Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Animal watering tub or bathtub for Saturday night!

Wonderful old trough for horses or cows, still holds water. This measures 43 by 23 and stands 13 inches tall. SOLD!

Hubbard Instruments Universal planetarium

What a neat old classroom tool! Circa 1955, chain driven planetarium system features the rotating sun, earth and moon. Shows the months of the year and position. Very cool. The globe will pop off when it goes around in a couple of rotations, which it's not supposed to do, but otherwise in very good condition. SOLD!

Folding washtub bench

Folds completely flat for storage. If you set up at a market, this would be a great display piece with a board across the top. When legs are extended, it measures 65 inches across. the rack itself measures 48 by 18 and stands 20 inches tall. SOLD!

Galvanized wall hanging chicken feeder

Bracket for hanging, and would look lovely with flowers planted inside! This measures 11-1/2 by 6 and approx. 10 inches tall. SOLD!

Old wooden chicken feeder

This is so cool! Would make a fabulous planter, stands on it's own, but I believe it may have hung from the wall previously. Measures 48 by 12 and stands approx. 16 inches tall. Great worn wood! SOLD!

Two vintage fans

One has a cracked blade but works very well, and quietly too! The other has a great look but not presently working. Hubby thinks it just needs a new switch. Cool d├ęcor at any rate! Fans are SOLD!

Two galvanized watering cans

No sprinkler heads on these two, but cool for decorating! I do have one other that does have a sprinkler head as well. SOLD!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We went to Connecticut over the weekend and stopped to visit my cousin and his family. He told me that he was cleaning out his grandfather's barn next door. They had to have it emptied out and so, we took some of the wonderful treasures home to NH with us! All the pictures from this week came from the barn.

This week's favorite item! Wood and canvas kayak!

We were all in love with this! I have never had a wooden kayak, wooden canoe yes, but not a kayak. This is handcrafted with wooden frame and metal ribs. Covered with canvas, that has worn away in spots to show frame beneath. Maybe it's not perfect, but love the primitive appeal, and it looks fabulous hanging from the beams in the store. A lakeside restaurant or home would be an ideal setting for this interesting piece. Approx. measurements are just about 9 feet long, 27 inches wide and about 14 inches high. SOLD!

Great grandfather's trunk

Grandfather is 95 and this belonged to his father! Large rectangular trunk with dovetail joins on corners. Nice and clean inside too. Wonderful patina! Measures 34 by 19 by 10 inches tall. SOLD!

Dover underground bucket

These would be partially buried in the earth and it has an open bottom to allow for drainage. The whole lid lifts or smaller inner lid can be lifted to open separately. They were almost like an earlier compost system. Kept animals away from waste, etc. This would be a great planter if you chose to repurpose! The can is 19 inches tall and has a diameter of 17 inches. Embossed Dover in lid. SOLD!

Brass bound edges on old tool box

This has been painted brown, but bottom shows brass edges. Has a saw holder in lid, perfect to keep tools organized and ready to carry to work! Handle and latches that still work. This measures 31 by 8 by 10 inches tall.

Tote made from old crate sides

My cousin Laurie thought she remembered this holding horse shoes. Wonderful little black painted tote is constructed from old crates. On front is etched designs and reads Fresno, California in fancy script. Handle looks like part of an old broom. What is more unique than these old handcrafted items? Forgot to measure this one, but approx. 10 or 12 inches square.

Ironing sleeve board with advertising decal!

Great little sleeve board for ironing is wrapped in old newspapers, and on the bottom, the original label is still intact. Davis Manufacturing Co. Clinton, Maine. Measures 22 inches long by 4-1/4 inches wide and stands 6 inches tall.

An assortment of cool old bottles

Medicine bottles, a flask, a bottle stopper, etc. Lots of little bottles. They look pretty on a window sill!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awesome porcelain letters!

We haven't had any of these in a while. Fabulous 1960's porcelain signage letters. These are 12 inches tall and have area on back to easily hang on wall. We have over 50 and will give a list of what we currently have. These are $25 each or 2 or more $20 each. No further discount or volume deals please! SOLD!

Glue bucket

Nice and solid! Glue bucket is 12 inches tall and has a 9 inch diameter opening. SOLD!

Sap buckets!

These are great for planting in! Two are well rusted and three are galvanized with one having blue stripe around the top and base. Striped bucket is SOLD, one plain galvanized is SOLD. Two rusty, and one plain galvanized available. All SOLD!

Pretty library style table

One false drawer front. Painted top and dark stained legs. Great size! Measures 40 by 25-1/2 and stands 29 inches tall. SOLD!

Some outside stuff!

This wonderful old factory cart was a new addition last weekend. Then we have added a few more new things on top! The cart has a removable handle and great green paint with natural wood platform and metal wheels.

Little Make-do cart

Love this sweet little cart someone made using an old toy tractor's parts. Three wheels and a steering wheel originally from a tractor, and then a wooden platform was added. This makes a great little display in the garden with plenty of cargo space for flowers. SOLD!

Watering can with sprinkler head


Cork decoy with weight

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Handcrafted new cupboard with old door

My friends Wayne and Sue make wonderful furniture using old doors, and windows. We had the old door and frame left over from that 1800's fireplace cupboard. I sent it home with Wayne and he built this handy little storage cupboard. I painted the new wood a soft jade and left the original old door as is. Inside are a couple of shelves for storing canned goods or what have you. This measures 26-1/2 by 13 and stands 40 inches tall. Love the look! Sold!

Produce sign

My clever friends, Donna and Al, repurposed some old fence pickets into this great Produce sign. You gotta love recycling! Great country look! Measures 35 by 23 inches. SOLD!