Friday, August 29, 2008

Skeleton in the closet!

If you open the cupboard, don't be scared!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time to decorate for fall and Halloween

I have been very impatiently waiting to decorate the truck! I'm still a little too early because I haven't seen any pumpkins or corn stalks for sale yet, but as soon as I do, they will be added to the scene!

The seeder decked out for fall

This early seeder has great original red paint which goes nicely with the fall colors. Everyone else has a wheelbarrow, be different than the rest!

Feathered black crows

Awesome feathered black crows are for indoor display. They have a scary look to them, but I love Halloween and think they make a great addition to your holiday decorating. I kept two for my house!

Full size witch

This full size witch is a dress form that is dressed in black skirt, button down blouse, and a black cape with purple lining. Her head is styrofoam with some paper mache embellishments. She has some purple highlights in her hair and a great antique silver necklace. Her clothes and hat, and head store in a rubbermaid bin which is included in the sale, and the dress form folds down compactly. The dress form could be used throughout the rest of the year for different purposes. Hopefully she flies out of the store this year, hee hee!

Wendy the witch dolls

These little cloth witch dolls hold a silicone light bulb candle and plug into the wall. They are riding in a little black doll carriage.

The fireplace decked out for fall

I am so glad I added the fireplace mantle to the addition, it's so much fun to decorate

A cast iron candleabra

Just in time for Halloween! Cool old rusty candleabra with five candle holders in various heights. I put some skull candles in to go with the holiday.

Some little witch crows swinging from a broom

I found this old black broom outside and thought it would be perfect to hang my little witch crows who are riding their own brooms.

Our newest addition, a Hoosier style cupboard

I really love to display lots of kitchen items on these types of cupboards! This is the first one I have had with glass doors.

Hoosier Number two

We brought this Hoosier style kitchen workspace in after the weekend. An interesting display piece!

Necco Jelly bean bucket

Who wouldn't love a bucket full of jelly beans? It's empty, but I still love the look of it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Spinning wheel

Beautiful wooden spinning wheel, lightweight for hanging. Makes beautiful architectural art! Measures 41-1/2 inches in diameter. I hung a garland and some crows near mine, but this could be decorated to suit the seasons. Reduced price!

Cast iron balance scale

Interesting cast iron balance scale. Quite heavy. Measures 18 inches across by approx. 6 inches high.

Wooden fruit crate with baskets

Sweet little wooden crate with latching top. Comes with 8 little berry boxes. I put strawberries in two of the boxes, but this could have any kind of fruit in it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Handicap ramp almost done

Our new handicap ramp should be finished by this afternoon, and hopefully will be in use by the time we re-open next Thursday, August 21. This is the back entrance to the store which was hardly used at all. I had to move piles of things which have accumulated over two years! It's nice to be able to use the door again.

Handicap ramp underway!

Work is almost completed on our new handicap ramp. The parking area will be in the rear of the store. Just one more set of railings and posts to put up on the right side.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Large round wooden bowl

Great old bowl, has slightly irregular shape to it. The diameter measures 15 inches from one side to the other, and 14 inches on the other side! Well used.

Chase and Sanborn tin

Rustic old tin with Chase and Sanborn label. Top has a small round lid that opens. Nice old graphics.

American Beauty little red wagon

Cute little red wagon made by American Beauty. In very good condition!

Carved man

This is a cool carved man wall hanging. Someone did a lot of work carving this face out. He is 26 inches from beard to top. I think he would look great hanging on a tree!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hand embroidered linens

Just a few of the many vintage linens we have. These are hand embroidered towels, and dresser scarves. Beautiful workmanship at low prices!

Deb's handpainted Kingston sign

This is a wonderful hand crafted, and handpainted sign by Deb of Rustic Country Collectibles. She will take orders to personalize a sign for you. You can choose your own colors, fonts, wording, etc.

Cash register crate with great label on back

Wonderful label on back of crate, showing the factory in Dayton, Ohio where they manufactured the cash registers.
Shipping crate shown from front in next picture!

National cash register shipping crate

Here is a shipping crate for a cash register. It amazes me how much work and effort went into building a crate to ship something. I am using this as a display for my vintage and repro laundry items. It has two rope handles on sides for carrying.

Vintage quilts

Some of the quilts we have. Various sizes, styles, colors, etc. Some are hand quilted, some are machine quilted. Great prices!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Delivered at nine p.m. Tuesday night

I have been looking for an old truck for my yard for about four years. My son found this one for me and I fell in love with it! 1948 F2 pickup. Old and rusty, just the way I like it!

I can't wait to fill this up with pumpkins and hay!

This is going to look great when it's decorated for a fall harvest!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tea stained flag on hame

This is something we have been creating this summer. We take old farm pieces like this hame (part of an old harness) and attach the tea stained flag to the back. We have made several different styles and sold all of them, but we are always finding something different to attach the flag to. We have an endless supply of flags, so these will keep coming as long as there is interest. Flags are safe for indoor and outdoor use.
This one is sold, but we have others!

Rocking chair

Lovely older rocker with wicker seat and back, in very good condition.

Wall hanging cupboard

Pretty little hanging cupboard. Has three shelves on side, with two more inside. Also has towel bar. Saltbox houses and sheep pictured on front.


Old cash drawer

Shown here closed, this is an old cash drawer with nice area on top for display, and small compartments inside.

Old cash drawer

Shown here open, this drawer has many little compartments inside. Great for display or organizing small items.

White enamel coffeepot

Wonderful large white enamel coffeepot in very good condition with some minor age wear. Wood and wire handle.

sterling silver sewing scissors

Pretty little sterling sewing scissors. Ornate design on handles. Well marked sterling. A nice addition to your vintage sewing collection!