Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hours for this weekend!

Thursday, closed for Thanksgiving! Friday we will be open from 10-5. Saturday is our Small Business Saturday Open House. Sales and refreshments. Shop small, shop local! Sunday 12-5

B&M Railroad canvas bucket

I love this bucket! Bale handle and metal stays on sides for support. Marked B&M on bottom. Stands 12 inches tall and has a diameter of 11 inches. SOLD!

Very cool old toolbox!

One of my husband's finds. Large gray wooden tool box, would make a perfect coffee table. One large sliding tray inside with the old drawer pulls for handy storage. Top could use a light sanding, but I prefer to let new owner decide if they want to change things! This measures 41 by 20-1/2 inches and stands 25 inches tall. SOLD!

Part of our 30% off sale! A snow-scraper and two project sleds

Our annual Help Me Clear Off my Porch Sale continues, (except now I am bringing stuff out of the garage that I have been saving for winter!) That was not my original intent but you benefit because everything outside is 30% off. Old snow scraper by E.S. Cole and two project sleds that are good for painting, or decorating with greens! SOLD!

Small table and two chairs for kids or dolls!

These don't match as a set, but I have had the two little chairs for a while and have been looking for a small table that would look cute with them. The table is 14 by 13-1/2 and stands 18 inches tall. Older chairs with lots of character! SOLD!

Rusty funnel cans anyone?

Three cool funnel cans for liquid pouring. The middle one is a Dover and has a side handle, and in addition to the funnel has a pouring spot on back. The tallest is 11 inches, middle is 10 inches and the smallest is 8 inches tall.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wagner Lockheed brake parts cabinet

Very cool old brake parts cabinet, all metal. I'm lucky I was able to get this back out of our garage because my husband likes it so much! Drawers could stand a good cleaning as it was used in a garage! All drawers have little compartments and or dividers. Graphics on top and sides and each drawer is numbered. This stands 46 inches tall, 22 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Asking $195.00 SOLD!

Fireplace cupboard

This was originally built into a wall next to a fireplace. It is an odd shaped piece, tapering down at the top. The base measures 17 inches deep while the top measures 11 inches deep. It is 25-1/2 inches wide and stands 36 inches tall. The sides and back are rough, not finished as it was a built in piece that was removed.

Another big sled!

This is a primitive beauty! I actually like the back a bit better than the front, it has some traces of paint, almost a turquoise color! This sled measures 62 inches long and is 19 inches wide. The handle is 22 inches across. It displays the handcrafted Santas quite nicely I think! SOLD!

Surveyor's measuring stick

Used by surveyor's to measure height. This is 78 inches tall when closed. Nice colors! SOLD!

Pewter fish and a cool metal piece!

Large pewter fish wall hanger. He measures approx. 30 inches across and is 13 inches tall. I don't know what the metal piece went to or what it's purpose was, but I thought it had a cool look! 16-1/2 inches in diameter. Fish is SOLD!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neat cubby unit

I was told this was used for pigeons. I just love it! Couldn't find any pigeons but I did have these silly winter birds! This measures approx. 55 by 57 inches and shelves are 6 inches deep. one shelf is missing. My friend Lyn said that one is for tall pigeons! SOLD!

Cool industrial light fixture

This would need to be rewired and needs a shade, but it has become so popular to use repurposed items for shade, that something could be easily adapted to this awesome fixture. Heavy iron! This measures approx. 25 inches wide and 23 inches tall. SOLD!

A pair of "shorties" skis and a pair of skates

These skis are short, but were not child's skis, they were used by adults for performing tricks or stunts on the slopes. The little skates are girl sized, great for hanging on an old sled or decorating! Skates are SOLD!:Skis are SOLD!

Two piece bookcase

These are two married shelves to make one bookcase, but it's okay because they look like they have been married for a while and are quite comfortable together! This could be taken apart for two smaller bookcases or leave as one. Measures 27 inches wide by 57-1/2 inches tall when together. Shelves are 11-1/2 inches deep.SOLD!

Red painted tool tote

Old red tool tote has divided compartments inside and an old military style belt for handle. Great color for holiday decorating! This tote is 32 inches long by 8 inches wide and stands 5 inches tall. SOLD!

Changing up the mantel!

Time to put away the autumn garlands and bring in some greenery, little white snowflake lights, stockings, and these adorable little metal birch reindeer.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gorgeous old mantel

Fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it! The guy who sold it to me said "now don't go painting it!" As if I would ever cover up this beautiful chippy patina! It is much better in person. I took photos outside after a very long day. Then moved it inside to a spot where it's not easily photographed. I would say anyone who is interested should come and see it in person. The back is full of old square nails that had attached it to the wall. This is pretty big measuring from the top mantel shelf 71-1/4 inches across. The shelf is 6 inches wide. Side pieces measure 61 inches across and it stands 54 inches tall. Opening is 47-1/2 inches across by 37-3/4 inches tall. SOLD!

Sweet little child's wheelbarrow

Missing sides, but still makes a wonderful display piece. I love the red wooden wheel on front. Wheel is wrapped in old rusty tin. This is approx. 41 inches long. SOLD!

Great Industrial style workbench

Green metal legs make this bench nice and sturdy. Wooden top and wooden shelf perfect for organizing tools etc. This bench measures 78 by 26 and is 33 inches tall. SOLD!