Thursday, May 28, 2009

Metal roof vent

The auctioneer thought this came from a firehouse roof. Not sure if that is true, but it's a cool piece. Stands about three feet tall. Nice red paint!

kitchen sink board

Great wooden sink board with slanted edge.

Hoosier number 5

This is the fifth Hoosier I have had in the store since opening. They look so great displaying kitchenalia.

Hoosier's flour bin

Close up of Hoosier's flour bin. It came complete with five pounds of flour, that had to be vacuumed out.

Granite ware pieces

Pretty grayish granite ware pieces. A small cream can and a little tin pail with some blue eggs.

From the front, it's a great little cabinet

Nice little cabinet with shelf would make a great display piece, but when you look at the back, there is a surprise! (see next photo)

mouse house!

Then when you turn it around, it's a cute mouse house!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

1940's gas station display cabinet

This took at least two hours to clean. It had been sitting in an old gas station for years, and was covered in grease and grime! Once it was cleaned up, it really looked great! I have had it in my living room just waiting to bring it out to the store, and I am a little sad to see it go! I love the red color and the way it looks, especially displaying some older automotive products.

Another wheelbarrow!

We bought this wheelbarrow down at Brimfield. I wish I had a dollar for every person who walked by and said how nice it was as we were wheeling it out! Nice old red paint with a unique front wheel.


Drive in movie theater marquee letters

These are awesome 1950's drive in theater marquee letters used to spell out the name

of the movie. We have about 18 letters left and some words such as with, of, and in. They are about 10 inches tall and made of metal.

Wire animal trap

Primitive wire animal trap, an early version of a Have a Heart!

Hand painted firkin

This pretty hand painted firkin is missing it's handle, but I love the look of it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue country wheelbarrow

Pretty blue country wheelbarrow. Has iron wheel in front. Great condition!

Hanging scale

Hanging scale has brown finish. These look great in your country kitchen!

Pine table with one drawer

Pretty pine table has one drawer with nice aged and flaking paint! The rest of the table has a natural finish. Measures 39 inches wide, by 23 inches deep and 30 inches tall.

Unusual fish mold

I found these wooden molds down at Brimfield. The man who was selling them wasn't sure what they were used for, but I thought they were pretty neat looking. They might have been used for soap, but not sure!
I was told they were for maple sugar, and then they sold!

Unusual fish mold

Another of the fish molds

garden cultivator

Perfect to park in your garden! An old farm cultivator. with large front wheel. SOLD!

Geisha shipping box

Geisha tuna shipping box from Boston. Has wooden knob on cover.

Geisha shipping box open

Geisha tuna shipping box from Boston. Shown here open.

Strainer basket

Wooden strainer basket with long handle. A Brimfield find!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tattered Rabbit Farm Birdhouse Sale

One of my favorite customers is Linda Ellis of Deerfield. She comes to my store to buy all the little odds and ends for her husband Ray's birdhouses.
He makes the most incredible birdhouses using recycled materials. Linda stops to buy knobs, and faucets, keys, and other little gadgets for decorating the houses. Today was her open house and one day sale at her beautiful home. Her phone number is 603-463-9490 if you are interested in talking to her about purchasing one of their birdhouses.

Two upstairs on the wood pile

Architectural stars, a corkscrew, skeleton keys, glass knobs, and biscuit cutters are repurposed on these two.

Three from upstairs

I love the wooden washstand the two in back are resting on. Linda is very creative using her antiques as display pieces. The one in front is on an old barrel. These are some of the brightly colored houses. Every one is so unique and different, it's just amazing!

A red barn

Great use of an old metal beater, curly metal, a corrugated tin roof, and neat faucet. Very creative!

Two from upstairs

A bird feeder with seed, and a beater on the roof with twisty, curly metal, and a spoon on front. On the right is a three hole birdhouse with maple syrup taps and a finial atop the roof.

The barn!

This one is a cool barn with horseshoe, faucet, and knobs, plus a neat antique bobbin on the roof with a finial atop it.

close up of side of barn with cookie cutter horse

Here is a side view of the barn with the cookie cutter horse, bottle opener and corrugated tin roof.

Just chillin'

A rusty spring, an antique wood fork, pulleys, and this cute little bird is just chillin' on his perch.

This one I had to buy for my front porch!

I loved this one because I remember buying the little clay finial on the roof at Dover Antique Market, and the little brass knob came from one of the auctions. So, it was really cool to have little pieces of my store incorporated into a birdhouse that I could keep.

Amazing the way things have been recycled onto the birdhouses. Here are maple syrup taps, an old insulator, candy molds, architectural stars, etc.

Upstairs in the barn

They had trees set up to hang the birdhouses from, and there were even recorded birds chirping, so it seemed as if they were in the rafters!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Unusual wall shelf unit

This is a really interesting wall shelf unit. Stands 7 feet 4 inches tall. Has three shelves and could be nailed to the wall. I think it would make an excellent store display piece if a table were attached to it so it was freestanding, because the back side has great old green chipped paint. One side could have things hanging from it, and the other has the shelves. A little wider than an average door.

Large trunk with square nails

Large trunk with square nails. Hinges have been replaced and the latch has been removed. Great for storage or to use as a coffee table. Measures approx. 21 inches by 39 inches.

Ice cream carton with spoon-1/2 pint

Just in time for summer! I had the little tin ice cream spoons and now found the cartons to go with them. I have several sets, and am selling a single carton with one spoon. Hancock county creamery from Ellsworth, Maine.
All the ice cream boxes are SOLD!

Hat block mold

Round hat block mold made of wood. Well used! Has a thin strip of leather around the base. Marked 7-1/8 inside.

Flax Hatchel

Cool primitive! These hatchels were used to comb through the flax to get seeds and bark out before spinning the flax into yarn.

Lutted's cough drops Log Cabin

I love finding log cabin items for the store! This is a pretty cobalt blue repro container for Lutted's S.P. Cough drops in the shape of a log cabin.