Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another gorgeous sleigh!

Some of you may have seen this, but not everyone follows me on facebook, so here it is again! Lovely old sleigh has been stored in a barn all it's life, so no rot whatsoever. In fantastic condition. This was made in New York and was signed by the sleigh maker. I have added a photo of the signature to this post. This is just a beauty with old red and black paint. No seat, but comes with original hames used for horse and an old halter, and has whip holder and whip. The sleigh is 100 inches long and approx. 45 inches high at highest part and approx. 44 inches wide from side rail to side rail. SOLD, but we will be storing it for a while and can continue using as a display!

Soft sided suitcase with travel decals

I am drawn to these old suitcases just for the history of where they have traveled! This one has many decals on both sides and front. Inside was a dated stub from 1973, which to some of us may not seem so long ago, but in reality was 41 years ago! This measures 15 by 16 and is 8 inches tall. SOLD!

Painters brush box

Very cool! This tin painter's brush box could be filled with paint thinner to clean the brushes, and then carried right to the site. Two tin trays slide up and out to display the brushes for use. Then folds back in for portability. Comes with two Purdy brushes and a few vintage pure bristle brushes as well. Measures 11 by 9 by 14 inches tall. SOLD!


Smaller one has been in the store, but wanted to show the size difference in the newly acquired green family scale. This green scale stands 10 inches tall. Made for Montgomery Ward stores. Great look! Large scale is sold!

Just the tray from a chick incubator!

Great for displaying! I had to put some of my wooly chicks in! This tray measures 27 by 27 inches and is 4 inches tall. SOLD!

Interesting wall hanging grater

I thought this was quite unique. The grater can hang from the wall and then be taken down when needed. There is a cover to go over the grater and a small drawer below that slides out to remove your grated items. Dovetailed corners. This measures 12-1/2 inches tall and is 7-1/2 inches across and 3-1/4 inches front to back.

Wooden gutter with brackets

This gutter is made of cedar. I don't think it's too, too old, but I know many people are repurposing these, so it would work for that! This measures ten feet long and has three hanging brackets. My friends have old wooden gutter sections over their windows and use them as shelves for smalls. So cool! SOLD!

Monday, April 21, 2014

40 pounds of Jelly beans? yes, please!

I bought this on Easter morning appropriately enough! Love these old candy buckets. This has it's bale handle, but missing the cardboard insert inside the lid. Great display for on top of a cupboard. Stands 13 inches tall and the lid has a diameter of 13 inches as well. SOLD!

1800's belt driven lathe

Such a cool primitive look! I fell in love with this piece as soon as I saw it. Large metal wheel (24 inch diameter) turns the belt which turns the lathe. We have a wooden dowel in place to show how it worked. This was powered by a treadle device which is no longer operational. However the wheel still turns and moves the belt. The stand is 40 inches wide and stands 40 inches tall. SOLD!

Mid century modern Thomasville

This one has left us a bit puzzled. It looks like a metal industrial cabinet, but it's wooden and we believe it was a bureau and perhaps someone painted it the industrial gray. There are traces of yellow beneath the gray paint. We looked online at all the Thomasville pieces from that era and couldn't find anything that looked like this. We are calling it an industrial piece! Call it what you will! This measures approx. 22 by 38 and stands 47 inches tall. SOLD!

Cool cheese box from Vermont

Metal bands keep this cheese box nice and secure. Top label and front graphics on cheese box itself. This 7-1/2 inches tall and has a diameter of 16 inches. SOLD!

Weathervane topper with sailboat

One of my favorite finds this weekend! Metal weathervane topper with sailboat. This sits on a weathered post with a great band with verdigris patina. This piece could hang flat on a wall or easily attach to a block of wood to display. It stands 29 inches tall and is 20 inches across. SOLD!

Painted dry sink

This is a newer dry sink that has been painted in a colonial mustard. This has two shelves inside doors and one large drawer. I thought with some padding, it would make a great baby changing table! This measures 40 by 19 and stands 37-1/2 inches tall at highest point. SOLD!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rustic workbench

This obviously had drawers at one time, but boards could be added for some shelving instead. One side of top has metal plate covering. Back rack has holes for tools. Still a cool look, but could be added to if desired. This measures 25 by 65 inches and stands 37 inches tall.

Buggy seat bench

How cool is this? My favorite thing ever! Top is an old buggy seat added to the bench for a fantastic display. This bench would be awesome with jugs or buckets on it. This measures 38 inches by 15 inches and stands 37 inches tall. SOLD!

Hand carved wall hanging from tree trunk

This guy just had to come home with me to the Cabin! He fits right in! Back is rough bark and front is very detailed and hand carved with some staining to accent. This measures 13 inches across and 31 inches tall.SOLD!

An assortment of screens

Five assorted colors, whites and grays and green. Average size is approx. 12-1/2 by 33-1/2 inches.

Vintage wicker chair

Nice and sturdy, with comfy cushions. Also available, is the little wicker footstool. Pretty on a porch!SOLD!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Old and rustic dry sink

This is so cool and I just love the look of it! This has been repaired over the years. Original construction was one wide pine board on ends, front sides, and front door. Due to aging some of the boards have cracked and this has been repaired. Old square nails but also some regular old rusty nails where repairs needed. The back was tongue and groove with square nails, but coming apart as the wood shrank, and nailed back together for a tight fit. Top has a hole for draining, and shelf below had a hole too, but a small board was tacked on to cover the hole, thought it does pivot so the hole can be used! Fantastic look, and very rustic. This measures 39-1/2 by 19 inches at widest point, which is the top sink area, and stands 36 inches tall. SOLD!

Champion Asparagus Buncher

Made by the Champion Co. these were used to bundle asparagus. Great primitive look with old green paint! SOLD!