Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cracker tin

Nice Edgemont cracker tin in very good condition. Lid still has hinges intact. Great for a kitchen display.

Child's potty chair

What a cutie! Little wooden potty chair with lift off lid. Chair has some nice crackling in the paint showing it's age!

Child's potty chair

Close up view of the little rabbit that is on the seat cover.

Beautiful one gallon stoneware crock with lid

Lovely one gallon stoneware crock with no chips or cracks. The color is much prettier in person!

Crock shown from the top

Nice to find the crock with lid still intact!

Make do tool tote

This little tool tote reminds me of something my grandfather would have made up! They would take what they had and repurpose it into something useful. A square wooden box with a door latch made into a carrying handle.

Mid to late 1800's oilskin map of NH-MA

A great mid to late 1800's oilskin map that hangs on the wall with weighted bottom. Map shows the Monodnock region of NH and also Mass below including the towns of Ashburnham and Winchendon. The Cheshire and Fitchburg Railroads are marked on the maps. The dates of operation for The Fitchburg railroad were 1840-1919. This map has some aging to it, but what a wonderful piece of history!

Mid to late 1800's oilskin map of NH-MA

A closer view of the map!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elephant table

Elephant is carved from a block of wood. He has gold embellishments, and his back is flat to use as a little table. He stands only 9 inches tall, and his back is 8 inches in diameter.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Framed liquor license from 1912

Perfect for hanging over a bar! Framed liquor license for the year 1912-1913. County of Fairfield, CT for the town of Stratford. License to serve intoxicating liquors!

Tiny teapot

Pretty little teapot with blue and green accents. Measures 6-1/2 " across from spout to end of handle and 4" from bottom to little knob on cover. No maker's mark.

Wicker baby carriage on sale!

Antique wicker baby carriage with pine garland and little star lights. Makes a beautiful display for a doll collection. Marked down from $58 to $48.

Bread box

This bread box looks like it was never used! Measures 13-1/4" by 9-1/2" by 11 inches tall. Has two handles to carry and a latch to keep closed. Ventilation holes in back to allow air to circulate.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We will be open Christmas Eve day!

Here is our (4 year old) puppy Aspen. He is decked out in his Santa hat. I think he actually enjoys wearing it because he knows how cute he looks in it!
We will be open on Wednesday, December 24 from 10 am to 5 pm for last minute gifts!!

Happy Holidays to everyone, and best wishes for a wonderful 2009!

Friday, December 19, 2008

After the ice storm!

Here's our sign and a little bit of the road. These photos were taken the morning after last Thursday's storm. Due to loss of power, we were closed for the rest of the weekend. Now we are dealing with two back to back snowstorms!

Snowflake Lights and Icicles

The snowflake lights hanging from the porch with icicles above.

Icy Pine

We thought these pine boughs look beautiful encased in ice.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

China cupboard

Nice, compact china cupboard measures 66 inches tall by 32 inches across and 15 inches deep at widest point. Two glass doors and two doors below for storage. This cupboard was made by Bernhardt Furniture Co. in Union, North Carolina, and then shipped to Laconia, NH.

China cupboard

Top of cupboard with doors closed.

Country wall cupboard

Cute little wall hanging cupboard with towel bar and two shelves. Door lifts up.

Bread and cake tin

I love this old tin, used to hold breads and cakes. The door slides open and shut. Nice graphics on front. Made by Porter.

Bread and Cake tin inside

Cool old bread and cake tin showing inside with two shelves suspended above base.

Oil lamp

Pretty oil lamp with a beautiful amber glass bottom and cobalt blue shade.

Large hay rake

This hay rake is in excellent condition, and looks it was hardly used. I have it hanging over the doorway and attached to one of the beams in the addition. The rake measures approx. 5 feet 3 inches across. My friend Bill tells me that these were used to rake up the hay around the edges of the field after bales were made. He said this way none of the hay went to waste. What a beautiful piece!

Deb's quilted snowman wall hanging

Deb of Rustic Country Collectibles has added some of her beautiful hand crafted items over the weekend. This is one of her pieces, a quilted wall hanging that says "There's no man like a snowman" Lots of other great items too!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cast iron pie rack in red

Great little pie rack in old red paint. Sometimes a piece will just catch your eye at an auction and you hope you are lucky enough to get it. This did and I was! I also got some beautiful old pie plates that were lovingly well used, and this is one of them.

Little natural handmade sled

The front of the sled is shown here. This is handmade of birch branches and some kind of bark or husk. It will stand alone or could be hung. After I took this picture, I just had to make up a little spray of natural greens and some red artificial berries. It just needed a little touch of color!

Little natural handmade sled

Shown here from the back, someone did a lot of work putting this little sled together.

The latest flag on harness piece

Last weekend we sold one of these flags, so we went to work making a new one. I rummaged through my storage shed until I found this harness piece. I haven't hung one from a beam before and I like the way it looks up there!
SOLD!! (but there is already a replacement!)

Hatbox, hats, gloves

I just picked up this hatbox at my favorite Monday morning auction. It's from Dobbs of New York and has great graphics with a vintage street scene and old cars. Leather handle snaps shut to carry hatbox.

wooden ladder

Short wooden ladder with distressed white paint, shown here hanging from one of the beams. My friend Deb put knobs on a ladder similar to this one, attached it horizontally to a wall, and hung baskets, etc. from it. These also look great leaning against a wall with quilts or linens.