Monday, September 30, 2013

Open House this weekend! Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th

Come help celebrate our 7th Anniversary! Hard to believe how fast these 7 years have flown by. I guess that's what happens when you are lucky enough to do what you love every day! We will have a mystery sale, pick a slip of paper and take a 10-20 or 30% discount off your entire purchase. Guess how many candy corn our pumpkin jar holds. Whoever comes closest wins the jar. Refreshments will be served and there will be two raffled items you can enter to win in our free drawing. Come out and say hi! Open our regular hours Thursday through Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5

Daisy is moving in front of the store this weekend!

Come and visit Daisy the vintage trailer. She is sold, but the new owner is graciously allowing us to show her off. Everything inside with a tag is available for sale. Lyn Kells and I have been collecting cowgirl and prairie themed items, including quilts, cowboy boots, enamelware, horse themed items, vintage dishware, and more.

The store is ready for my favorite month!

Large shutters hinged together stands 65-1/2 inches tall, makes a great display if you set up at shows. New fall garlands with large leaves that are wired for shaping. wooden folk art witch decoration, chippy table, Ouija board, and other scary stuff!

Large wood storage box

Coffee table size and ideal for storage too! Large wooden shipping crate has two rope handles on sides. This large crate measures 31 by 22 and stands 21-1/2 inches tall.

Larkin Soap Co. crate

Wonderful in a laundry room display, or up on a shelf. Nice and clean inside. Graphics on front and back. Measures 22 by 9 by 14-1/2 inches tall. Great look! SOLD!

Instant collection of shoe shine boxes

Ever since I saw a fabulous display in Country Living magazine with a house that had two whole walls of cubbies, each cubby filled with a shoe shine box, I have been picking these up. It looked so cool to see all the different sizes, colors and designs. Here are three to start someone's collection!

Drink Up Town Refreshing Beverages!

Sunny yellow crate with nice dovetailed joins on corners. Two hand holds, one on each side. This beverage crate measures 18 by 10 inches and stands 12-1/2 inches high. Graphics on all sides! SOLD!

Two tin lunch pails

One is a single pail with clasp, and the other is two parts. One top section that fits in on top of second section. Great bale handle. They measure 5-1/2 inches tall with a diameter of 7 inches on smaller pail, and 8 inches tall with a diameter of 8 inches on second pail. Both pails are SOLD!

Red wooden tool tote

Great color perfect for holiday decorating. This one measures 19 by 10 and stands 11 inches tall at highest point. SOLD!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Early buggy seat

This was upholstered at one time as evidenced by the many tacks along the edges of the wood. Back folds down flat onto seat. Hand forged hinges and leather straps. This measures 32 inches wide and stands 24-1/2 inches tall. Bench seat is 11 inches front to back. This would make a fabulous display piece! Buggy seat is SOLD!

Very wide shutter

Hard to tell in this picture because my hydrangea shrub is massive (I really should do more yardwork!) but this is a wide shutter! It measures 28 inches wide and stands 5 feet tall. Wonderful layers of paint, mostly green. SOLD!

International truck grille

From a tractor trailer! I could see this in a kid's room making either an awesome wall hanging or very cool headboard! Someone who loves trucks would love to have this. It is made of plastic, not metal, so it's not all that heavy to hang. Measures 55 inches wide and approx. 24 inches tall. Great International emblem! SOLD!

Large primitive trap

I have a smaller version of this trap in the store already. You can have a pair! This trap was propped open with a wooden stick and when the animal entered, the stick could be pulled with a string (by a very patient person) or knocked out of place and the top would come down trapping the animal. Great look. Measures 25 inches long by 11-1/2 inches wide and at highest part on back is 18 inches tall. SOLD!

Rusty, rusty, rusty!

I think this milk crate has been left sitting outside for several decades. Maybe when they stopped getting milk delivered to the home, they just left the crate out there! I love rusty stuff though, and seems a lot of other people do too. Love the little lift out milk bottle holder inside. Top says Rochester, but not a state. Could be NH or NY or who knows where? This held six quart sized bottles.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

100 little drawers to fill!

We all love our drawer units! This metal cabinet has 100 drawers perfect for organizing all your hardware, etc. This measures 35-1/2 by 34 inches and is only 9 inches deep, so it won't take up too much room.SOLD!

Early race car grille?

When we found this it was labeled wire thing! My friends and I thought it was an early grille, and when we showed hubby, he agreed. Perhaps a Legends racer? In any case, it's neat looking and makes a great wall hanger. Measures 19 inches tall, and is 14 inches across at top and narrows to 8 inches across at base. SOLD!

Sock stretcher and laundry stick

Fantastic green paint on the sock stretcher. Made of metal, and is 35 inches long. The laundry stick is cool too. I have only had wooden ones, never one with metal prongs. There is a label intact as well that shows the lady of the house doing her laundry in a washtub with wringer nearby! The laundry stick is 29-1/2 inches long. Both are SOLD!

Ironing sleeve board table/bookcase

I always have sewing items for sale and this little table displays them so nicely. It would also work as a bookstand in your sewing or craft room. Table is 29-1/2 inches long by 7 inches wide and stands 22 inches tall.

Handcrafts for fall

Deb of Rustic Country Handcrafts made the beautiful table runner in fall colors. Patchwork squares and lovely points of fabric above the embroidered words Autumn Blessings. The table runner is 33-1/2 by 15 inches. Deb's sister in law Pam Knowlton created the adorable little pumpkin face bowl fillers. A cinnamon stick is the stem and two rusty jingle bells for eyes. So cute!


Large breadboard and two small wooden bowls. The larger of the two bowls has two cracks inside, but to me that adds character! Breadboard is Sold!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rare Atkins Barracuda Pedal Boat by Murray

As soon as I saw this, I fell in love. As I was carrying it out of the flea market, everyone was saying "look at that cool old boat!" My husband looked it up when we got home and it is made by Murray as a private label for store chain. On one side it reads very faintly Atkins Barracuda, which are quite rare. This was missing it's rubber around two tires (tires are not all original to boat) and it was missing it's pedal mechanism and steering wheel. We purchased new rubber for two tires, the wheel, and pedals. We had a friend fabricate the pedal mechanism. This has been sandblasted, all the work is done except for paint, and a few more trim pieces. Asking $325, which if you do some research is a very fair price. Not too many of these around. Measures 39 inches from stem to stern and 18 inches across. Stands about 12 inches tall, not including wheel height. SOLD!

Heavy metal witch

I bought this last spring, love to save stuff for my favorite holiday! This is very heavy, not flimsy tin. Stands on post which can be stuck in ground. This old witch is 43-1/2 inches tall from bottom of post to top of her hat. SOLD!

Large factory cart

Made by the Fairbanks Co. Wonderful old green paint on metal pieces. Top is natural wood, two large wheels in back and two smaller wheels in front. This measures five feet by 30 inches and stands 14 inches tall. Rolls nice and easy too! SOLD!

Atlantic Oil can

Love the red on this large old oil can. Atlantic brand. SOLD!

Machinist's tool box

Nice old machinist's tool box. My husband purchased this from a sweet little elderly lady who said it had belonged to her late husband. There are a few tools included as seen in bottom drawer. Brass hardware on drawers. Measures 19 by 10 inches and stands 10 inches tall. SOLD!