Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My favorite item in the auction!

I just love these old well loved, soft and faded quilts. This one is entirely hand pieced and stitched. Basket design and made for a four poster bed so the quilt can fit around the posts. left side is slightly frayed, but this is just beautiful for folding in a cupboard. The quilt measures 76 inches across and down the sides is 70 inches with another 13 inches in the footboard panel. SOLD!

Fantastic old wooden wheels and axle with springs.

If you have been in my store and seen the old display wagon that my husband for me built using barnboards and big wooden wheels, then you can see how this smaller set could be repurposed. These were part of an early stroller, made around the early 1900's. Wooden wheels in fabulous condition with steel band around the outer edge. The axle is ready to bolt onto your project. Spring can be used or removed. A great starting point for a fun build! The axle is 20 inches across and the wheel is 14 inches in diameter. SOLD!

Wonderful grain bin

This grain bin is on consignment. Selling for my friends. This has original red paint, square nails and consists of wide plank construction. Great for organizing/storage. This would make the perfect hideaway for dog food, recycling, boots, hats, mittens, what ever you want to stow away. Three compartments inside. This beauty measures five feet across, 17 inches front to back and stands 17 inches tall. My friends are very willing to negotiate the price on this! Let's make a deal. SOLD!

A collection of wooden shutters

I think with all the snow and ice, I just had to find something that reminded me of springtime. Three pairs and one single. These are longer on the left side and shorter on the right. The single one is a bit more chippy, rustic. They range in height from 56-52 inches and the single shutter is 48 inches. SOLD!

NO trucks sign

Metal sign showing NO trucks. I don't know why exactly, but I was really drawn to this one! Measures 24 by 24 inches.SOLD!

Rolling Rock Beer advertising chalkboard

k Perfect for your man room! You can mark down your beer and snacks grocery list, keep track of betting, whatever you want! This chalkboard measures 24 by 18 inches. SOLD!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goat collar

Old leather collar and bell would fit a goat or calf. SOLD!

Animal leading pole

Made by Sargent, an animal lead pole. This one stands 53 inches tall and would be hooked to a cow or bull to get them where you needed them to be!

Flax hatchel

These barbaric looking tools were used to clean burs and twigs from flax. This one has a great primitive look! 25 by 7 inches. SOLD!

Furniture dolly

These are very handy if you are constantly moving furniture. I keep a few in my garage usually with a cupboard or something on top. Then you have the ability to move it around to make room for something else. I have also used them to move a piece of furniture all the way from the garage to the door of the shop. This one is 31-1/4 inches by 24 inches. Nice and sturdy. SOLD!

Rustic box or drawer

This is cool! When I first saw it, I thought that was a square nail sticking out of the front, but it's an old piece of leather. This measures 17-1/2 by 13 and stands 4-1/2 inches tall

Some rusty tinware

One tin bucket, one small measure and a wonderful small sifter. Also an old laundry agitator!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Architectural Columns

Love these! I took them out of my truck and took the picture outside because I wasn't sure I could get them into the store by myself. However, my stubborn side prevailed and I was able to carry them in alone! These are 8 feet 2 inches tall, and sturdy! Missing a few of the trim pieces, but very interesting looking. Bought them from a friend who had a second pair displayed in her home. She has tall ceilings and she had one pair inside secured to the wall, with a shelf across the top. What an awesome display she created using them! Even Junior the goat approves of these! He said they taste good! SOLD!

Original sign for window by H.P. Hood & Sons

This cool old sign was placed in the window to alert the milkman as to what was needed for delivery. 9 by 9 inch square cardboard sign is double sided. Very good condition, and very hard to find! SOLD!

Copper and tapestry foot/bed warmer

I love the look of this piece! I am not too happy with the picture I took of it, but I can tell you it's much prettier in person. One side is copper and the other has a faded and worn tapestry. This would have been filled with hot water to keep feet or bed warm. Measures 9-1/2 inches across. SOLD!

Unusual display rack

Great for displaying anything that hangs! Some of the little pegs have been replaced with wooden dowels, but still very functional! This stands 31 inches tall and the rack at top is 14-1/2 inches across. SOLD!

Funky, chippy medicine cabinet

At least three coats of paint here! This cabinet measures 15 inches across, 7 inches deep and stands 24 inches tall. Has holes for hanging, two shelves inside. SOLD!

Of course, a few wooden things!

Rectangular tool tote measures 20 by 13-1/2 and is 12 inches tall at handle. These look great with greens! The large covered cheese box is from New York State and held washed curd cheese. Thank goodness they washed it! Tool tote is SOLD! Cheese box is SOLD!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Primitive wooden laundry mangle washboard

Every now and then, I still get excited finding something I have not had in my store before! I have had wooden washboards, but never a mangle. Love this piece! This measures 28 inches long. SOLD!

Red tool box

Fabulous red paint on this old tool box. Box is mortise and tenon joined. Had hinges on lid at one time, but they are gone. Still a wonderful display, nice and clean inside. Handles on each end. Measures 23 by 11 by 7 inches tall. SOLD!

Great grocery sign!

Wish I had an empty wall in my house! Great eye catching colors on this wooden sign! Measures 33 by 16 inches. Painted by the Moffitt Sign Co. SOLD!

Arbuckle's Sugar Crate

Looks like a plain old crate from the front, but the bottom has the cool graphics. Just turn it on it's side and use it as a height building display! Measures 21 by 14 by 15 inches tall. SOLD!

Lovely paper items!

Love these old ledgers, this one is from a hardware store from the 1930's. It is always interesting to read the prices things cost back in those days. Twelve hours of carpenter labor to work on a bench was less than $15! One bundle of shingles only $1.25. There are two Boy Scout books that are scrapbooks with handwritten stories and clippings. The autograph book is from the late 1890's. Poor boy wrote in beautiful cursive-To My Friends, My album's open, come and see! What! Won't you waste a line on me? Write but a thought, a word or two, That my memory may revert to you. The only signatures he collected were from teachers, an aunt, and a cousin! Autograph book is SOLD! Boy Scout books are SOLD!

Very large rendition of Goodall Worster Mills in Sanford, ME

Not sure if this is an architect's rendering, there is no signature or marking other than a handwritten note beneath the pictures that says Sanford Industries, Sanford, ME. the cars appear to be from the 1920's or early 30's. Very large board is 5-1/2 feet wide and stands 33 inches tall. It is actually four posters that are mounted on cardboard and it seems as though the blue sky above has been painted on. Very cool in person! The history behind these mills is that Thomas Goodall established the Goodall Mills in 1867, producing carriage robes and blankets after closing another factory in Troy, NH that made horse blankets. He later produced upholstery textiles. From 1880 to 1910 the population of Sanford tripled with mill workers moving into houses that were built by the Goodall company. In 1954 the mills were sold to Burlington Mills. SOLD!