Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Original fly screen

You can find a repro fly screen anywhere, but here is the real thing! Used to cover a pie or other food to keep the flies off!

Cool industrial metal cabinet

The paint is flaky, the cabinet is rusty, but that is the way some of us like it! This could be used in a garage, or man room, or just about anywhere! Measures 18 inches wide by 12 inches deep and stands 55 inches tall. The paint that is left is kind of minty green!

Beautiful handpainted decoy

So graceful! Handpainted decoy and I love the initials painted on the bottom as much as I love the decoy. 19-1/2 inches long

Vintage metal doll chair

This reminds me of the metal lawn chairs that are so popular, except this one is made for a doll or teddy bear. 11 inches by 10-1/2 inches and stands 12 inches tall.

Made in USA bear

So cute! Teddy bear made in NY and he fits perfectly in the little red chair!

Heavy ceramic balls

If you need some snowballs for a display, these would look great! About the right size and shape. Heavy ceramic type material. These were originally used in a drainage system.

Handblown glass domes

Perfect for a little snowy vignette! Handblown in Mexico glass domes are approx. 8-1/2 inches tall.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Introducing our newest baby!

That face! He is so adorable! This is Napoleon or Junior the baby goat. Bob the sheep has taken an interest in this little guy, and if I pet Junior, Bob keeps a close eye on me! They share a stall at night, and Junior probably stays nice and warm with all that wool! The other goats are being a little territorial, but seems everyone is getting along pretty well!

Antique clown shoes!

Handmade one of a kind antique clown shoes. These are so funky! The leather is in excellent condition and is attached to the wood sole with small tacks. The sole is worn smooth. I can't imagine trying to wear these. They must have had to slide along the floor. I found one other pair
online that were similar and those were circa 1930's so I am guessing these are about the same age. The entire shoe measures 24 inches long! You could be the only one to own a pair of these!

Primitive measuring wheel

This is one of my favorite finds! I just love the look of it. Made of wood with a steel rim wheel. Most likely a surveying tool for measuring distance. This has traces of black paint on the handle. Excellent condition. The wheel diameter measures 31 inches and the handle is 47 inches long. I think it makes a wonderful hanging display!

Painted hutch

Maple hutch has been painted a country red. Two top shelves for display. Second one has a plate rail for standing up plates. One drawer in unit. Measures 33 inches wide by 16-1/2 inches deep and 54-1/2 inches tall.

set of 4 coffee design dessert plates

Do you have someone on your list who loves fancy coffees and dessert? Then this set of four plates is perfect for them! Each plate has a different coffee design. comes with a cardboard storage box for safekeeping.

Cute child's chalkboard

So cute! Chalkboard folds down for a desk like surface with a chalk tray, or swivel it up and it is a standing chalkboard easel. Measures 36 inches tall and is 16-1/2 inches wide. Top has graphic paper design but the roll is stationary, and doesn't roll up or down.

Long sewing basket stand

This is the longest sewing basket I have seen! It will hold so many supplies! Measures 26 inches long and 29 inches tall, and is 12 inches wide.

Ajax galvanized water pump

Large galvanized bucket has a hinged lid which covers a hand operated pump. I believe this would have been used to carry water into a field and used for some sort of rinsing, or washing. What a great look! measures 33 inches tall. SOLD!

Cool field scale in carrying box

At first it looks like just an unassuming wooden box with carrying handle but inside is the cool scale which hangs from a hook inside the cover. These were carried into the field and used for weighing things such as gold. This was manufactured by W. & L.E. Gurley, Troy, NY. The Gurleys business started in the mid 1850's. This is a very unusual and interesting scale.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas candles are scheduled to arrive today!

Cardboard animal puzzles

Cute visuals! Smaller puzzles have three pieces and measure 7 by 3-1/2 inches. The larger ones have 4 pieces and measure 7 by 5. Simple design, and lovely colors. The goat is my favorite, with the dog a close second! These would be cute framed in a child's room.

Safe-T-Colt ride on horse

Beautiful graphics on this baby! The horse glides back and forth as shown in pictures. Just slight wear from a little rider! Measures 29 inches long by 20 inches tall and 11 inches wide. SOLD!

Hendrix Bird cage

Beautiful antique Hendrix bird cage with glass feeding dishes. Love the look!

Post office cubbies

This is hard to see in photos, but there are traces of old greenish/black paint on this cubby shelf. It measures 30 inches wide and is 40 inches tall and only 7 inches deep. Won't take up too much room! On the other side, the slats have been removed so the cubbies have easier access.

Sweet rusty old scale

No Maria! You have enough scales already! My friend Maria shares my obsession with old scales, and she keeps saying she has too many. No such thing! This one is pretty cool because it comes with four numbered weights and a scale pan too!

Rug beater

Old rug beater with wooden handle. I love the green paint and the twisted wire on the handle!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here is our newest family member!

We just brought Bob the sheep home on Monday night. He is such a sweetheart, and is already fitting in so nicely with his friends, Missy and Horns the goats. He adores Missy and follows her everywhere. She is sweet too, and I think she likes having another guy around! Because of Bob's dreadlocks, everyone thinks we should add Marley to his name, so he is now officially Bob Marley or just Bob, or Marley! We love him! In the middle picture you can see Horns checking him out through the window of the barn!

Two wooden grain sifters!

One is dark and one is light, but both measure 13 inches in diameter. The darker one is marked S H. These won't last long!

Primitive sled

Love the look! This measures 36 inches long and is 13 inches wide. Metal curved runners attached to wood.