Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here it is, my loss may be your gain!

Beautiful old mantel. I bought this to keep as a permanent display behind my propane stove. I was not going to sell it, but attach to the wall. However, it is about two inches too wide to fit there because now I can't open my back door. Ah well, and so it is for sale. This measures 64-1/2 inches wide by 44 inches tall. The mantel shelf is 7-1/2 inches front to back. Inside opening is 43 by 30 inches tall. Solid wood construction. Not painted, finish is natural wood tone. Eagle is SOLD!

Two old breadboards

The larger of the two is just fabulous for displaying or using. It measures 28-3/4 by 15-1/2. The smaller one has been painted, more so on one side. But, I think it would be a great backboard for a display or make a sign out of it. If you turn it to the side with less paint, it is not as noticeable. This smaller one measures 18-1/2 by 14 inches. Large breadboard is SOLD! painted breadboard is SOLD!

A few of my auction favorites from last week!

I love the design on the old sad iron, it has some cool curlicues at base of handle. This one has a unique look to it. The little teapot is also one of my favorite finds. It only stands 3-1/2 inches high. Just adorable! Teapot is SOLD! Iron is SOLD!

Two ladders make great display racks

The bad news is this old ladder has been cut in half (not by me!) but the good news is that now there are two smaller ladders available! These are mostly green with splotches of assorted paints. One has metal brackets attached, and the other does not. These stand 55 inches tall. Ladder without brackets is sold!

Bookcase on wheels

I am a big fan of anything on wheels in my store. Anything I can move around by myself is wonderful! This is painted in cranberry and has pegboard on back. This measures 49-1/2 inches wide by 32 inches tall and is 11-1/2 inches deep. Pay no attention to that tail in photo! One of my dogs came out to the store to keep me company today while I took pictures. SOLD!

February is only a few days away!

Handcrafted for Valentine's day! The top photo are Maria of AMB Primitives hand embroidered bowl fillers. Two per package with different sayings. Bottom two photos are handcrafted by Pam Knowlton. They both have jute hangers and would look adorable on a cupboard!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hoeft galvanized chicken heater brooder

I love this piece! It is an old chicken heater/brooder but no longer has the heating apparatus. The funnel on top was added later just for fun, and comes with it. Made by Hoeft Good Poultry Equipment. This is approx. 4 feet in diameter, very big and cool, and stands approx. 29 inches tall. Just as I was bringing this out to the store, the FedEx truck arrived with my little felt wool chicks! Perfect timing. Chicks sold separately. SOLD!

Interesting shipping crate

The box is open on the bottom but could be turned upside down to hold things. I thought it would be great for kindling wood by the fire. Also cool as shown for a display piece. Lots of graphics on sides and top. Made of wood with metal strapping. This measures 19 by 19 and stands 24 inches tall. SOLD!

Chippy little one drawer table

Could be repainted or if you like them chippy, it's ready to go! This table has one drawer and is 29 by 20 inches and stands 26-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Marks Bros. Click Pool Junior game

This was part of a vintage Marks Bros. game that originally came with a pool cue and pool ball. The object was to shoot the ball and have it land on the high scoring numbers without scratching and having the ball go into the round hole at top. There are little metal clips which allow the ball to pass but not allow it to come back again. Perfect piece for displaying with other vintage game boards. This measures 3 inches wide by 36 inches long.. SOLD!

Folding fabric covered screen

This versatile screen can hang on a wall or be used as a space divider. This is fabric over board with beautifully illustrated panels. The screen is approx. 60 inches across and stands 35 inches tall. Has hangers attached to back for hanging. SOLD!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fabulous tool box in blue paint

This one comes from my dear friends, Donna and Al, who find some amazing things! Great blue paint and wonderful old hinges! This measures 30 by 12 and stands 12 inches tall. SOLD!

Two advertising crates

The Kist box has lettering on both sides. The bottom is a little rough, but this makes a great piece atop a cupboard. Kist box measures 17 by 12 and is 12 inches tall. The natural waters of Saratoga County box is 19 by 13 and stands 11 inches high. Nice dovetailing on corners. Both crates are SOLD!

Large square bakery tray

This is a unique piece. Very large, it measures 3 feet by 3 feet and is 3-1/2 inches tall. It has wooden sides and a Masonite type back. There are still traces of flour inside! SOLD!

Well used sawhorse

The pictures don't do this justice. It has a beautiful aged look with lots of scarring and wear. The sawhorse has a very cool shelf below which I think would make a great organizing area. This is 42 inches across and stands 22 inches tall.SOLD!

Set of three buoys

Great for nautical theme! Wooden post with foam body, and some neat colors! SOLD!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Primitive wooden mouse trap

Great little primitive trap. Mouse sold separately. SOLD!

Much bigger than they look!

They look like miniatures, but these are bigger doll furniture pieces! The bed was just a metal frame, and I added some comfy bedding which is included. The bed is 14 inches long by 7 inches wide and stands 9 inches tall. The little hutch is an older piece and 9 by 4-1/2 inches and stands 11 inches tall. Comes with some quilted squares for display.SOLD!

Dover Sanitary sink pail

Love the paper label on this Dover pail. The top has holes which will strain water or liquid out of the pail, leaving behind the waste. This handy pail was probably a kitchen necessity! Made in Cambridge, Mass. The pail is 8-1/2 inches tall with a diameter of 10 inches. SOLD!

You can lead a chicken to water, but you can't make her drink!

I bought five of these old glass waterers for chickens from a man who said they had been in his barn in unopened boxes since the 1960's. This is the last one! Green plastic base, and glass top. Just like the modern day counterpart except the new ones are made entirely of plastic. The ceramic chicken is not old, but she's cute! both are SOLD!

Breakfast in bed!

Great little folding tray can be used as a lap desk when it's folded flat or stand up on legs for serving breakfast in bed! This tray measures 22-1/2 by 14 inches and stands 7-1/2 inches tall when legs are in use.SOLD!

Wooden tool tote

Old wooden tool tote, has a small compartment in back for organizing tools. This tote measures 28-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches and is 9 inches tall at ends. SOLD!

Some wooden items

Two mashers, one with traces of red on the handle. A wooden mallet and a pretty hand painted knife block. All are SOLD except the knife block!