Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Great color on this watering can!

Ready for spring! This watering can is a pretty turquoise color. Has nozzle for watering in fine spray. Perfect for the garden! SOLD!

Quaker Oats crate

Wonderful graphics on this old box. They are on the bottom however! It makes a great height building display if you want to be able to see the words, or a great container if you put it right side up. It has a cool old padlock attached that locks nothing anymore since the lid is missing. Great look though! Even reads Quaker Oats on side, but it has been painted over! Measures 24 by 13 inches and stands 12 inches tall.SOLD!

Sweater stretcher

Made of wood like an old hanger, this stretcher would keep your sweater in correct shape after washing. 16 by 20 inches.

Wall hanging shelf

Rustic finish on this wood shelf that has two drawers plus a little display area on top. Perfect for showcasing a small collection! Measures 26-1/2 inches across and 6 inches front to back. 7-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Pie and bread safe

Tin safe for keeping bread and pies. Has holes on sides for ventilation. Two doors that drop down to show separate shelves. Measures 12 inches wide at bottom widest section. Tapers to 9 inches at top. 13 inches across and stands 11-1/2 inches tall.

Fire broom

These old brooms were used for fighting brush fires. They have such a cool primitive look to them! SOLD!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amazing weathervane from Vermont barn!

This was Barry's favorite find! Hand forged directionals, wooden base and ball, with two copper balls on top. This has a iron base that is new but allows it to be displayed. Very big! Stands 6 feet 6 inches tall from base to ground. Original weathervane is 67 inches from bottom of wooden base to tip. The directionals are 37-1/2 inches across from letter to letter. I want to keep this, but Barry says sell! This is $395 firm! SOLD!

Wonderful wooden wheelbarrow

These never last more than a few days around here! Great old wooden wheelbarrow in green paint, has large iron wheel in front that measures 20 inches in diameter. Solid wooden wheelbarrow body is 20 inches wide and 60 inches long. Entire wheelbarrow measures 70 inches long. SOLD!

Here is a true relic!

Perfect for garden decorating! This rusty old tricycle is one of the bigger ones I have had. Missing rubber on one back tire and the front rubber is split in a couple of places. Faded green paint gives this a great look! SOLD!

Red wooden tool tote

All the patriotic holidays are coming. You could use this to decorate for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. These look wonderful anytime, maybe with some potted geraniums or American flags inside. This is a big one, and measures 30-3/4 inches long by 11 inches wide and stands 9 inches tall. SOLD!

Copper cupola and weathervane

These two pieces were married to make some cool architectural art! Under all that wonderful patina on the cupola is copper. If you shine it up, it would be pretty, but I wanted to leave it as is and let the new owner decide if they wanted it shiny or aged. The horse weathervane is missing it's N and S directionals. This whole piece stands 39 inches tall. The cupola is 19 by 19 at the base. SOLD!

Crusty International Truck emblem

I'm a truck girl (old lady) and just can't get enough of anything to do with trucks, especially rusty things. This emblem is curved and measures 23 inches long from side to side at back. SOLD!

Rusty ginger tin

Once upon a time, this was probably shiny and beautiful. I love rusty things, so I still think it's beautiful. This would look great up on a cupboard or kitchen cabinets. Green on top and red on sides, and rusty all over! 10-1/2 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Someone added a replacement knob. SOLD!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just a reminder! We will be closed Thursday April 18th

We will reopen on Friday, April 19th. I will try to get the website updated late on Thursday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wooden drawers

I believe this was part of a dresser at one time, maybe the jewelry box or glove box attached to the top of the dresser. Great old patina on top, traces of goldish paint, a little nibbled, so I had to add a little mouse peeking out of the drawer. The unit measures 35 by 12 inches and stands 5 inches tall. SOLD!

Lovely wooden sign

How great would this look hanging in a bedroom or dining room? Made of wood, the little raspberry sign is on hooks and can be removed or added depending on if there is a vacancy or not! Sign measures 37-1/2 by 21 inches. One sided. SOLD!

1920's Lynn Mass shoe factory wagon

Great color on this old factory scoot. Seller pronounced this "scut" The man who sold it to us said there used to be a platform that held the leather for the shoes and it could be wheeled through the factory. He built a little planter box lined with metal. Perfect for the garden! Heavy cast iron wheels. Rear wheels are 25 inches across. Handle is 39 inches tall and is 34 inches front to back. The little metal lined cart is 20-1/2 by 14 inches. SOLD!

1950's metal camp bed by Symmons

Pay no attention to those naked ladies! They are all loitering by the window! The bed has a stenciled design on head and footboard. Rails included. Bed measures 54 inches across, inside rails will hold 52-1/2 boxspring. Headboard stands 44 inches high and footboard stands 30 inches high.

Two beautiful wooden bowls

The larger of the two is 15 inches in diameter and the smaller is 14-1/2 but has an oval appearance. No markings. SOLD!

Weather vane topper

Black metal (aluminum) weather vane topper sailboat. A few weeks ago, I found the directionals to a weathervane, now we have a topper! Measures 23-1/2 inches wide from arrow to arrow and stands 14 inches tall. SOLD!

Hoosier top only!

Love the chippy paint on this old hoosier top. Makes a great rustic display. This could be hung on the wall if you add hangers, or sit on a table. The rolltop is not rolling up or down presently. Measures 40 inches wide by 11 front to back. Stands 37 inches tall. Bluish, white chippy paint. Dovetailed corners. SOLD!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Old school storm door!

This is a neat old storm door system. In the summer, you could remove the wooden insert and use just the screen to allow a nice breeze to pass through. In the fall, you could simply add the panel back in and swing the levers to hold it in place. Door measures 33-1/2 by 72 and the little insert is 22 by 36. One side has a great chippy blue, green, gray, white paint and the other is a soft yellow with a bit of green underneath. SOLD!

Murray tractor

Yes, it's missing it's pedals, it's little shifter and plug wires, but how cute is this? Fun for kids or put it in your garden or on your porch! Stands 24 inches tall to top of steering wheel and is 36 inches long. SOLD!

Adorable child's table and two chairs

Not a matching set, but they look cute together! Table is 24 by 18 and stands 20 inches tall. Chairs are 22-1/2 inches tall. My kids had a similar set when they were little and they played with it endlessly! SOLD!