Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pretty old bureau

This came right out of a lakeside cottage right here in Kingston. Beautiful three drawer bureau, has brass hardware and a wonderful old wooden board back.

Horse Collar Mold

This piece was sold before it even made it into the store. One of my regular customers heard about it and just had to have it! He let me keep it for a little while to display because I thought it was so cool. Very primitive, just the way I like it!

Stack of trunks

Bottom trunk is marked Worcester, Mass. The top trunk is stencilled B.A. Parker and has luggage tags that read Vessel APapa. This liner sailed between Liverpool and South Africa in the 1940's. The labels are great!

A new arrangement

Pretty rush seat chair has fall leaves painted on the back. Little bookcase is actually a divided drawer standing on it's side. An old ice cream can from Dover mfg. and other asstd. pieces.

Draftsman's chair

Draftsman's chair has labels that read Dept. of Defense, property of U.S. Government. Adjustable in height.

Two man saw

Way up high on the beam in the addition is this great two man saw. It's almost as wide as the room! They sure used to work hard, didn't they?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The wagon out at the end of the driveway

Here is our big wagon out by the street all decorated for fall. If I put real pumpkins out there, they get stolen since it's so far from the house. My friend John gave me this foam pumpkin that has an electric light in it. The cord is pushed into the basket and has a big rock on top of it. If they try to grab this one, it won't come out so easily!

Rack of birdhouses

Someone very clever made this rack of birdhouses, and the whole row balances on the little center piece. It is almost like a seesaw design! Very cute. This was on my big wagon out by the road, but had to make way for the fall display!

Storage shed window box

I took apart a little barrel and had the two iron rings that went at the top and bottom. I wrapped some bittersweet around this one and put it in my storage shed window box.

Welcome to the Cabin!

I was up in Arundel, Maine at the outdoor market and spotted this little sign way under someone's table. I was so happy because I thought it would look great on the front of my cabin. I had to laugh when I turned it over after I bought it, and saw that it said "made in China!" Oh well, at least it looks old.

Candy corn wreath

I ordered these wreaths four times and they were always on back order. Finally they are here!

The cupboard that used to hold the miniatures

This cupboard was holding all the miniatures, and I don't think customers realized it was for sale. I decided to move the miniatures to a different spot.

A stack of trunks and a little folding tray table

These are stacked where the miniatures used to be. It was definitely time for a change. I have had the two trunks for sale, but the little folding tray table was a new addition over the weekend. Can you tell I like things with flaking or missing paint?

A big, long tool tote

I got this great old tool tote up in Rumney, NH. I knew it needed some Indian corn displayed in it. My youngest son and I went off in search of some. Two hours and several errands later, we finally got home with it. It was worth it though! Of course, now that I have it, I see it for sale everywhere.

New display cabinet for the miniatures

My son's friend brought me this old china cabinet with no door. I kept trying to think of same way I could use it, and then decided that I should put all the miniatures in it. The front is glass so it should be easier to see all the little pieces.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girl with sheep

Large print of little shepherdess with sheep. Beautiful old frame with wooden backing. Print was done by Mon. A.D. Braun. Very large and heavy. I wanted to keep this for my living room, but my daughter said it was "too fancy" for our house! I don't know what that says about our house, but now it's for sale. I guess I will have to enjoy it while it's in the shop.

Grinding wheel

Old table mount grinding wheel. We have it attached with an old clamp, that can be purchased separately. Hand turned wheel. Wonderful old tool.

Berry box

Great big old berry box would hold lots of picked berries. Comes with one small empty berry container. Nice black metal on corners and some graphics on front.

Boxes, boxes, boxes

These great little wooden boxes are all slightly different. Some are divided and they have different little knobs on front. These could stand up to make a cute little shelf. One of my Brimfield finds.

Scale with pumpkin

Rusty old scale with a weight attached. Two scale plates for displaying or weighing.

Little green document box

Wonderful leather strap on top and one more leather strap inside to keep lid from falling back. I seemed to find lots of boxes this week!

Skeleton goes trick or treating!

I bought this great old wheelchair a while back, and have been saving it for Halloween. I put my skeleton (he's not for sale) sitting in it with his Halloween mask and trick or treat bag. The chair would make an excellent spooky addition to your display!
Wheelchair is SOLD!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Halloween witch's hat

My friend Bonnie of Prim at Heart stopped by over the weekend and had so many cute things for me. This is just one of her great primitive hand crafted items.

Wagon seat

I bought the jack o' lantern sign on Monday and the wagon seat on Tuesday. I just love them together! Will make a great fall display for your front porch.
Sign is SOLD.
Wagon seat is also SOLD!

Transferware platter

Pretty brown transferware platter. Measures 18 inches by 14-1/2 inches. There is an old chip on the back edge. Maker's mark on back is a bee hive with D.B. & Co.

Tarot cards

Complete deck of Tarot cards made in Switzerland. Of course, I love the death card with the skeleton (perfect for my Halloween theme!)

Gorgeous old redware bowl

Beautiful old redware bowl approx. 18 inches in diameter. This belonged to a friend's grandmother and was in her family for well over 100 years. Perfect condition.

Cardboard dress form

Very cool Adjust-O-Matic dress form is adjustable in height. Will stand at full height of approx. 5 feet tall. I bought mine at an auction and then saw one down at Brimfield this past week. Mine is marked at a quarter of their price! In excellent condition.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SALE, SALE, SALE!!! This weekend (CONTINUED!)

This weekend we are having a porch sale. 20% off anything on the porch or outside. Time to start thinning down out there. Lots of great stuff. Now is your chance to save some money on anything you loved outside! September 3rd through the 6th.
We made a small dent in our outdoor area with our sale, so decided to continue the sale with 20% off anything outside through this weekend. Sept. 10th through the 13th.

The '48 Ford is ready for fall

It's September so it's time for fall and Halloween to arrive at Log Cabin Antiques. My friend was throwing this old rusty wheelbarrow away (the horror!) I took it and planted some spreading flowers in it. I have had it in my driveway all summer and just couldn't part with it. I'm still not sure if I will sell it, but I decided to make it part of my display. I just need some pumpkins now!

The big window is all decked out for fall

I bought this handpainted Harvest scene last year and have been saving it until now. Big pumpkins and haystacks decorate this wooden piece. It may have been used as scenery for a play.
Pumpkin scene is sold, and the big trencher is sold too!

A trunk with skeleton and Wendy the witch

I found two more Wendy the witch dolls. She holds a little electric candle with silicone bulb and she is sitting here with her friend the skeleton.

The mantel is looking "Halloweeny"

An ouija board, an animal trap and rat (rat is for display only) witches, and some Halloween candles. It's my favorite time of year!
Animal trap is SOLD!

Halloween garden stakes

These are Halloween garden stakes and look cute lining a path to your front door! They are outside so they will be part of the 20% off porch sale.

Rusty tin pumpkin garland

These were very popular last year, so I ordered more!

One of the mantels decorated for Halloween

New this year, little Halloween trees. I loved these when I got them, and tried to order more, but they were already sold out. These won't last long!

Fuzzy black crows

They're back! Fuzzy black crows are for indoor use only.

New Halloween garland!

Wire and wood cats, moons, pumpkins, and stars make a great Halloween garland.