Tuesday, February 24, 2015

very cool set up with a Spartus 35 mm camera complete with Mayfair flexible lighting. Lights still work! What a great addition for a camera collector! SOLD!

Jelly cupboard

I can't remember how long it's been since I have been able to offer a cupboard! They are getting harder to find it seems! This one had been painted blue recently, but underneath it is a lovely soft gray. A little bit of sanding would take it all the way down to it's original color. This cupboard measures 34 by 15 and stands 73-1/2 inches tall.Sold!

A whole assortment of printing drawers

A couple different styles of printers trays. The largest measures 21-1/2 by 16-1/2 and the gray tray with no dividers measures 17-1/2 by 11 and the two square trays measures 12-1/2 by 12-1/2. All sold!

Long enamel top table

Longer than most average enamel top tables, this one is 48 inches across and 27 inches deep. Stands 31 inches tall. Red paint on front and drawer gives it a nice country look! SOLD!

Beautiful hand painted bureau with glove boxes

This bureau is just beautiful! Four lower drawers and two glove boxes on top. This probably had a mirror at one time, but no longer does. Just lovely with handpainted flowers. The drawers have dovetailed joins, and this bureau measures 38 by 17 and stands 35 inches tall to top of dresser and then another 5-1/2 inches height for glove boxes. Sold!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1937 Oldsmobile 6 and 8 dealer's booklet

Love the graphics on the front cover, and illustrations throughout the book. In excellent condition. Every page has colorful illustrations and complete car specs! This would make an awesome gift for the antique auto lover in your life! Copyright 1937. This is an item I would ship if requested.

Flower frog assortment

Some unique frogs here! Standing frog has two racks that can be adjusted for stems. Stands 6-1/2 inches tall. Leaf shaped frog by Dazey is 6 by 4-1/2 inches. The round green wire frog has a diameter of 3-1/2 inches and the round silver frog has a diameter of 3 inches. All SOLD!

Hood cream can

Smaller sized cream can stands 14 inches tall. Nice and solid! Marked Hood Registered 10 50. SOLD!

Adorable wicker doll carriage

This is so cute! Much smaller than you would imagine. The carriage body is only 17-1/2 inches tall and 10 inches wide. In very good condition and has a label on front that reads Nordstrom's Fitchburg Mass. USA. Perfect display for a favorite doll or teddy bear! Sold!

Galvanized bucket B & M Railroad

Great old galvanized bucket from Boston and Maine Railroad. Solid bucket with no holes in bottom. Sold!

Oxford shoe form made of lead

I honestly don't know if this interesting shoe had a purpose or if it was merely decorative. I only know I love it! Made of lead, the shoe is somewhat pliable with softer laces also made of lead. There is no bottom, and no markings other than the number 8 and the letters LB R. The shoe weighs three pounds and is ten inches long and approx. 3-1/2 inches wide. SOLD!

One drawer washstand

Rustic little washstand with one drawer. Washstand measures 15-1/4 by 20 inches and stands 28-1/2 inches tall. Wash bowl and pitcher are newer but also for sale! Pitcher and bowl are sold!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Neat old leather covered trunk

Trunk has wooden base and is covered with leather. One handle is intact, the other is missing. Still has latch plate and latch. Lined with striped paper lining. The trunk measures 24 by 13-1/2 and is 12 inches tall. SOLD!

1960's cigarette vending machine

When we bought this it had a broken mirror and wasn't working, but we replaced the mirror and while it isn't original at least it's intact. Got the mechanism working too. This has a key to unlock the front for loading cigarettes. Great vintage piece! Measures 16-1/2 by 9 and stands 29 inches tall. SOLD!

Wall hanging cupboard

This is painted black but has traces of green beneath the black. Has holes in back for hanging. Looks like it was a corner cupboard as the top trim is flat on one side where it was against a corner. Front door has frosted glass. This cupboard measures 21-1/2 by 8 inches deep and stands 30 inches tall. SOLD!

Wheelbarrow wheel

Nice and sturdy, no rot! This has been repainted a silvery blue and has a great look. Wheel diameter is 22 inches. SOLD!

Metal wall cabinet

Great in a garage or craft room to hold supplies. This metal wall cabinet is a soft yellow with many shelves. This measures 24 by 5 and stands 35 inches tall. SOLD!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabinet makes a perfect potting shed!

This has such a cute look. Two doors open to reveal shelves on one side and plenty of room on the other for rakes, shovels or other larger items though the rakes in photo are child sized! This cabinet measures 30 inches across and 15 inches deep. At peak of roof it stands 6 feet tall. sOLD!