Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the addition, looking out to the original store.

Finally, we are in! It really hasn't been that long since we started, but we have been talking about it for more than a year, so it feels like it's taken a while.

Looking in to the addition from the original store

All that is left is to put the trim up around the doorway that used to be our outside wall. It's nice to have some more room to spread out!

The centerpiece of the new addition!

As soon as the paint was dry on the floor, I just had to move the fireplace in! This was one of the last things I bought from my friend Albie of Blue Moon Salvage before he closed up his shop. Once it was in place, I just had to start decorating it, and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, the whole room was furnished!

Red bench

A red bench, drum cooler, a large wooden cookie mold, bellows, and more of Deb's handiwork, a basket that was a silverware caddy, that she re-purposed to hold a beautiful flower arrangement. Deb sells her work under the name, Rustic Country Collectibles. ALL SOLD!

Candles in their new spot in the addition

Out of the jelly cupboard, and onto the bookcase. Country Keepsake soy candles.

Tarts and votives, and Deb's wall hanging

Tarts and votives, and Deb's beautiful wall hanging. She's so talented!

Reproduction cupboard

The reproduction cupboard in it's new home, with one of my favorite finds hanging above it, a print of reproduction 1889 map of Wolfeboro, NH. The spelling on the map is Wolfeborough.

Teddy bears at school

Don't they know school is out for summer? Cute little school desk with seat, and even has the old schoolroom floor attached!

BIg red cupboard

Neat old cupboard in red. My sister thought this would be perfect for a crafter with all the little bins for storage! Two doors, both sides have compartments, and shelves under the bins. Measures 59 inches high, by 50 inches wide, and 22 inches deep. This was in the store previously, but moved out for a new piece, now it's back. Reduced to $199.00

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Falcon can with spout and detached lid

I love this can! The lid was detached, but I wired it to the back. It can be propped on top of the can, but I like the way the can looks with flowers in it. Nice detailed label on front and the red bands around the top and bottom add a nice touch. Just about 14 inches high.

Rusty Iron garden piece

This is a great little garden item. Has beautiful detailed scrollwork. The ends have prongs that can be stuck into the ground, or you could hang it on your fence or shed. Very pretty and unusual piece.

Vintage ammo and gun related items

Assorted empty vintage ammo boxes, plus some gun prints by Colt and Winchester. Vintage reloading tools, a Remington clay disc thrower, and a powder flask.

Interesting shaped green box with lid

This great wooden box appears to have been bolted down to something, perhaps a tool box for a tractor? Has a unique shape with one angled edge. Measures approx. 19 inches across at widest point, and is 9 inches from front to back.

Architectural Foundry wooden pattern molds

Unusual foundry pattern molds. These are assorted sizes and shapes. Painted black, some have red detailing. Most have a number stamped on or a metal plate with the number. Very cool!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silicone light bulbs and strings of lights

A selection of silicone light bulbs, and strings of lights that have small clips to attach to any garland. Also, star bulbs, and small slip on stars that go on mini light strings.

Close up of country plate

Just had to show the cute details of this dish set. Various scenes.

Set of country dishes in the Hoosier!

Here is a set of pretty country pattern dishes in green and white. Very folky design, reminiscent of an Amish farm scene. 8 dinner plates, 8 dessert plates, 6 cups and saucers, teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, plus a small platter. Nice starter set or just to display. SOLD!

Hoosier style cupboard

I was lucky enough to get not just one, but two Hoosier style cupboards in the last few weeks. This is the second one I got, but this one made it into the store first somehow! Needs some very minor TLC, namely two new latches on the doors. Bottom drawer on right is lined with tin for bread storage. The counter area is enamel with a pretty black and white spattered edge. What a wonderful display piece for all your country kitchen items! $225.00 SOLD!