Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage witch pinata

I bought her way back in the spring, and saved her until now. She was made in Mexico and is empty. If there had been any candy inside, I would have eaten it by now!

Deb's beautiful table runner

Another one of Deb's lovely creations! This table runner measures 29-1/2 inches by 9-1/2 inches. Wonderful fall colors with the saying Autumn Blessings. SOLD!

Turnbull family scale

This scale has a wonderful brass front, but I love the back and sides just as much. Very decorative graphics. It's a family scale.....for weighing your family! SOLD!

Early shipping crate

Love the look of this early shipping crate. The end reads Haverhill, MA but I couldn't make out the name of the company. This has square nails and originally had leather hinges. I think it would make a great wood box beside the fireplace. SOLD!

Halloween mirror

I got this great black mirror with beveled glass. Of course, I had to make it a Halloween mirror because that's the way my mind works. But underneath the cobwebs, it really is a pretty mirror.

Old wooden ironing board

Beautiful old wooden ironing board, has all folding parts made of wood as well. Usually these have metal folding parts, but not this one. There is the original price written in crayon on the bottom-$2.49! Oh for the good old days. It costs a little more now, but not much!

funky green and black divided box

This is a cool divided box probably from an old tool box. It can lay flat, but I kind of like it standing on it's side. Either way, it makes a great display for small items. This could even be hung on the wall. Lots of possibilities!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cool barn finds

I got to go through a barn last weekend and everything I bought was either a wheel or had parts that were wheels. It was some kind of crazy theme going on unintentionally. This was a pulley used to open and close a barn door. One of my friends with a beautiful old house had a carpenter hang a bathroom door that was made out of an old barn door, and he used one of these pulleys at the top to slide the door.
Pulley is SOLD!

Metal wheel

I think this came from a cultivator maybe? I just love the cool twisty blades.

Small grinding wheel

These never last long since they are so pretty in a garden or up against a stone wall. This one was way up high on the barn wall, and I had to stand on a chair and reach way up over my head to get it down. It isn't easy to lift something so heavy up over your head!

Wooden wheel

I don't know what this was part of at one time, but it's cool! The outer edge is made up of lots of individual wooden pieces, so someone did a ton of work to construct it. I have it hanging from one of my beams. It has two large bolts in center so it obviously was meant to come apart. SOLD!

wheels with gears

These were on an old grinding wheel that was missing some of its parts, so I decided to take off the wheels for architectural art. The grinding wheel was from the late 1800's so you can imagine how rusted on these would be. I sprayed them with WD-40 and my son and I were working away on them. I broke the one that I was trying to get off, so I gave up! My son said "you just aren't hitting it in the right place!" so I let him get these off. He loves these projects I give him. ALL ARE SOLD!

Rectangular drying rack

The guy who sold me these said he thought they were used for drying mushrooms, but they could be used for just about anything. I have five available.
Going fast, we have only one left......ALL SOLD!

Halloween Lazy Susan

Large Lazy Susan measures 21 inches in diameter and is quite heavy. Has witch hand painted in center. SOLD!

Spooky portrait

Perfect for your Halloween party or display. This old lady is spooky looking, and I have added some spider webs just to make her a little more frightful. Measures 21 by 25 inches.

Sweet Annie

I only have two bunches left. Wonderful aromatic scent to these Sweet Annie bunches. Very popular for crafting. These will dry out a little more and become the standard brownish color. They won't last long! SOLD OUT!

Corner Hutch

Pretty corner hutch that will not take up much space. Everyone that has seen this loves it! The hutch measures 67 inches high by 33 inches wide and when it's tucked in a corner, it only projects out from the wall by 15 inches. Two little top shelves have a plate groove for displaying a favorite plate. One lower shelf beneath them with more display area, and then two doors at bottom with shelves for covered storage space.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another old plane

Some of you may remember the story of my dad and his brothers building these neat little planes. They were so competitive about it, and they kept trying to outdo one another. Eventually they made the planes so big, they wouldn't lift off the ground and fly. Well, when I saw this one, I just had to have it. It looks identical to one my dad built back in the 1960's. The body and wings are made of some kind of fabric or thin canvas and then stretched over a wire frame. Prop on front turns by hand. SOLD!

Well loved kangaroo

Reminds me a little bit of the Velveteen Rabbit story. This is a well loved mama kangaroo with baby in her pouch. Too cute!

Vintage suitcase

Pretty, old suitcase. They look great stacked in a pile, but I only have the one! My friend Julie just bought a different suitcase from me to keep all her dog's toys in. She said that she had seen an old suitcase propped on the floor and the dog could just reach in and take whatever toy it wanted to play with. A clever use!

Universal wash stand

I bought the washstand at an auction and then over the weekend saw the washtub and old wringer at a friend's yard sale. They were perfect to go with the washstand. The stand folds up and both stands can be hooked to keep up and out of the way. Great graphics, and the stand with wringer is a Universal brand.


Old window with bittersweet

Bittersweet is once again taking over my yard and seemed to blossom early this year. I decorated this old window with some bittersweet vines. I also have a black window with more little panes that you could decorate yourself, but this one is ready to hang.
Both windows are SOLD!

A pair of benches

These little benches are perfect for display and look good alone or stacked as shown.

Vintage clown costume

I have been saving this for a few months to put out at Halloween. Giant pompom buttons on front and wild fabric pattern. Elastic neckline and sleeves and ankles. Great costume!

Two cool cameras

I am starting to really like old cameras. They have such a great look to them. The one on right is a Brownie Junior, and folds up pretty flat in it's storage case. The other is an Argoflex. A wonderful addition to a vintage camera collection.
Both are SOLD!

Well worn quilts

Four wonderfully worn and faded patchwork quilts. Hand stitched. They are great for cutter quilts to make projects, or just folded in a cupboard or at the foot of the bed.
ALL SOLD, except pink one at bottom.

A small bench and birdhouse

Great little bench in blue/gray paint. I love the birdhouse too. It could be used indoors, as the whole front drops down, and creates a nice little storage area. New, but nice, weathered look.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I decorated the back of the '48 Ford with my two skeletons. One was riding his bike and the baby was enjoying a picnic. Then my 20 year old son and his hooligan friends decided to put their own spin on it. The baby is smoking a cigarette butt and drinking Bud, and the big skeleton is holding a bottle of rum. This is what happens when hooligans have too much free time! I do admit it's pretty funny though. Not sure if I am going to keep it or fix it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Witch shoes

I love to find these old black boots at this time of year and make them into witch shoes. My sister-in-law who is the master (mistress?) of decorating actually came up with the idea and I "borrowed" it from her. If it has to do with witch stuff, she is on top of it!

Low cupboard

Great green paint on this old cupboard. Has several shelves inside for storage. Measures 41 inches by 16-1/2 and is 34 inches high. SOLD!

Awesome ladies trunk

This is one of those items that I would keep if I had room in my house. I love the patina on this little trunk. Written on the inside lid is the name Julia D. Goldsmith in script. The trunk measures 25-1/2 wide by 12-1/4 deep and is 9-1/4 inches tall. Just beautiful! SOLD!

Painted pedestal

Great chipped paint on this old pedestal. I think it's perfect for holding a pumpkin, or maybe a mum on your porch. The pedestal measures approx. 11-1/4 inches by 10-3/4 inches and is 15 inches high.

Full size witch

Full size witch is ready for Halloween haunting. My daughter, Kate helped me make this one, and so she is not quite as scary as I would like. Kate requested that we make her a "good witch." I have one in my house that is very creepy looking and she has been scaring Kate for years! She tried to get me to keep this one and sell the scary one, but I said "no way!" She is made from a dressmaker's form, so when you are not using her for Halloween you could use the form for other purposes. She has an old apron, shawl and cape, plus her hat that is decorated with spiders.

Vintage lawn ornament

Plastic snow goose comes with a metal rod that pushes into the ground for display.

Wagon bench

I had another wagon seat a few weeks ago, and it only lasted in the store for a day. These are great on a porch decorated with pumpkins and corn, or for any kind of display. This one is well worn!

No vacancy!

Do you have adult children who won't move out, or want to move back in? In-laws who want to come and visit? Guests who come and stay forever? Then you need this sign to hang outside your door!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am in LOVE!

One of my favorite customers called and asked if I was interested in buying a skiff. I told her I would take a look at it. I was thinking a white wooden skiff that you would see at a seafood store with netting attached or something. I was so pleasantly surprised to see this gorgeous primitive wooden skiff in the back of their truck! I love it!! After we put it out on the porch, I was thinking it would be cool at Christmas with greens in it, but obviously not now, so what can I put in it? There was my baby skeleton just hanging around outside with nothing to do. He has been enlisted as a pirate! It looks like they were made for each other! SOLD!