Friday, October 31, 2008

The driveway leading down to the store

Since it was such a beautiful day, I thought I would take some pictures outside the store. I wanted to take a picture of the driveway before the leaves fell, because it is usually just beautiful. I didn't make it out in time though, and with all the wind we had, most of the leaves are gone. I have added some other photos taken outside on the porch.

The table to the left of the front door

Some things next to the front door. A black rustic door that would be great painted, or repurposed somehow. A tin deer, a decoy wearing a burlap cover, a wooden shovel, and more.

November turkey flag

The front porch and the November turkey flag made of canvas. Last one!!

A black chair, the carved man, etc.

Some of the things next to the front door.

Kerosene heater

I'm selling this little kerosene heater for my friend, Bill. It would be perfect for a camp or garage. He says you can watch the flames through the front.

Moving in holiday items!

It seems so early, but when I started taking down Halloween items, the place looked pretty bare, so I just had to bring in some holiday things! Snow flocked trees-yikes! I don't want to see snow anytime soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Early knife box

Another knife box! Nice early wooden box with handle. These don't usually stick around too long. I found these little pumpkins made out of some kind of paper, and just love the way they look!

Primitive bee keeper's cage

Unusual primitive bee keeper's cage. This supposedly would mount on the front of the bee cage and there are two little mesh nets that hang down and a trap door to keep the bees in or out. Very interesting piece!

Why I don't buy china!!

I finally broke down and bought some china teacups and other pieces at an auction. I usually try to avoid anything breakable. When I was unloading my car, I tried to carry too much in one trip (a bad habit!) and the box of china slid off the top and crashed to the pavement. I lost a few pieces, but fortunately not all of it! I will stick to my rustic wooden items from now on. The china is on a cool little cart I got at another auction. It looks like someone used some old buggy wheels on the front giving it a "folky" look.

Sweet little butter churn in old mustard paint

Wonderful old paint in mustard color on this old butter churn. A nice small piece measuring 31 " high by only 18" wide not including the handle on the left side. Missing it's cover, but it would make a great planter or small end table (thanks for that idea, Gail!!) Excellent country look!

Butter churn from Nashua NH-nice graphics!

Nice old mustard paint on this churn and good graphics still intact. Blanchard Churn of Nashua NH.

cupboard made from an old shipping crate

Inside of old cupboard made from an old shipping crate.

Cute little cupboard with spool knob

Here is a cute little cupboard made from an old shipping crate. The address is still written on one side and someone has added a shelf. There is an old wooden thread spool for a knob. This makes a nice display shelf or storage cabinet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New home for all the kitchen goodies

The store underwent some changes over the weekend. I moved my big cupboard out of this corner and moved in all the kitchen items. Or I should say some of the kitchen items as they are spread throughout the store.

The guy stuff (or for girls who like oil cans, etc.)

I had to find a new home for all this misc. stuff when I emptied my big cupboard to move in vintage Christmas. It had to be condensed down, but I kept all my favorite things and packed away the rest in storage. Advertising cans, oil cans, bait buckets, pocketknives, etc. It's all here in one new little cabinet.

Puzzle from 1933

I got this great little puzzle box at an auction the other night. I wanted to make sure all the pieces were there, but the box simply said "over 250 pieces." Not very definitive! I decided I would just put it together to make sure it was complete. No picture on the box! Also to make matters more difficult, the pieces don't all interlock. Some of them just touch up against the next. Every time you put a piece in place, the whole puzzle would shift and separate. GRRR! I had to leave it half finished, but when I came home, my daughter was working on it. Then her boyfriend came and together, the three of us finished it! I was amazed that a puzzle from 1933 was not missing one piece!! Now it will be for sale, so some other lucky person can have fun putting it together!

Hand painted oval nesting boxes

These were hand painted by my friend Sam's friend. They are so beautifully done with milk paints and they have that wonderful country look.

Vintage Christmas

Customers have been asking for vintage Christmas, so I put it out even though it's only October! I have some cute flocked Santas, tinsel, lights, tree topper etc. I have been collecting bits and pieces over the year, and just brought out a little so far. Also a red sled and a matched pair of carriage bells.

Just chillin'

I am moving on from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and yes, even Christmas, but I couldn't resist one more picture of my little skeleton. He is so cute just hanging out on what I think would be a great chair for Halloween decorating. Okay, pretty soon I will pack him away until next year, or better yet, move him to my house!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maple table and four chairs

Not too old, but what a great little set for a small eating area or a first home. Four chairs and a table with leaves that pull out to make the table longer. Priced to sell!

Hand carved decoy sign

Hand carved ice spearing fish decoy sign. Artist signed the back, with his name-Tom Breen of Greenville, NH with a little caricature of Tom himself. Measures approx. 18-1/2 inches long by 7-1/2 inches high. Own a piece by a NH artist!

Tiny popcorn popper

What a cute little popcorn popper. It must have been a toy because the amount of popcorn you could make in this wouldn't even equal a mini-bag serving size! Decorated with tiny ornamental corn and some raffia.

Primitive washboard

This is a well used scrub board. I can just imagine the woman who labored over this board. It is so smooth and some of the ridges have been worn almost flat! What a great primitive piece for your laundry room!

Rustic house

I found this great little rustic house on one of my trips up north. It reminded me of a little log cabin in the woods! Hand crafted of wooden strips and a tin roof complete with chimney!

Corn drying rack

Interesting corn drying rack with Indian corn included. A great fall display! A friend of mine hung gourds from hers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our 2nd anniversary open house is this weekend!

This weekend is our open house. Oct. 4th and 5th from 10-5. After we close Sunday night, we will draw a name from our bucket to choose the winner of the basket. Stop in for some refreshments, sales, or just to say hello and fill out a ticket for your chance to win.
It's hard to believe that two years have passed. I have had more fun than I could have imagined. I have met such wonderful new friends, and learned so much from the people I have talked with. I appreciate all the help from the other local shops sending people over to me. Three Sisters in particular have been incredibly supportive since I opened. I would also like to thank Well Kept Secret, The Prancing Horse, and the newest addition to town, Flight of the Heron located on Marshall Road in Kingston. Ernie and Liz Landry have created a beautiful new shop. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful community of shops here in Kingston who are willing to help one another out. We are quickly becoming a destination town for treasure hunting!

Close up of face of yarn winder

There is this beautiful star either painted or etched onto the wooden back. The star has eight points and the number
40 at the top. It goes down in increments of five, and we think this was possibly to count the skeins or ounces of yarn?? It's a mystery piece for sure!

Unusual primitive partial yarn winder

After much discussion and debating, we have come to the conclusion that this is an early yarn winder, but that it is not only missing it's arms to hold the yarn, it was also possibly a "make-do." The base doesn't seem to match the rest, and it seems as if someone put two pieces together to create this. However, I absolutely love the look of it. It is pegged together in some places, and has square nails.

Two little white benches

I love stacking these little benches, and they make a wonderful country display.

Forschner's Scale in Brass

I just can't help but buy these awesome scales when they become available! This is a Forschner's scale in brass with hanging pan. I got the great little pumpkins and gourds at Magnusson's Farm right here in Kingston. They were very reasonably priced too! This scale was put out this morning and sold this afternoon, but I have already replaced it with a similar hanging scale. I was lucky enough to get two at this week's auctions. SOLD!!