Thursday, March 26, 2009


I bought this a while ago, but have been waiting (impatiently) for the snow to melt in front of the store. It was finally clear yesterday! This windmill stands just about 6 feet tall. Perfect for the garden.


Shown from the back, a great garden piece!

Unusual candy molds display

Someone made an interesting wall hanging display with some old candy molds and various pieces of tin. Has a great country look.

Hat stretcher mold

Great antique hat stretcher mold. If you twist the middle handle, the mold will open and there are little brass rulers inside to show size of hat to be stretched. Excellent condition!

Mannequin head

What a beauty! I bought this for a customer who asked for a mannequin head, so she is already sold. I just had to use her to display the hand crocheted cap in the meantime.
Crocheted cap is also sold!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chainsaw carved bear cub

Our new store greeter! Chainsaw carved bear cub. Stands 29 inches tall.
SOLD! :(

What a face!

How cute is he?

Hanging scale

Another hanging scale! This one is made by Jacobs Bros. NY
The scale still has the weights and measure tag.

Dairy items

A couple of tin cream pails, a small milk bottle, a jar of milk caps, and a great feed bucket for calves and pigs
Lg tin cream pail-sold
Milk bottle-sold
cow feed bucket-sold

Tin berry pail

Technically this little berry pail should hold blueberries, but I had the strawberries on hand~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful hutch in spring colors

I wish I had a spot in my house for this! What a wonderful piece for displaying dishes or kitchen ware. This is a large hutch! Several shelves and eighteen little drawers.

One of the little drawers with eggs

I couldn't resist adding two distressed wooden eggs to this drawer. They match so well!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Open House this weekend!

Saturday and Sunday is our Welcome Spring Open House!
March 21st and 22nd from 10-5.

You could win this basket or a 2nd prize gift certificate to
Log Cabin Antiques.
Refreshments, and a sale too!
Stop in and say hello, and enter to win!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1950's red kitchen trash can

Still works great! 1950's trash can in red with aluminum top and step on pedal to open lid.

Chatillon scale

I think scales are so cool! This is a nice Chatillon scale made in New York. I have a little bird's nest that blew out of the trees in the ice storm, with a wooden bird on top.
Both are sold!

Horse on door panel

Who remembers the old aluminum screen doors? This is the decorative insert from an old door. I like him just for wall art though!

Handmade log cabin

Cute little rustic handmade log cabin. Someone spent a lot of time building this sweet little house. Small chimney on other side.

Wood tool tote

Ready for spring! These tool totes are great for all kinds of displays. I put a tin watering can and a bunny with eggs, and a seed packet advertising in mine. Pretty with flowers too, just in time for spring!

Stoneware bedwarmer

This stoneware bedwarmer is in excellent condition, still has nice plug intact. I think we all need one of these to keep our feet warm in the winter!

Tool cupboard

This was so much fun to set up. I kept putting items in taking them out until I liked the way it looked. It's a little eclectic collection of tools and rusty kitchenware. Nice for display!

Tool Cupboard

Great little tool cupboard with two doors and lots of inside storage!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Albany Banana Corp. bin

Another cool find from Dover Antique Market. A wooden banana bin from the Albany Banana Corp. Wire handles on each side. These were probably used to move or store bananas inside the company. This would make a great storage bin!

1950's composition mannequin head

These composition mannequin heads were used by hairdressers. Some cracking due to age. Made by Lamoreaux Mannequin Co. She is shown here wearing another one of our Victorian era bonnets, this one is hand crocheted.
SOLD, but new owner is letting me keep her for display until the end of the month!

Some of our Spring decorating items

Colored eggs, bunny garlands and wreaths, and much more!

Egg wreath

Vine and egg wreath available in two sizes and also matching candle rings!

Little colored eggs for Easter decorating

LIttle boxes of colored and crackled Easter eggs, shown here in an old sifter with some grass.