Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1900 gravity washer

I asked my husband to build a bigger house with a huge laundry room so I could keep this. For some reason, he said "Um, no!" So, here it is for sale. I looked these washers up and they originally came on a cast iron stand and had a wringer device attached to the top. So, this is not complete, but I love the old wooden barrel and especially love the cool paper label with colorful graphics. My friend saw that this has a drain hole, and he thought it would make an excellent ice bucket for a chilled supply of beer (or soda!)


Grain cradle or grain scythe

My picker friend described this to me over the phone last night, and I drove to Salisbury, Mass. this morning to see it in person. I looked these up last night and thought they were pretty cool. They were used to reap grain and after the blade cuts the grain, the wooden teeth would cradle it in rows. Very primitive piece! Now I need to find a place for it inside the store. It's going to take some fancy footwork to find a spot for this beauty.


Greene and Tweed Basa Hammer #4

I found some similar mallets on the internet, but none of them say definitively what these were used for. I bought it because I liked the look of it. It is quite heavy and has rawhide on each end. One website said these were used by millers and another called them refractory hammers for breaking bricks in furnaces. Not sure, but it's still cool. Has initials carved into handle. Interesting tool!

So cute! Little teddy bear

Someone loved this great little teddy bear very much. His fur is rubbed off in most spots, and he only has one eye. He's got some stuffing peeking out in places. Adorable! SOLD!

Adorable rustic pine table

I love the top of this table! Wide boards make up the top and it's covered in old white chipped paint. Great distressed finish. This measures 30 inches long by 22-1/2 inches wide and stands 36 inches tall.


Kitchen helper cabinet

Metal kitchen helper cabinet. Has two shelves behind the door and one drawer. One side has a metal towel bar. This cutie measures 20 inches wide by 16 inches deep, and stands 33 inches high. On wheels which could be removed if desired. SOLD!

2 quart jar

Old glass jar holds 2 quarts and has a chipped blue lid. This could hold buttons, or candy, or whatever you decide to put in it.


Shabby chic lawn chair

Vintage metal lawn chair in old green (and rusty) paint. This could be cleaned up to be a functional chair or would look fantastic in the garden as is.


Wooden scoop

This would be beautiful displaying some rosehips or dried cranberries. Great look. This came from up north.


primitive mouse trap

Great little red mouse trap, nice and primitive. If I go in tomorrow and see this mouse caught in it, I will know it really works!


Pink guitar

A fast talking, smooth character who used to be an auctioneer and shall remain nameless sold me this cool guitar! First Act is the name on it. It may need to be tuned, but once it is, you will be all ready to start up your girl band!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Some last minute additions!

I don't usually update my blog over the weekend, but I got so many great things after I had done it this week, that I wanted to show a few more things. These great old blocks have cool pictures on one side, embossed letters on one side, flat letters on one side, and they just have a great look to them.


Cool wooden box

Love this box! Dove tailed joins on corners. Measures approx. 13 by 7 by 5 inches. SOLD!

A chicken coop door?

I am not positive this came from a chicken coop, but it did come from a chicken farm, so I think it's a pretty safe assumption! My crafty customers will undoubtedly make something cool out of this! Wood frame with chicken wire attached. Frame is painted white and measures 24 inches by 20 inches.


Jello box

A wonderful wooden box that held Jello boxes. Nicely dove tailed joins on corners.

Seeing this box led me to look up Jello to see when it was first made and I was surprised to learn it was back in 1897! I never would have guessed.


A pink stepladder and a cute plant bench

Yes, it is a pink stepladder. I am calling it the "lady carpenter's" stepladder! It is perfect for the garden to hold plants, or if you sell linens, this would make a great display! Also, a cute little plant stand and a birdcage.

Plant stand is sold!

Bird cage is sold!

Pink Ladder is SOLD!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wonderful garden item

Cast iron footboard from an old bed has chippy paint on sides, and great detailing. This would look so pretty in the garden with climbing plants growing up it. Measures 42 inches across and stands 45 inches tall at highest point. SOLD!

Rustic cupboard with slant top

Someone made this great little weathered wood cupboard, so I don't think it's too old, but it is a nice size for smaller spaces. The back has a door, and the front has open shelving. Top is slanted, sides have some white chippy paint residue. This stands 48-1/2 inches tall, and is 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. I know people are going to ask, so it's $59.00!


Corrine's jewelry

Take some time next time you come in to check out Corrine's jewelry. The thing I hear most from people who look through her lovely items is that her prices are really reasonable. Great for gifts, or a treat for yourself. In this economy, we all need a little pick me up, and here is something you can buy without feeling guilty that you spent too much money! Wonderful selection of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces.

Yet another tool tote!

Yes, it's another tool tote. You are probably getting tired of seeing these, but they always sell, so I keep buying them! Divided inside for great organized storage, and handle for carrying.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well traveled guitar case

While I can't take credit for these great photos, it is my rusty old truck cab that this is so nicely resting on! Shop early for a unique one of a kind Father's day or graduation gift. Perfect for the musician or traveler in your family! This case is empty, but what a story all the decals and stickers tell!

Cuff box

Beautiful graphics on this old cuff box. Box is made of cardboard. Also inside are some old cuffs. Nice display for your old dresser top.

Cast iron sink

We have all been seeing the potting benches selling for $600-800. All you need is some reclaimed lumber, a couple of funky faucets, rudimentary carpentry skills and this sink........and you too can build a masterpiece and then sell it for big money, or use it for your own gardening needs! SOLD!

Cheese boxes

A couple of people have asked, so here they are! Great for craft projects. These came from Brimfield!

Stack of round tins

Things just look cooler in threes! On the bottom is a vintage cardboard chocolate bon bon bucket. This is about the size I like to take to the movies (and you should see my popcorn bucket!) In the middle is a distressed tin container with off white chippy paint and on top is the Julienned potato tin.

vintage toy horse

Wonderful, colorful and bright graphics on this little vintage ride on horse. Metal wheels and wooden body and head. This has a great look to it!


4 drawer bureau

Pretty little 4 drawer bureau is just the right size to fit in easily to a smaller space. Perfect for a guest room or cabin. Measures 3 feet tall, and is 28 inches wide by 17 inches deep.


Folding table by Ferguson Co.

Pretty little folding tray table has a stenciled design on top. Table measures 28 by 18 inches and stands 24 inches tall. Folds up easily when not needed for compact storage!

Get it while it lasts! Another tool tote

You have to grab these quickly. They never last more than a couple of days! This one has holes drilled in the bottom of varying diameters. The box measures 17 by 9 inches and stands 12 inches tall.


Green chair in wonderful old paint

Very sturdy chair. Strong enough to even hold Papa bear! In nice old green paint with traces of blue beneath. Great look!

Family scale and vintage pie plate

These look so pretty together! The scale is actually more of a seafoam green and the vintage pie plate has a glazed turquoise interior, but I thought they looked lovely together. I would be tempted to buy them both and place the pie plate on the scale tray. Scale is a Universal household scale.

Scale is sold!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful vintage Coke cooler!

Lucky, lucky me! A consigner offered to let me display and sell this on my porch. Just in time for summer parties. This cooler is dry cooled and maintains a constant interior temp of 40 degrees. Compressor and fan in perfect working order. We will be selling ice cold Coke in glass bottles from this machine while the cooler is here, which we don't expect to be long. What a way to test the efficiency of this cooler. Remember you can put any beverage of your choice once you buy it. Fill it with beer!


Large pig sign

Advertising Riley's pork and egg products, great pig sign. Measures 37-1/2 inches from snout to tail and is approx. 15 inches high at highest part.

Brass piece

I thought about hanging this on my own fence! Was an old door knocker, but is missing the knocker. I think it would look beautiful attached to an old board, door or fence. Very decorative.

Folk art hardware drawers

Hand made from old crates, great little hardware drawers. Some have dividers, others do not. Measures 13-1/2 by 13 inches and 5-1/2 inches deep. Great look! SOLD!

Porcelain Texaco Fire Chief sign

Fantastic old porcelain sign from 1962. Dated on bottom. Made in USA. Measures 12 by 18 inches. Very good condition.

Architectural tin ceiling tiles

For all you crafters out there who make things out of this old tin, a whole box full of assorted sized sheets. Nice chippy paint!