Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Area by the stove

Last weekend, I sold the beautiful dark wooden mantel that was by the stove. I am going to miss it because I loved the way it looked in the store. I have the old make-do mantel shelf that was there before. Not quite the same, but I guess it will have to do until I can find another mantel sometime!
Mannequin is SOLD!

Rustic cupboard

I was torn about this one! I need a cupboard at the top of my stairs in the house since I don't have much closet space. I almost kept this one, but decided to put it in the shop instead! Great rustic look. Front has wooden latch to keep door closed. Measures 31-1/2 inches wide by 16 inches deep and approx. 67 inches tall.

Selection of wooden boxes

Customers seem to love these wooden boxes for either displaying or storing. I can never seem to have enough. I was lucky to be able to stock up on some interesting ones as shown here. All SOLD!

Clamping table

I love this little table. Has two clamps that will adjust in height so you can clamp anything down to be fixed. I have a whole assortment of clamps for fixing stuff, so I can see the value of this woodworking tool. This would come in very handy for someone. Also makes a cute display piece.


Desk and chair

I was told this came from the one room schoolhouse in Newton, NH. Wooden desk with lift top and ink well. Comes with glass inkwell too! Chair is separate with cast iron base. Very sturdy.

Interesting brass hay hook

I have seen these hooks with wooden handles, but never one with brass. Also has the initials A.W.H. stamped into the handle. It must have been a fancy farm!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year's celebrating will be next!

Get ready to celebrate the new year! We have an assortment of fun and festive glassware for all your toasting needs. Also, a collectible millennium blender. These were made for the year 2000 when everyone was so worried that we would lose power and suffer catastrophe! This blender runs on batteries so even if there was a huge power failure you could still mix your drinks. Sure to become a sought after item!

Nine and a half foot ladder

If you have the ceiling height, here is a great old wooden ladder for you! Nine and a half feet tall. Paint splatters just add to the character! Mine has been hanging horizontally from a beam in the store, so that's another way this can be used.

Atkinson Fox print

Beautiful Atkinson Fox print in nice, old frame. I love sheep pictures, and try to get them when I can. Lovely pastoral scene. SOLD!

Hand forged fireplace trammel

Wonderful old fireplace trammel. These were used to adjust the pot over the fire in a fireplace. If you wanted more heat, you would lower the pot down a notch or two, or less heat, you would raise it.

Brownie camera

Love these old box cameras. I think the first thing I ever bought at an auction with my grandparents was a Brownie camera. I was about 7 or 8 years old, and I used it all the time. I wonder where mine went? These make a great inexpensive addition to a camera collection.

1/4 inch scale dollhouse

1/4 inch scale dollhouse. Handcrafted. They do sell furnishings in 1/4 inch scale but it's not easy to find! This would look so cute just on top of a cupboard or table. SOLD!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This week's favorite item!

The one thing I wanted out of a box lot! I just had to buy it to go with my cute little resin birds. This is a pretty antique wood bird house with twisted wire door on a spring. Not too big, but very cute!

Cast iron piggy bank

Small pink cast iron piggy bank. Has advertising that reads Buy at Norco and save. Made in USA

Portable ironing board?

This small ironing board has fold up legs. I think it may have been intended to be a portable ironing board for quick touch ups. It only sits off the table by about 3 inches. Cloth covered.

Assorted cardboard signs

I think these would look great framed up, or even just tacked up. Cute vintage signs come with various sayings. I keep threatening to hang the one that says Garage for Rent near my son's garage "bachelor hangout" Maybe I should start charging the hooligans rent!

Aluminum propeller

Build a boat! Start with this cool aluminum propeller. Not sure what it went to, but I always like these things that have architectural interest.

Coffee grinder

Great little coffee grinder that attaches right to a table or counter. Interesting look!

Hand made evergreen swags

Hand made right here in NH. Beautiful evergreen swags with a choice of bows. These are part of our 20% off sale. Everything outside is 20% off. Help me clear the porch before it snows! I have spent four winters cleaning snow off all the stuff out there. This year I decided it would be easier to just take the things and put them away. Once I hear a forecast for a big snow, a lot of that stuff will be put into storage. If there is something you like, now is your chance to get it on sale!

Travis or traverse sleds

I am calling these traverse sleds, although the auctioneer called them Travis sleds. By any name, they are cool. They were joined together at one time with a long plank of wood. They would be pulled by an oxen or horse and were used to haul things. I am selling the two pieces separately, but you could buy both if you wanted to!
Part of our 20% off sale!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wire canning rack

Wire canning rack holds 8 jars. Comes with four glass jars and the lids have zinc lining. One jar is full of peppermints. These racks are great for organizing just about anything.

Sap bucket with tree

Artificial tree with popcorn garland, also artificial. I tried making a real popcorn garland once, and it's no fun, let me tell you! Comes in an old sap bucket with homespun tie. Ready to go!

Doll's hutch

Cute doll's hutch. I believe it had a back at one time, but now it's open. Still cute though! Has a nursery rhyme printed on each door. "The queen of hearts, she made some tarts"

Red trunk

With the exception of the bottom, this trunk is constructed of one board on sides, front and back, and lid. Only the bottom used two boards. Great look and a nice red wash finish. SOLD!

Little rustic table

When I bought this table it had a cloth tacked to the top. I was going to put an enamel top on this, but when I took the cloth off, I found these great painted boards and square nails! I like the look of it as is. Once again, Sasha in the lower corner is not for sale! She has had about enough of helping and wants to go back to the house! Can you just hear her asking "aren't we done yet?" SOLD!

McCoy bowl and pitcher

A few more items from the barn in Kingston. Wonderful McCoy pieces made in USA. The pitcher is large and is perfect for the dinner table. My grandfather always had to have a pitcher of ice water on the table. No matter what was served for dinner, he always said "that's good water!" The bowl is very deep, and would make an excellent pasta dish, or could be used as a mixing bowl too. I have two pieces of McCoy that I bought back in 1977, and still use them both on a regular basis. They last and last and are pretty too! Pitcher is SOLD!

Painted foot stool

I wish I had found this back in September or October because the pumpkin color would have gone so well with Halloween items. But we all love these great little foot stools, as they are useful and decorative. They make a nice way to display something to give it a little height. SOLD!

Resin birds

Who can resist these darling little birds? Made of resin with striped resin hat that is a tiny bit sparkly. They have a few assorted poses. I love em! All are SOLD!

Pine candle ring

I had sold out of pine candle rings and was finally able to get out and restock. Here they are!

Glass candleholders

These are so pretty in person when lit up. They were shown with mini lights inside where I bought them, but I just put in a tealight and they really have a pretty glow. Come in red or green, but only a few left!

Vintage tree stand

Adorable little tree stand is perfect for a small tree. This is pictured holding one of my artificial pine trees and they fit in nicely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glass dome display

I have seen several of these in country magazines over the past year. They are always used with a little snow and other pieces to make a winter vignette. This one is rather large and almost oval instead of round. The little log house and tree are mine, so the dome will be sold empty.

Wire sifter

I have been selling these like crazy lately, so I have a feeling this one won't stick around for long either. Nice sifter with wooden sides.

Milk pail

This is wider at the bottom and narrows in at top. Bale handle, but no pouring spout. I have never seen a pail shaped like this one.

Wooden box with copper lining

This is a large square wooden box with little feet. It is copper lined and has a drain hole. The auction company thought it had something to do with finishing maple syrup. Upon researching that, the box used for finishing would go over heat, so it is doubtful that this was used for that purpose. It has an interesting look to it though, and could be repurposed for something else equally wonderful.

Old telephone

Wonderful vintage phone, quite heavy with a Bakelite handset. This belongs on a desk with my old Corona typewriter! SOLD!

Cool old pulley wheel

My friend Clint and I were getting ready to set up to sell at Dover antique market for Weds. Dec. 1st antique market. He took this out of his car, and it never even made it inside. It went right to my car and home with me! I am drawn to these great old pulley wheels.

Green tool tote

Love the green paint on this! Just in time for decorating with holiday greens.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Closed Thursday, November 25th, reopen Friday, November 26th at 10 a.m.

Santa board

Reproduction of a late 1800's Santa. He has an easel on back so he can stand, or he can be hung to display. Measures 42 inches tall. Great look! SOLD!