Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My favorite item from the auction!

Adorable little sleigh top is missing it's runners. I think it looks great as a table top display. You could do so much with this! Measures 27 by 13-1/2 and is 24 inches to top of handle. SOLD!

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!

I didn't realize until I came in that one of the signs can't be read. The tin sign reads No Parking Over Curb (In case you were tempted!) That one measures 18 by 12 inches. The wooden sign that reads Parking for Handicap measures 24 by 12.

Drop front wooden toolbox

Love these old toolboxes! Has brass detailing on corners. Drop down front and pull out till. Measures 32 by 16 inches and 8-1/2 inches wide front to back. SOLD!

Various galvanized containers

Two large sap buckets come with vintage sap tap tied on with homespun and a small galvanized tub with handle. All are perfect for displaying a small tree. Great country look for your porch! Sap buckets are SOLD!

Wooden cross country skis from Norway

Beautiful wooden skis with lovely variated shades. Made in Norway by Splitkein Skis, these are Splitkein Spesials! Come with bamboo poles. I have two pairs, the other is a bit different but just as pretty. Perfect ski lodge decor!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A couple of chunky cutting boards, mashers in various sizes, butter paddle, spatula, etc. All mashers, butter paddle, small breadboard, and spatula are SOLD!

Pine dropleaf table

Pretty pine dropleaf table. It measures 4 feet in diameter when open. With leaves folded down, it would measure approx. 24 inches front to back. It stands 29-1/2 inches tall.

Old scale in blue

I figured I needed another scale in the store because I am down to about 20 or so! I just can't help buying them. I have a scale sickness! These make great display pieces, and just on their own, they are pretty cool. SOLD!

Boat hook

Growing up I would spend every summer weekend on my family's boat. It eventually became my job to hook the mooring buoy as my father guided the boat towards it. I always tried to hook it on the first try, so he wouldn't have to swing around! This has great red color for a wonderful visual display. SOLD!

Double sided tin real estate sign from Laconia

Do you have a neighbor you don't like? you can play a prank on them and put this on their front lawn! Just kidding. Great old tin sign from Laconai, measures 30 by 24 inches and double sided. SOLD!

Rusty, crusty, flaky iron bed!

I thought I was going to have to wait until spring to put this out for sale. We brought it out last weekend to hang Emily's fresh green wreaths from. I love it as a winter display! This would look so pretty with lights strung along the headboard too! I forgot to measure it but believe it is a double size.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Adorable little sled and one of Pat O'Der's Santas

Nice red paint traces along the runners. Top has one portion missing, but this is so darn cute anyway! It goes perfectly with Pat's handcrafted Santa! This Santa is SOLD! They are going fast! Sled is SOLD too!

Aluminum letters for your fleet!

Made of aluminum in bright blue, the letter F is approx. 24 inches tall. I don't know what they were on or where they originally came from, but I love letters and had to get them! SOLD!

Cyclostyle Gestetner printing box (duplicator)

They called this a writing desk at the auction, but I thought it might have something to do with printing. After a lot of research, I found one online! This was called a duplicator, and used a method similar to mimeograph. There is a pencil like stylus called a Cyclostyle and it would perforate tiny holes into the paper when placed atop the metal grooved plate. Then you would use the roller to ink the page and make a duplicate copy. Also comes with two tiny bottles, one is Lubricating oil and the other is obliterating fluid. Very unusual find! SOLD!

Items for painting or craft projects!

I have several old pelt boards and an old ironing board. I know lots of people like to paint on both of these items. Ironing board is SOLD!

Partial section of old sled runners

Nice red paint on this partial sled piece. I thought it would make a cute Christmas tree stand. Also available is the slim pine tree. Stands about five feet tall. Ready to decorate, and won't take up much room! SLED is SOLD!

Chalkboard on stand

Made by J.L. Hammett Co. Boston, MA, cute little chalkboard on stand has a board on both sides. This one has been paint splattered over the years with a rainbow of colors! SOLD!

Child's wooden rocker

I can never resist these! Cute for teddy bears, dolls or even Santas!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One of a kind handcrafted plane swing!

This was handmade and is so cool! Made of wood and has a real fan for propeller, and a hose nozzle on front. Little buggy wheels in front. Very clever. This was suspended and has a little wooden seat for the children to sit on. Rope for hanging. This is big! The length is 4 feet and 6 inches and the wing span is 42 inches! SOLD!

Open for Lunch sign

How cute would this be in a kitchen? Pink sign with blue lettering measures 24 by 24. Made of wood. SOLD!

Rusty baby scale

Chatilion scale for babies. I don't have any rusty babies so I displayed pumpkins in mine!

Traffic light

I had one of these when I first opened the "man room" but it sold in the first few days. I liked having it in that room for a great visual. Finally found another one! Simply plug into wall outlet and you are ready to go! SOLD!

Wonderful stoveboard

These are perfect to cover up the stovetop. Especially at holiday time, when you can display your baked goodies or other seasonal decor! Measures 25 by 20-1/4 inches. SOLD!

Pat O'Der's beautiful handcrafted Santas

Gorgeous one of a kind hand crafted Santas by Pat O'Der. Pat uses vintage fabrics, and real wool for beards. No two are alike. These make great gifts, or get one for yourself. Pat has a wonderful following and some of her fans collect new Santas every year. I bought about 11 of these two weeks ago and was down to just two yesterday. I called Pat and she graciously came back down with a new selection. I just love them! Each one is so unique!

The hanging Santas were a big hit!

Everyone has a spot on a cupboard or a door for one of these cuties! These sold out fast the last time we had them. Get em while they last!