Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fantastic primitive chicken feeder

I bought this last year at Brimfield, but have been saving it for spring! Wooden feeder has several metal dividers. Chickens can eat from both sides. Measures 28-1/2 inches long by 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

Goose decoys

Marvelous goose decoys by the Johnson Co. Seattle, Washington. These are some of my Oregon finds. I had to borrow a carry on bag from my sister to get these on the plane! But it was so worth it. I love them! They fold flat but had metal stakes to push into the ground near shallow water to attract the geese. Waterproof. Head swivels, and these can be hung on a wall as they have openings with rivets. Great camp display! Body of the goose measures 21 inches long and the neck extends 9 inches. Two different styles. One has the head up and the other has neck out. FIve available! ALL SOLD!

Wonderful wooden egg box

Small egg box with great graphics! Top lifts off and has metal strap to keep lid in place. Cardboard egg dividers inside. Measures 9 by 6 by 3 inches tall. So cute!

Wooden sign

Large wooden sign was used in an antique store. Rustic weathered wood, measures 18 inches high by 6 feet long! The letters are made of some type of fiberboard and tacked to the boards.

Log cabin flour bags!

I saw these in Oregon, and just had to have them. The bags measure 11 by 6 inches. They also look great with some stuffing inside so they look like they are full of flour. After filling, you just fold the top down to close. Neat display with kitchen items.

Wooden tool box

These are always popular! Box measures 33-1/2 inches by 9 by 5 inches tall. Grayish blue slate paint.

It's perfect for my spring display!

This box holds all my new spring items! Some nests, and eggs, Spring grass, flowering crocus bulbs, and more......

a rustic concrete chicken

I love this little lawn relic! Made of concrete, she is missing a bit of her head, but so cute! SOLD!

and some darling spring rabbits

These little bunnies are ready for spring. They have a hard body with chenille covering and are adorned with some flowers, a ribbon and cute whiskers! Stand approx. 5-1/2 inches tall.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green shutters with shamrock cutouts

Pair of wooden shutters in old green paint have shamrock cutouts. The cutout does go all the way through, but these are pictured with one stacked against the other, so it looks like it isn't completely cut out. They measure 53-1/2 inches tall and are 15-1/2 inches wide.

Cool green scale

As most of you probably know, I love scales. I collect them myself, and buy and sell them. I have never seen one like this, and I just had to have it. It is a Detecto Junior and it is for weighing people! It says Watching your weight! patent date 1917. What a great look!

Chicken crate

Okay the chicken crate isn't green, but the vintage glass chicken waterer is, and the rooster has green highlights!

Crate is SOLD! Chicken waterer is SOLD!

.......and an adorable St. Patty's day bear

He's wearing his Irish knit sweater, a little cap, and has shamrocks on his paws. Perfect for your favorite teddy bear lover!

Covo tin


Maria's shamrocks

More fun handsewn items from Maria. You get a pair of shamrocks embroidered with different sayings, such as Irish, Kiss Me, and Luck. So cute!

Ferguson folding table

This has been packed away in storage, but I just brought it out because it's GREEN! Measures 28 by 18 inches and stands 24-1/2 inches tall. Legs fold up for flat storage. Made by the Ferguson furniture company. Stencil design on top. Also, shown with it, a Haeger donkey planter.
Table is SOLD!

Some green bedsprings!

I have some green bedsprings, and some rusty bedsprings, and also some really cool old chair springs which are almost double springs! All my crafters love these!

Metal shamrock wall pocket

Just in time for St. Patty's day decorating! This metal shamrock has a pocket that can be filled!

Some green covered books-The Bobbsey Twins!

Lovely old hard cover Bobbsey Twins books

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Log Bed

Full size log bed comes with all rails, and the supports for the mattress. The supports are not just slats, but small rounded logs. I wish I had the room to set this up so people could see how it looks, but space just doesn't allow! Headboard measures 58 inches wide and 47 inches tall. I have always wanted one of these for the house. If I had a spare room, I would be keeping this!

Wonderful stove/bread board

Everyone wants one of these for their primitive kitchen! Why buy a repro when you can get the real thing? Measures 30 inches wide and 21 inches deep. $65.00

Wooden paint spattered ladder

Looks like this ladder is trying to camouflage itself against the painty door! Don't look at me, don't look at me! Great for displaying linens, towels, or quilts. Stands 55 inches tall.

Interesting and unusual wooden wheel

Even the auctioneer didn't know what to call it! I think it has to have been some kind of belt driven pulley wheel. There seems to be a space for a belt to have fit into and a hole for a rod to insert into. In any case, it's very cool, and has some age as the top has square nails. Great primitive look!

Galvanized bucket and tub

These old galvanized items are always good sellers for me, but when they have a stripe or are painted like these, they rarely last! The tub has a hole in the bottom so it is no longer watertight, but they make great planters or anything looks good displayed in them. If I fill one with Mason jars, they sell out. The pail has a nice bale handle with wooden handle.
Bucket is SOLD!

Rustic Country Handcrafts!

Deb just made a delivery with some of her beautiful handcrafted items. She is so clever in repurposing items to use in her crafting. The little hanging pocket at the bottom was once the leg of a pair of wool pants! Also, an old rusty skeleton key is attached to the wool heart applique. Shown at top is her lovely wool sheep with real wool curls for hair! She used a twig for hanger. Nothing goes to waste!
Hanging pocket with heart and key is SOLD!