Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For those that don't follow me on facebook! A sneak peek of our haunted camper tour

Painted wooden stretcher??

Not sure if this was originally intended to be a stretcher but if the skeleton fits.......then it must have been! This measures 5 feet tall and 14 inches wide. handholds on either side. Sold!

Lovely gilded mirror

This is a beauty with only one small piece of gilding missing from bottom edge of frame. This measures 30 by 24 inches. SOLD!

Muslin and linen grain sack and cloths

First cloth is the fabulous Lay Or Bust! I just love it. This is not a complete bag, but just a one piece cloth (almost like a dish towel) measuring 37 by 18. Second is also one piece cloth and the words appear backwards. If flipped to reverse, words cannot be seen. This one measures 28 by 13-1/2 and reads Atlas flour. The third is a linen bag with blue ticking stripes on back. Front is for Commonwealth bakers and has instructions on how bags are to be filled at mill. This one measures 41 by 18-1/2. All SOLD!

Handcrafted decorative spell book and witch shoes

Large old leather bound book has been turned into a decorative spell book. Pages are glued shut, this is meant to be a decoration only! Book is large, and measures 10 by 7 and 3 inches thick. Old black witch shoes and some Halloween socks make a cute witchy display! Shoes are SOLD!

Primitive rope bed tightener

Wonderful primitive! Hand carved rope bed tightener. Measures 10-1/2 by 3 and 15 inches across at bar in middle. SOLD!

Some of Lyn's Halloween items!

Lyn Kells and I spent most of yesterday afternoon haunting our little Scotty camper. She brought along a few Halloween items to sell. This large lidded basket and small black house are two of the things you will find! Both are sold!

Adorable little folk art duck decoy

This little wooden decoy is just a baby! He measures 10 inches long and only 5 inches tall. He must have been mounted to a board previously as seen by holes in bottom. SOLD!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Saturday, October 4th from 10-5 and Sunday, October 5th from 12-5. Visit our creepy camper........if you dare! Refreshments and free raffle. It's our 8th anniversary! Hope you can stop by and say hi!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Small crossbuck table with original paint

Top is two boards with tongue and groove joins. Paint is a golden hue with some remaining stenciled design. This sweet little table measures 31 by 19 and stands 29 inches tall. SOLD!


Painted breadboard has very detailed farm scene hand painted on front. Back is natural wood. Measures 15 by 8. Dark round board is 10-3/4 inches in diameter Light round board says Bread very faintly on one side. Other side is natural. This has hole for hanging. Measures 11-3/4 inches in diameter. Tall dark cutting board stands 15 inches tall from handle to base. All are SOLD!

Two tier wire basket

Clever design has trap door at bottom to release items from lower level or you could reach through top. The basket is designed to be totally collapsed when not in use. Very cool! This is large and has a rusty finish. The basket is approx. 24 from hanger to bottom. Was used to hold fruits and vegetables. SOLD!

Tin lunch pail with make do handle

I always love that things didn't get thrown away if part of it broke or went missing. They used yankee ingenuity to fix things and keep using them. We need more of that today! This cute little tin lunch pail has a make do rope handle. The top lifts off and would be used as a dish. This stands 7-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Two cupboard doors with raised panels

The first one is the largest, and has a natural finish on one side with a great old latch, the other side is chippy and shabby. That one measures 42 by 29 inches and the other is old green paint and measures 28 by 22-1/2 inches. These make great displays! Green door is SOLD! Painted door is also SOLD!

Fun wire and metal!

The wire bust stands 21-1/4 inches tall and is 14 inches at widest point. I had to add a witch's hat just for fun. The adorable little wire pants stretcher/hanger would be child sized at 14-1/2 inches tall. Metal bust is SOLD! Wire hanger is also sold!

Great little stool with nice crackled paint!

This sweet little stool stands 18 inches tall and has a seat diameter of 12 inches. SOLD!

Glass paint mixing measure!

Looks like a big kitchen mixing measure until you look closely and see that it reads enamel and lacquers! This 2-1/2 quart glass measure was used to mix paints. Very unusual! SOLD!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Primitive sled

I thought about keeping this for November or December, but it has such perfect fall colors in red and yellow, that I decided it could be a fall sled! This little cutie is rustic and well used, but great look. It stands 38 inches tall and is 12 inches wide at widest point. Bittersweet swag comes with it, if desired! SOLD!

Very cool old large drawer with dividers

This is an old drawer, possibly a cash drawer? Constructed with old square nails and mortise and tenon joins on bottom. This drawer measures 31 inches long by 18-1/2 and is 5 inches tall. I stood it on end to show how it could be used as a display piece. Could also be hung on the wall. Sold!

Hood Rubber shipping crate

The crate is certainly not perfect, but has nice graphics on three sides. There is also a shelf inside so if this crate is turned on end, it makes a nice little shelf display. This crate measures 27 by 19 by 14 inches tall. SOLD!