Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wall hanging chick feeder

Can't resist buying anything chicken related! Cool old wall hanging chick feeder. I bought the chicks for Easter but just had to put them together.

Primitive Bee Trap

A little rough perhaps, but what a neat piece. Not all the screen is still intact, but it looks good from the front! I put a little silk bee on top just for a display.

Sam of Gollywobbles made these neat Valentine's dolls

Sam comes up with some incredibly cool ideas! Very primitive Valentine's dolls. So reasonably priced too, for all the materials and handiwork involved!

Copper Funnel

It took a little polishing to get off year's of oily grime, but it was worth it! Marked on neck, Boston Ma. Patent date 1893.

Cream can

Great aluminum cream can with lid. Stands approx. 18 inches tall.

Some of Darlene's wonderful artwork!

One of Darlene's (Homely Cottage) beautiful hand painted pieces. I love the sheep, of course!

From a rusty bedspring to this beautiful Valentine heart

Some people ask why I sell rusty bedsprings, and this beautiful heart attached to one, shows why I do. Paula just consigned some wonderful items that are made from old, rusty finds. Very creative

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hand forged hanging hook

Unusual hanging hook has twisted top for loop to hang. Someone put a lot of work into this piece. Approx. 16 inches long.

Button, button who's got the button?

We do!

Quilting rack

Adjustable quilting rack perfect for all you quilters out there!

Red highchair

Cute little high chair painted in country red.

Cobblers shoe forms

Tiny little wooden shoe form for a child's shoe, and a cast iron cobbler's shoe form. I think the metal one would make a great doorstop. Nice and heavy!
Metal shoe form is sold!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 inches of snow!

Okay, I don't like shovelling it, but it is pretty. Here's the old bike outside covered with snow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow shovel

Cool old snow shovel surrounded by snowflakes. These are the only kind of snowflakes I want to see for the rest of the winter. I also do not want to do any more snow shovelling!

Glass insulators

Someone once told me about putting some of these glass insulators over little mini lights, and I have been waiting to try it. I saw these pretty glass insulators at the auction Tuesday night, and here they are! I put them over my little star lights.

Stoneware jug

Deb, I thought of you when I bought this! This jug still has it's cork intact. I have a few different jugs in the store.

Broadhead axe

Cool old axe has a maker's mark on blade, looks like an X, but could be a t. The handle has a great patina, and I can just imagine someone using this neat old tool.

Mini teapot

Pretty little mini teapot perfect for one or two cups of tea. Has a raised design, very distinctive!

Heart wreath

This is the only one of these pretty heart shaped wreaths I have. Pastel colored berries, in pinks, purples, and yellows on a twig wreath.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My favorite find of the day!

Yesterday was the Dover antique market which is held on the first Wednesday of the month. What better way to spend a cold winter morning than browsing through all the dealer's booths? This is a cool, cool, cool leather bag full of old cobbler's tools. I just love the look of the whole thing together and the little tools are just so neat. Imagine the history of some cobbler using these to repair shoes? Also inside the bag are little leather soles, and various other pieces.

Mini heart light covers

These are one of Vickie Jean's creations. They make the neatest silicone bulb products. These little hearts slip on right over a mini light bulb. I have a strand of them wrapped around a red berry garland. Also on the mantel, I have some pretty ruby red teacups that came with no saucers. I put a little tealight inside and they really look pretty with the candle burning inside!

Never too early for Valentine's day!

Quilted hearts, and Valentine love letters, plus Country Keepsakes "Cupid" candles. These candles smell so sweet, I just love them! The Cupid candles are 10% off through February.

Tiny birdhouses

Okay, I know I am rushing it, but here is my little tribute to spring! I found these little birdhouses, so decided to add the birds and nest to the display.

Rug hooking stand and rag rug

Wooden rug hooking stand with graphics for Columbia yarn stencilled on sides. I hung this rag rug on it so it could be seen better.
Rug Hooking stand is SOLD!


On Sunday, I moved some of the furniture around. The workbench is now in the middle of the floor. I just love this piece. I sold it once, and was very sad to see it go. The guy who bought it decided to sell it a year or so later, and he called me first. I went right down to Haverhill and got it back!
Guess it looked too good there, because it is SOLD!