Sunday, April 29, 2012

A huge thank you to all friends and generous customers! We raised $441 at our benefit yard sale! All for the dogs! Thank you everyone!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our yardsale is a go! Sat. 4-28 from 8-2

The weather is looking clear, maybe a bit chilly, but hey, we are New Englanders! Lots of fun items and more surprises arriving daily from people who are donating to help the cause. All proceeds will go to Pet Tails Rescue, a non profit organization right here in NH. Pricing will be by donation. Take what you like, give what you can! Right here at Log Cabin Antiques outside under the tent. 8-2 on Saturday, April 28th.

My favorite item of the week!

These little leather children's button up shoes are soft as "butta!" Well worn giving them that perfect aged look! SOLD!

Farrier box with horse shoeing tools

I have had a few of these cool farrier's boxes, but this one still had it's horse shoeing tools inside. I will sell separately, or you can buy the whole lot. Box is SOLD!,some tools still available!

Okay all you scale lovers!

Love this one! It's fun to find one in a style I haven't seen or had before. Alexanderwerk German scale is in kilos. Stands 8-1/4 inches tall. porcelain face with black stand. SOLD!

Very cool vise and anvil in one

Made by Litt.Co. this anvil and vise is marked Littlestown 900. It is approx. 9 inches long. Great useful piece for your workbench! SOLD!

Two pretty stoneware bowls

The smaller one is the ivory colored with terra cotta and blue stripes. It has a diameter of 9-1/4 inches. No marking on bottom. The other is yelloware, no marking either. This one has pink and blue stripes and a diameter of 10-3/4 inches. There is a hairline crack across the bottom of this one. They look great on your country cupboards! Large Yellow ware bowl is SOLD! Smaller bowl is SOLD as well!

Cast iron pot with lid

I can just picture red geraniums planted in this. I have had it in storage for a while, but figured it was time to take it out and sell it! Just in time for spring planting. Stands approx. 10 inches high and has a 13 inch diameter.

Interesting long handled tool-Whatsit?

The handle on this is 9 feet long, and hand made using a tree branch. Usually with a long handle implement like this, it might be used for something like pruning trees or picking fruit. The only thing we can come up with is that it might have been used for changing letters on a sign or marquee? If anyone has seen one before and knows what it is, please let me know. I still love it though because it is a primitive tool, made of wood and rusty metal!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming soon! Pet Tails Rescue benefit yard sale!

Tentative date of Saturday April 28th from 8-2. Right here at Log Cabin Antiques! Proceeds will go to Pet Tails Rescue. I have a few other dealers donating items as well, so it will be an interesting mix of mystery items! We will keep you posted as the weekend forecast is closer!

Unusual mermaid angel weathervane topper?

A weathervane topper or a unique conversation piece! My husband did good on last week's picking for me! I sent him to CT with cash, and he came back with great stuff, including this beauty. She has a stand and measures approx. 53 inches tall and approx. 42 inches wide from trumpet to toe! Made of metal. She is making a nice statement in my front window! SOLD!

Metal oxygen cannisters cabinet

Cool industrial cabinet originally used for storing oxygen cannisters. Perfect for the garage, or man room! SOLD!

Horse show sign, double sided

Advertising sign for RI Horse Show. Measures 30 inches high by 64 inches wide. Double sided although one side is slightly more faded than the other. Signs make wonderful art! Great graphic appeal.

Industrial mold, possibly for pump

Very heavy industrial mold with red paint on back and sides. Constructed of wood with metal strapping. Measures 29 inches tall by 9 by 15 inches. Cool look! Has numbered plates.

Handcrafted barn birdhouse

Wonderful handcrafted barn birdhouse.

Fairbanks Precision balance scale!

I just can't get enough of these wonderful scales. My husband found this one down in CT over the weekend. Sliding weight on front. Traces of red paint. Love it!

Feed the goats, help support Pet Tails Rescue!

New this week! A goat treat machine. For a quarter, you can feed the goats, and help a worthy cause at the same time. Every quarter will be donated to Pet Tails Rescue, Northwood, NH. Dedicated to saving dogs lives. The dogs in shelters down south are too often being euthanized. Pet Tails coordinates the adoption and transport of dogs to loving forever homes here in NH.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wax covered clothespins!

These smell so good, and make a great prim addition to your laundry room. They come in a cello bag with tie. Also available is the rustic washboard.

Lucky for me, I am blessed with talented friends!

These are new to anyone who doesn't follow me on Facebook! One of a kind pillows and sacks with photography by Amy Bean of Fremont, NH. and stitchery by Maria Bryant of AMB Primitives. Each pillow has a different photo of our animals here at Log Cabin. Some are Bob Marley, some are Horns and Junior, and my personal fave, 3 Goats on a Truck! Assorted sizes, ranging from 4 by 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 by 8-1/4. Amazing primitive charm! I just love them! Priced from $7-9.00 Also, for every pillow or sack sold, we will donate $1.00 to Pet Tails Rescue located in Northwood, NH. Helps support such a worthy cause!

My very favorite.....Bob Marley wool bag

This has Bob's picture, the word WOOL is embroidered on the front, and it is full of Bob's nice black and gray wool from his recent shearing. Drawstring tie. $9.00 with $1.00 going to Pet Tails Rescue. Helps support a great cause!

Love this rusty minnow bucket

It has everything, rust and red paint. What more can we ask for?! Front reads, Never Die. IF they mean the minnows, I suppose it will keep them alive......until they are swallowed by the fish! SOLD!

Rusty tin pitcher

Nice and rusty! Stands 9 inches tall. Just needs some wildflowers!

wooden sifter

I am guessing this won't last long! they never do! 11-1/4 inches in diameter. Slight separation in screen from side, but great for wall hanger.

Rustic table with corrugated aluminum top

Meet my lovely assistant, Vanna White, aka Junior! He is so curious, he had to come out and see what was up! My friend put the top on this table, making a nice, rustic plant table, or just place it in your garden! Measures 26-1/2 by 26-1/2 and stands 22 inches high. SOLD!

Large wooden barrel, very sturdy

This barrel is in great condition. Measures 29 inches tall and has a diameter of 20-3/4 inches.

Little red wagon

This has four caster wheels, so good for heavy plants, or I think it would make a cute display too. Wish I had a bunch of children's wooden blocks! Measures 19-1/2 by 15-1/2 inches.

More chicken feeders and a cute tin chicken!

These are four feet long, lots of room for planting. They have a handle but it does come out, for ease of planting. Also make great chicken feeders, if you want to use them as intended! $10 each. SOLD!

Cute little tool tote with four divided sections. So handy! Measures 26-1/2 inches long by 8-1/2 inches wide and stands 8-1/2 inches tall.

Do you like to plant in cast iron pots?

Such a deal! Only $5.00 each. I got a good deal on them, so I am passing it along to you! These look pretty with red geraniums!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Perfect for the garden or porch!

Old butter worker's table is missing the table that would have held the butter, but the slatted top still makes a great display piece. Mine is holding a bird house and two planters. This could also be used inside, it would be a pretty versatile piece just about anywhere. Measures 32 inches by 24 inches and stands 33 inches tall. Fantastic gears and big butter roller too!

Duryea's Superior Starch shipping box

Nicely joined corners and super graphics highlight this old shipping crate. These look great atop a cupboard, or stacked.