Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fancy fireplace!

Not something I would normally have in my store, but sometimes I buy things because I just know someone else will love it! This would make an excellent display for fall or thinking ahead to your holiday booth with stockings and pine garlands. Priced to sell at $99! I have a pumpkin hanging inside on the back wall which is not included with the fireplace.

New sign, but love the look!

Fall Harvest sign has that great country look. I don't have dimensions, but I would guess it is over 3 feet wide.

Wonderfully primitive tool caddy

I just love this piece! What a great primitive look to it. I just noticed some faint lettering when I viewed the photos. I put some horseshoeing tools and a horseshoe in this box. Not sure if it was definitely a farrier's box as there is no handle, but it is a great little divided box for just about anything. I didn't get a chance to measure this. We were working on the addition and we borrowed the store tape measure and it never got returned. Sorry!

Ladies aprons

Two pretty ladies aprons, and one tiny child's apron. Hang them from a peg rack, or wear them!

Little divided tool tote

Cute little tool tote with divided compartments. I also am bringing in a bit of fall decor, seeing as how it will be September when I reopen tomorrow. Where did our summer go?

Mason jars galore

I just purchased about 40 of these old glass canning jars. I feel like I have been washing them for days! They look so much better after a hot, soapy bath. Who doesn't? The oval galvanized tub is also available!
This batch of jars and the tub are SOLD! More jars available.

Scale cart

These industrial carts were numbered with their weight and then loaded with stock and weighed. The cart weight would be deducted and they would know how much the load of stock weighed. This particular cart weighs 137 pounds. The day we bought it, I was mentally dividing that weight in half to get to roughly 70 pounds each that my husband and I would be lifting onto the back of our truck! These make great coffee tables, or would look fantastic out on your lawn or porch loaded with mums and pumpkins!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Assorted laundry and feed bags

There are four bags in all. They are so soft, they have undoubtedly been laundered countless times. One is a feed bag with graphics, the other has initials U.N.C. and the third has a small printing on one corner. The fourth is plain, with a drawstring. So many uses!
Feed sack with blue graphics is SOLD!
U.N.C. Is sold, and smallest with drawstring is sold!
One left!

Wallpaper hanging ladder

If you set up at shows, this is perfect for you. It folds flat, and then opens out as shown. You could set so much on top of this, and it is at perfect height for displaying your treasures!

Old tin bucket

My friend found this on one of his picking trips. He loved it and so do I! Great old tin bucket with bale handle. It also has little feet on the base.

Pair of wooden wheelbarrow sides

Beautiful old wooden wheelbarrow sides have so many uses. You can repair a wheelbarrow and use them as actually intended. I have so many clever customers who repurpose these and paint on them, or make shutters out of them, you just never know what someone will come up with. Nice old blue paint.

Spool with yarn

Old wooden spool full of off white yarn. These spools are great on their own, but when you find them full, they are even better!

Red stool

Small wooden stool with some red paint highlights. Handy carrying handle opening in seat.

Hand made horseshoe wood poker

Perfect for your open campfire or a horse lover's fireplace. This would look great hanging next to a big stone fireplace! Use to turn your logs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tons of fun new stuff this week!

I have spent two days on the road this week hunting for treasures! Also, spent some time working on the store addition. It is coming along, and we have moved to the inside. Just finished insulating, and need to get to work on the knotty pine cathedral ceiling we will be installing soon. Come and visit, and see our progress, plus the many, many items I have found for the shop. For now, the sun is shining, so I am going to go and enjoy it!

Squirrel cage!

Yes, you too can keep a pet squirrel with this big wooden cage. Comes with an exercise wheel to keep the squirrel fit and trim. food dish made of wire in top compartment. Squirrel shown with cage is not for sale, he lives in my antique squirrel cage that I keep in the house!

Red Cross explosives box

Fantastic finger joined box held explosives. Nice Red Cross graphics. Box measures 18 by 15 by 10-1/2 inches.

Aluminum tote

Love the industrial stuff! Handy tote with handles on each end. Measures 20 inches long by 9 inches wide and 8 inches tall. What would you use this for? My clever customers probably have a hundred ways to use it!

Red Dover watering can

Strictly decorative because it has some holes in the bottom, and is missing it's nozzle, but still a pretty piece for the garden!

Blueing crystals bottle

I am just drawn to laundry items. The old soap boxes, and washsticks, they all look great displayed in a country laundry room. This old bottle is almost empty, just a tiny bit of blue crystals remain. It has a great look and would make a nice addition to your laundry room!

Parking sign

Two sided wooden PARKING sign. Measures 30 inches long by 7 inches high.

Barn door pulley

Wonderful old red paint on one side of this barn door pulley.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sneak peek of some of the items that will be in our addition!

Raccoon cap complete with face

This is really a fantastic conversation piece. I bought it last Saturday and people either love it or hate it. Raccoon cap with tail, and head.

Wooden bucket in red paint

Nice old wooden bucket with red paint and the inside has wonderful distressed paint. Great look!

Great little tote box

Someone took an old handle and added it to this finger jointed box, making it a great little tote. Meausures 14-1/2 by 8 by 6 inches high.


This is a larger tricycle than most. I think it has been repainted. Love the large front fender! Nice and sturdy.

Stocking stretcher

This is quite long, measures 35 inches from heel to top of stocking, and then the toe hangs down a bit further. It has a great look to it!

Wicker baby scale

I am thinking someone put these together. Usually these wicker baby scales have a scale face with a baby, or baby themed graphics. But, it is still cool and the basket would make for a great display of just about anything you like. I have seen these in a country bathroom holding rolled up towels and bath soaps. Just one idea!

Assortment of scoops

Three different scoops. Three different sizes and three different finishes! SOLD!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beautiful cupboard with wainscoting.

What a gorgeous cupboard. Love the wainscoting finish on front, back, and sides, several shelves for great display area. This measures 6 feet tall and is 39 inches wide, but only 13-1/2 inches deep so it won't take up much room.