Monday, January 31, 2011

Glass chicken waterer

I am trying to avoid thinking about the impending snowstorm, and pretend that it is almost spring! Great vintage chicken waterer made of glass with a plastic base. This came from a barn in Derry, brand new and still in a box when I bought it. New old stock! These little wooden chicks were so popular last spring, that I ordered more.
I will be adding more posts later on in the week as I have a bunch of fun, new items. Just wanted to give you all a quick taste of spring!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My favorite new place to hunt for treasures!

On New Year's Day, my husband and I had the day off, so we were just driving around exploring. We happened to see a sign that said Barn Sale. I asked my husband to turn around. We found this wonderful place chock full of great treasures. As soon as I got out of my car, I knew it was my kind of place. Very reasonably priced, and a huge selection of items to sort through. Very well organized, and just packed full, you almost don't know where to look first.

Seconds To Go

My favorite part of the barn, there are lots of hidden treasures under this overhang. I can't wait for the snow to melt, so I can get in there and dig through it all!

Wonderful wall of art!

Love this wall of old mason jars and bottles that are wired to the barn! Very cool display!

Exterior of Seconds to Go

Great fun to explore! Dress warmly, and plan for at least an hour or two. I have been here four times and keep finding things I missed on previous trips.
Located in Chichester, NH, less than five miles from the Epsom Traffic Circle. Head north on Route 28-Suncook Valley Highway. I always watch for the big Dunkin Donuts on the left and I know my turn is coming up. Take a left onto Kaime Road, where John has a sign out advertising his barn sale. Follow road for a short distance until you come to #53 on the right, and there will be a second sign. Barn is located out back.
HOURS: Saturdays and Sundays from 9-4. Check it out!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gorgeous Mantel!

I have been missing the old mantel that sold recently. So I have been on the lookout for a replacement. I saw this and just had to have it. I love the fact that it has two shelf areas for display as well as an opening for artwork or a mirror. I am not sure if this is for sale, I might keep it for my store. (how often have I said that?)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gargoyle door stop

He's got the cutest little ugly face! Kind of reminds me of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Appears to be made of concrete and is quite heavy. All black. He's probably a bit less than 12 inches high.


Ladder with handy hooks

Clever re-use of this short ladder. Has five old wire hooks attached for displaying whatever you choose to hang on it. It's just a bit over 4 feet long. Love the repurposing aspect of this!


Calling all my crafty painters!

I couldn't resist the great color and crackled effect on this old door panel. I just knew one of my clever crafters could make a cool sign or something out of this. I forgot to measure it, but I would guess it's about 3 feet long and maybe 12 inches wide.
SOLD! Can't wait to see what Deb creates!

Primitive washing machine

I complain about doing laundry, but seeing this makes me realize I have it easy! Unique primitive washing machine has a ridged surface similar to a washboard and there is a handle which swings the whole basket back and forth, like an early agitating machine! Back side has a drain where the water could run out. Nice graphics on front reads Whirl. SOLD!

After you do your wash, you can dry your clothes!

I thought this was so cool, shaped like a star. Lots of bars for drying, and it looks pretty while being functional! SOLD!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One piece of tin ware!

I was drawn to the cool graphics on this two sided tin game board. One side has Chinese checkers and the other a traditional checker board. It was hanging on a wall, and it looked pretty neat displayed that way! Then you could take it down and actually use it if you wanted to.


And a whole lot of wood!

Seems like I was surrounded by a whole lot of wood yesterday! This is a gorgeous tool box that has a clever peg to hold the saw in place. If you don't like the saw, give it to your husband, your dad, your son, your brother, and keep the box for yourself. It would make an excellent trunk for display or storage. Measures 11 inches wide, by 11 inches tall, and 33-1/2 inches long. SOLD!

Wooden tray

Large wooden tray with handles on each end. Could have been used for berries. Measures 14 inches wide by 26 inches long. Marked Wood by Dunning Corporation, Darien, CT. SOLD!

Primitive Tobacco cutter

Wonderful primitive look to this old tobacco cutter. The block of wood has a hollowed out section which the blade has scraped out over the years. Wooden handle on blade, and the cutter is hand forged. Fantastic patina!

Box of Auger bits

Handy carrying box full of auger bits. Front has hinged lid that folds down to allow access to the bits. Very nicely contained for carrying to your work site. Top has a portion of paper label intact stating Solid Center Auger Bits.


Tiny little wooden boxes!

I love these! They are only 7/8 of an inch tall. The smaller one is 2-3/4 inches long, and the larger two are 3-1/4 inches long. Beautiful dovetailed joints, and the top slides open and shut. They must have been used to store some very small parts or pieces. Great detailing on such a small box. ALL ARE SOLD!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Porch Sale continues! Yes, still going on!

Anything outside or on the porch is now 25% off! Great deals to be had! Running through this weekend too......January 20 through January 23. Still too much stuff to clear snow from!

A touch of spring!

With this impending blizzard they are all talking about, I just couldn't resist bringing in a touch of spring. One of my favorite finds this week! Aluminum chick feeder has a wire back and bottom. I wish I had some cracked corn to put in it........if only I had known when I was at Agway buying goat food yesterday! I am not selling the little vintage lawn ornament duckling just yet. She is going to be a display piece for a little while.

Wooden dairy crate

I really like the finish on the outside of this old dairy crate, nice whitewashed look to it. Latch on front and hinges on back.


Wonderful old tool box

Versatile tool box could be used for a display or use it as it was intended.....for tools! Lift out tray for the things you use the most and then a roomy compartment below. Nice old hardware on it too!

Licorice box

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love candy! This was a hard one for me to give up. I had it in the house for a week deciding if I was going to keep it. I just don't have much room left for displaying anything, so here it is. Now if only it was full of licorice....... SOLD!

Interesting wheel

I love these old wheels. Not quite sure what this was originally used for. We mounted it on an old piece of wood to have a "make-do" piece of architectural art.

Tinware from last week's auction

I think the little tin cup with handle is one of my favorite things purchased last week! I have had lots of the cream cans but have never had this style cup. It measures 6-1/2 inches tall. Great primitive look.
Cup is SOLD!

Wooden storage box

Handy storage box has a leather hinged lid. Measures 30" long by 14" wide and 14" tall. This would make a nice little coffee table with lots of room to store things inside. SOLD!

Apple picker

Old apple picker comes with an apple ready to display. It's so long that I had to hang it from one of the beams. It measures approx. 9 feet long. SOLD!

1880's Waterville, Maine store ledger

Love the history in these old store ledgers and the prices are pretty cool to read too! Beautiful handwritten entries on every page. Someone compiled a list of names of people in the book, and it says that it came from a store in Waterville, Maine, dated early 1880's. Nice old time memories! SOLD!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Useful workbench

Great workbench with green paint on front. Top is wonderfully worn from years of work being done upon it. Cleaned it up a bit to bring out it's natural patina. Also has a handy vise attached for clamping things when needed. Bench measures 40 inches wide, but the top has a bit of an overhang, making the total width approx. 47-1/2 inches. It is 32 inches tall and 23 inches from front to back. They make an excellent display for old tools. SOLD!

Useful workbench

Shelf underneath to store larger items, plus a large drawer for more storage.

Cultivator wheel

I can't get enough of these neat old wheels. This one came off a cultivator, but looks great hanging from the beam in the store. Great architectural and visual appeal! Love the star pattern in the center.

Bee Smoker

Cool bee smoker in green paint. I attached two silk bees to it, but they will come off easily enough if you don't want to display it with bees.

Small wringer

Very compact wringer only 9-1/2 inches wide was last being used to wring out chamois cloths in a garage. Perfect use for anyone who uses chamois to dry their car! SOLD!

Wonderful wooden ladder

Very nice old wooden ladder in green paint. Has metal brackets at the top of the ladder. Great old paint gives this a nice aged look. Only 6-1/2 feet tall making this a little easier to fit in your house or store.

Adjusting hammer

I loved the look of this great old tool. I was told it was used in the mills to make very minute adjustments to the machinery. It's quite heavy and the top is made of leather. Very interesting item!