is very life like. Background is done in black with flowers scattered around.

Rustic crate

Big, rustic crate has a handle cut out on each end for carrying and a couple of little compartments. Not sure what it was used for, but it's got an interesting look to it.

Barn Lantern

This great barn lantern was full of dried flowers when I bought it. Once I got it cleaned out, I noticed what looked like a candle sized opening in the bottom. I tried one of my battery operated candles in the opening and it fit in perfectly! It really looks pretty in person with the candle glowing inside. SOLD!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aluminum bucket

I kept meaning to fill this bucket with some of my hydrangeas because I thought the colors would compliment one another. When I went out to cut some this morning, I was almost too late. Most of the flowers were starting to turn brown! I managed to find a few that still had color.

Wall hanging cupboard

Primitive wall hanging farrier's cupboard. Has one horseshoe on front, and pegs inside for holding horseshoes or other supplies. The only thing that bothers me is that the horseshoe attached to the front is upside down. They are supposed to be hung the opposite way for good luck. (not that I am superstitious!) SOLD!

Beautiful drop leaf table

Pretty little drop leaf table is round when fully opened. Two gate legs swing out to support the table leaves. One drawer on end. I bought this from a neighbor's moving sale and she said it belonged to her grandfather. SOLD!

Dripware pitcher and tumblers

This brings me back to my childhood! My mom always had dripware and my dad used to drink his coffee from a big dripware mug. The tumblers are marked USA and are most likely Hull pottery. There are 8 tumblers and the big pitcher is sold separately. Tumblers and pitcher are SOLD!

vintage stuffed kitty

She is so ugly, she's kind of cute! I just had to rescue her from the auction. I couldn't leave her behind. The fur on her head, tails and paws is so soft, it almost seems real. Green glass eyes, and little whiskers.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My favorite piece of the week!

Funky folk art! You have to love the way they used to make things out of other things! Old crates were used for the sides and top, and some of the drawers were little salt cod boxes. I just love this little box.

Black metal stool

Functional little metal stool in black paint. This came from one of my favorite sellers up in Dorchester, NH.

Inlaid wood on checkerboard

This is just beautiful in person. Wonderful craftsmanship was involved in making this checkerboard. Each square was individually cut and placed. Trays on each end for holding checkers. Great antique game board.

A selection of advertising bottles

I bought several old bottles last night. They are all in excellent condition with wonderful graphics. Most of them still have a cork in the top, which is kind of cool!

Gas station numerals

Used to show the price on the gas station signs. These numbers are made of hard plastic. I don't have every number, but there are 3's, and 6's as well. They are 12-1/2 inches tall by 7 inches wide.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fodder cutter

Fodder cutter was used to chop up feed for livestock. They are supposed to have a large blade for chopping, but I prefer that this one is missing. It makes for a much safer display. I love these in the fall on a porch, and full of pumpkins and gourds. Currently holding all my rusty tinware! SOLD!

Fire truck headlight housing

Gray and Davis of Amesbury, MA. manufactured this fire truck headlight housing. Patent date, 1904. Very cool look to it.

Doctor's scale

Full size doctor's scale, with weights and bar for measuring height as well.

Garden chair

Rustic, chipped paint chair, Perfect for the porch or garden

A little Mexican pottery jug, a crow, and some of my Black eyed Susan's in a mason jar.
Crow is SOLD!

Leather worker's bench

Leather worker's bench. These were used to make horse collars. Great piece for the garden, or use it inside as an end table!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Happy 4th of July weekend. We are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and we will be CLOSED on JULY 4th. Wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend.

1960's Coke machine

Very cool vintage 1960's Coke machine. We put some glass bottles of Coke in just for looks! My husband put this in place right up against the wall, without plugging it in. So, we don't know if it works yet! Guess we should have thought of doing that first, although the seller did say it was in working condition. SOLD!

Old clock case

Old clock case measures approx. 15-1/2 inches by 26 inches tall. Bottom door is reverse painting on glass, and top door is missing. Inside is empty, but has old label for L&F Andrews of Bristol, CT. Has very unusual look to it.

Stoneware salt lick holder

From Stevens farm in Kingston, this is a neat old stoneware salt lick holder. You would pay a deposit to get the holder, and if it was returned in good condition after use, you would get your money back. Fancy stuff for the livestock!

Hand painted canvas flag

Hand painted canvas flag-perfect for your 4th of July party! Tacks right onto your shed or wall. Safe for outdoor use. Approx. 5-1/2 feet long.

Fishing corner

Great assortment of lead sinkers, wooden jigs, cork bobbers, droplines, lures, etc.

Cake plate with wooden dish

Metal cake plate in red has wooden dish with green trim. Vintage look! SOLD!