Monday, August 26, 2013

Scrappy skull art

I bought these at Amherst Automotive flea market a couple of months ago. Just couldn't resist this clever repurposing of old tools and parts. Skulls are 11 by 11 and 12 by 10. One of a kind artwork!SOLD!

Cool cubby unit

Marked on back UNH Scientific Dept. It is all natural wood except for the three slats on front. I painted them an autumn leaves shade just to give it a little color! I have it upside down too so there is a shelf for displaying. Otherwise it is actual bins with the slat to hold things in place. This measures 52 inches wide by 24-1/2 inches tall and is 11 inches front to back. Perfect for fall displaying! SOLD!

Chalkware child bust

I fell in love with this little girl when I saw her! Angelic features, and she looks adorable displaying a vintage hat! She stands 12-1/2 inches tall and is 12 inches wide at base. SOLD!

International Harvester Co. of America

I believe this is the top to a fodder cutter, used to chop up silage for farm animals. It is stenciled across the back KEYSTONE, and has a tag that reads International Harvester Co. of America. Beautiful red wash paint! I think it can be beautifully repurposed on a country table with fall d├ęcor or at the holidays with greens. Great piece! Measures 25-1/2 inches long. 16 inches wide at widest point, 7 inches wide at narrowest point and stands 6 inches tall. SOLD!

Large wire basket

This would make a great hamper, or fill with anything in a shop for a nice organized display! Basket stands 28 inches tall and has a diameter of 19-1/2 inches. Nice oldie! SOLD!

Metal youth bed

If you can look past my Halloween display, you may be able to envision this old cast iron bed as an awesome display piece. Think of the possibilities! The bed measures 62 inches long, 36 inches wide and stands 48 inches tall at highest point. Nice rusty patina and a rusted spring frame that will hold and display just about anything! SOLD!

Vintage feathered headdress

Probably for a child to dress up in, but Halloween is coming! Feathers fit into decorated headband and there are some ribbon ties for closure, attached is some decorative fur trim.

Wire tops to chicken feeders!

I just know someone is going to do something cool with these! I can see industrial lights, or just hang them on the wall for architectural appeal. These used to go on top of the old chicken feeders. They are 17 inches in diameter and stand 10 inches tall to middle point. SOLD!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Changing up the front of the store!

After our yard sale tent came down, it was time to mix up the front "lawn" of the store! I just can't wait to decorate for Halloween and this skeleton got delivered the other day. I knew I wanted to display him in the half canoe, but needed a paddle. Found the paddle today, so here he is.......Up the creek with a paddle!

Yankee Division grocery door

Awesome door from grocery. This would be so cool with chalkboard paint to use as a big message board in kitchen. I never want to paint anything though, prefer to leave that to the new owner when possible! Back is a typical Z brace door. This measures 25-1/2 inches wide by 71-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Interesting combination of wood and metal

I am not sure I have had a wheelbarrow that has had metal and wood parts together. Usually they are all steel or all wood, or all wood with a metal wheel. I love the combination of wooden handles and metal tub and wheel. Fall is coming, whether we like it or not! Perfect for mums and pumpkins!

I call this a lady's workbench!

Such pretty details make this a perfect lady's workbench. Or, it would be fabulous as a kitchen island, ready to go. Drawers pull open on either side, and drawers have two different designs, one pair on each side. Top has little divided compartments that I am using for my hardware odds and ends. One end has a bracket for vise, but vise is not there. Also one shelf below. The entire piece measures 52 inches long and the pipe bracket extends another 3 inches (could be removed if desired) This is 20 inches deep and stands 33 inches tall. SOLD!

Very cool washing machine agitator

I love the look of this! Agitator sits on a cradle and rocks back and forth to wash the clothes. Inside is shiny and clean. This would make an awesome cooler. Fill this full of ice and drinks at your next party. This has a fantastic verdigris patina on the tub. The outer housing measures 27 by 24 inches and the top of the washer stands 32 inches tall. SOLD!

Metal and wood hose reel

We were told this little hose reel came from a mill. Red metal sides with wooden hub. Mounted on old board. The board measures 16-1/2 by 9-1/2 and the wheel itself stands 12 inches tall. No marking that we could see. SOLD!

Monday, August 12, 2013

This week's favorite find!

I love everything about this little box. From it's leather hinges, to it's dovetailed edges, to it's inside divided compartments, and especially the different colors of paint. 12 by 8 by 6-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!

Three cloth grain sacks

Hog feed sacks, only one has a hog, my favorite of course! SOLD!

Rusty treasures!

Metal stool, tall measure, and a popcorn popper, all in their rusty glory! Stool is sold! Measure is sold!

Pair of wheelbarrow sides

Perfect for a painting project, make do, or repair your old wheelbarrow with them. Bluish, green paint. One has a crack through the middle, but has been repaired and will hold together. SOLD!

Flying bird wall hanger

Fun and folky wooden bird with metal wings, has three holes in wing to attach to house, shed, garden gate, or hang it inside!

My Bookhouse books

1920's editions, love the colors and graphics on the covers. There were originally twelve volumes in this set. SOLD!

Tool box and gauges

Cute blue metal tool tote, Thor Speed Tools, and three assorted gauges. Steam punk! Toolbox and Gauges are SOLD!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Washtub on stand

Love the look of this one! Great deep turquoise color. Has drain plug cork inside and it works great. This was outside during a rainstorm and it filled with rain. Pulled out the plug and it drained completely, no need for tipping! This measures 26 inches tall and has a diameter of 23 inches. Legs are permanently attached. SOLD!

Country store counter and hutch top

Anyone who follows me on facebook has read the saga of this piece! I bought this at auction last Tuesday night and had a heck of a time getting it into the truck. Thanks to my trusty sidekicks we were able to manage and it arrived home safely. Started working on it Sunday night, determined to have it in the store by Wednesday. The bottom had been completely stripped and the top was painted. Normally I don't like to paint things, preferring to leave that up to the new owner, but this one called for paint. She is a beauty, and even though she has had a makeover, I tried to leave some of her age spots showing. Large, deep drawers, one has dividers as shown. This is big and HEAVY! Measures 7 feet, 2 inches tall. The base is 60 inches deep and the width of the entire piece is 62 inches. SOLD!