Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wooden whale on old wooden container

Old wooden whale displayed on a very primitive wooden container. Whale is 25 inches across and entire piece stands 12 inches tall. SOLD!

Wooden egg crate with dividers for eggs

Parting with my beloved egg crate. I have tons of chicken related things in the house. When I find something new and cool, something has to go to make room! It's time for someone else to enjoy this beautiful egg box with bale handle. Measures 12 by 13 inches and stands 11 inches tall. Cardboard dividers for holding the eggs. Never had a lid as far as I know! There is very slightly visible writing on front. SOLD!

Folding metal Dupont grass seed rack

This metal shelf folds down flat and shelves come off for easy transport. Lots of shelves for a wonderful spring time display! Shelf measures 47 by 16 and 49 inches tall. Dupont grass seed advertising on front. SOLD!

Assorted vintage garden tools

These old garden tools are almost all metal. Garden cutters and three shovels for potting.

Wooden sign hand painted Potted Plants

This sign is almost 4 feet long, measures 46 inches by 7-1/2 inches tall. Just needs a hanger on back! SOLD!

Cool scale from Sweden!

If I didn't already have one of these in my scale collection, I would be tempted! Made in Sweden, with two separate pans. Love the look! SOLD!

Dead End Street sign

Tempted to keep this for my Halloween display, but have way too many decorations already!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heavy wall hanging school chalkboard with real slate

Sweet old chalkboard from the National School Slate Company. Has a chalk tray at bottom. Chalkboard measures 27 by 21 inches. SOLD!

Large and heavy duty computing scale

Love scales! I just have to have them when I see them! This is very big and very heavy. It took two of us to carry it into store. Approx. 29 inches tall and 19 inches wide. It has a 24 pound capacity. The original scale pan either broke or went missing but someone re-purposed an enamel tray to fit onto the scale so they could keep using it. The tag reads June 1917 patent date. There is beautiful beveled glass on front so the working mechanism can be viewed. Side mirrors and glass on front is all good. The back side has glass but there is a crack in it. This is a beauty!

One more industrial cart!

From a New England industrial plant, this cool metal cart has over sized wheels which help it roll nice and easy! Chippy green and rusty paint! This cart measures 30 by 18 and stands 40 inches tall. SOLD!

Three pairs of wooden shutters

Rusty and crusty! There are three sets, in different sizes. 32, 42, and 52 inches tall. Shortest and tallest are sold!

Beautiful old Valentine's!

Kind of fun, and funky! These are dated 1910 through 1913 with postmark cancellation stamp. Love that some of them are simply addressed with person's name and town, no street address needed! SOLD!

1950's wooden marionette horse puppet. Made in England

Looks like it was never played with! Cute wooden horse puppet made in England by Pelham Puppets. This horse is approx. 11 inches tall. SOLD!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Industrial rolling cart

Big wheels on this cool rolling industrial cart. Was used for Mechanical Maintenance. Gray metal with mesh on bottom shelf. Cart measures 29-1/2 by 17-1/2 and stands 40 inches tall not including handle. SOLD!

Cool 1973 (?) Schwinn Stingray bike

My husband has decided to part with one of his Schwinn bicycles! This one is in excellent condition, one tear in banana seat as shown. Front tire reads Schwinn Westwind. Back tire reads Schwinn Stingray. Bike is 20 inches. $100 FIRM! He said he would rather keep it than take any less for it! SOLD!

Enamel top table

This enamel top table looks like it has had several layers of paint over the years! The sides and front are wooden and painted a seafoam blue. Legs are metal. One divided drawer. Table measures 24 by 40 and stands 30 inches tall.

Rustic cobbler's bench

Perfect for a coffee table, this sweet old cobblers bench measures 40 by 13 inches and stands 13 inches tall. SOLD!

For all the crafters and repurposers! A whole bucket full of rusty bedsprings!

These are great for projects! Approx. 6 inches tall, have a whole bucket full. SOLD!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Half a wooden canoe. They make great bookcases!

This is not the first time I have had half a canoe for sale! They make great bookcases with a few shelves added, or just a really cool conversation piece for camp or lodge! This is painted green on outer hull. Still has one of the old seats attached too. This is 39 inches wide at widest point and stands just over 7 feet tall. SOLD!