Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful pony sleigh

I bought this over the summer and have been chomping at the bit (yes, pun intended) to bring it into the shop. I made myself wait until Halloween was almost over. This is a gorgeous sleigh, nice and sturdy with no rot on the runners or body. I think it has always been stored out of the weather. Slight red wash, and lots of display space. I just love them in the store to hold stuff! This is a nice compact size. measures 6 feet long and approx. 3 feet wide. SOLD!

Old red tool box

This is large enough to make a great coffee table. Someone "antiqued" it a while back, but at least they painted it red! Made with square nails, and has one hand forged hinge showing on the top. Top is no longer attached, but fits snugly in place. One leather handle, other side is missing. Great look! Measures 34 by 19 and is 19 inches high. SOLD!

Hanging scale with porcelain scale pan

This is a large hanging scale, the scale pan is porcelain and has a diameter of 15 inches. Made by the Mills Hobbs Company Boston, Mass. This one is a beauty with lovely aging!SOLD!

Bell Telephone metal sign

Bell Telephone Company logo sign. Nicely weathered! This measures 23 inches wide at bottom and stands 22 inches tall.SOLD!

Unique ironing board-Bosom board!

Patent date 1880. Fabulous little bosom board. Looked this up on ebay and one sold for $88! Of course this one will be a much better deal! Measures 18 by 9 inches. SOLD!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pat O'Der's 2013 Santas are here!

This morning I was working on making the house even scarier for Halloween, and this afternoon I was choosing Santas! It's never easy to decide which ones to buy. I would love to have them all, as they are each so unique and beautiful. Hand crafted by Pat O'Der, these make a wonderful gift for someone you love or add to your collection. Tall and short, big and small, sitting, hanging, and many to choose from!

Single galvanized wash tub

These make great planters, or use as a cooler. The inside is nice and clean, just fill it with ice and your favorite beverage. This has a cover, so you can display things on top too. Fill with some ornamental cabbage plants and you will have a garden piece that can stay right through Thanksgiving! This measures 18 by 21-1/2 and stands 32 inches tall.SOLD!

Restoring a 1940 Chevy?

Even if you aren't restoring a 1940 Chevy, this is a cool piece. The dashboard has one gauge and ashtray intact. This color reminds me more of the 1957 Chevy turquoise. My husband thinks this would be great in a street rod, or just hang it on the wall. The old car parts are being repurposed in so many ways right now! This is 47 inches wide.

Industrial stool

Neat little industrial stool on wheels. Height does not adjust, but it's perfect for working in a garage! The diameter of seat is 13-3/4 inches and the seat height is 19 inches. SOLD!

Rusty relics!

We had fun at an automotive flea market over the weekend. Lots of great stuff there! A tricycle remnant, that I think would be a cool wall hanger, an old hose reel, and a metal tool box. Tool box is 16-1/2 by 8 inches. Tool box and tricycle remnant and hose reel are all SOLD,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

50/50 update for those who don't follow facebook!

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for the 50/50 raffle for Lyn Kells who is walking with her team in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this Sunday in Dover, NH. I had a new customer two weeks ago with out of state license plates. He got a dollar in change and he threw it into the bucket full of tickets. I asked him if he wanted me to write his name and number on a ticket. He said "no, just put the name of the person this is benefitting" so I wrote to Lyn Kells on it. My regular Thursday customer came in just now and I asked him to pull a ticket. He pulled the to Lyn Kells ticket! Maybe that guy from two weeks ago was just an angel in disguise! Lyn now has $121 to donate to the American Cancer Society! Thanks again everyone

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old and crusty, rusty bird cage

Great look, just needs a Halloween crow! This old metal cage is approx. 17 inches high and base has a diameter of 13 inches. green paint! SOLD!

Potting bench, pumpkin carving station or workbench?

Great bench with tin top. Has hole in top for draining. This was being used as a wash station so it had water running to it with hose. Very versatile piece! This measures 6 feet wide by 28 inches front to back. Stands 34-1/2 inches high with backsplash another 5-1/2 inches higher. Shelf below measures 44 by 24-1/2 inches. SOLD!

Sweet little baby quilt

Hand stitched and appliqued baby quilt has horse and buggy. Precious! Measures 32 by 45 inches.

Two cutting boards

Do you have a Hoosier cabinet missing it's cutting board? Well, here it is! Small handle in front to pull out from cabinet. Measures 24 by 24. Cute piggy cutting board measures 17-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches. Hoosier board is SOLD! Piggy board is SOLD!

Tiny primitive mouse trap

Adorable little primitive mouse trap measures only 5-1/2 by 4 inches and stands 3-1/2 inches tall. Mouse sold separately! Both are SOLD!

Base of mid 19th century linen press

This is not something I would normally be drawn to, but I love the way the shelves slide out. It makes an awesome display piece for linens. Originally had a top, and the left side door has a crack inside the big oval, but still so very cool. Also, it had an old antique store price tag on it, when it still had it's top it was going for $5,100! This measures 49 by 22 by 42 inches tall. SOLD!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Old wooden sled

Primitive wooden sled in a lovely red wash. This sled is in wonderful condition. Measures 45 by 15 and is 6 inches tall. SOLD!

Wonderful Soap box

Higgins German Laundry Soap box. Front is missing part of it's graphics but one side has wonderful etched in graphics. This box measures 25-1/2 by 16 by 8-1/2 inches tall. SOLD!