Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Super primitive wooden hoe (or grain scooper?)

Pictures don't do this justice! It was hard to photograph to show the absolutely amazing detail on this piece. It would be hard to find another old tool like this in such fantastic condition. How would a wooden hoe survive intact? It must have been very barely used if used at all. I just love this piece! My friend was selling this in Jaffrey, and I passed it up once. I was regretting doing so, but I was lucky because it was still available a week later when I talked to her. It must have been meant to be mine. The entire hoe is made of wood, with the two pieces, handle and blade attached by a wooden peg. The only metal on it is a small hook at the very tip. Unusual and unique. I have a feeling it won't be in the shop for long! Hoe is approx. 33 inches from end to end.
Note: there has been some discussion about this piece, one customer thinks it may be a grain scooper/ puller, so not 100% sure as to what it definitely is! SOLD!

Rattan Rocker and Table set

Comfortable and sturdy rattan chair wraps around you. Comes with the cute little handmade pillow embellished with a bird and buttons too. Also included is the sweet table to hold your tea, or cold drink, and a book!
Chair is SOLD!

Apple picking backpack

Apple picking season will be here before we know it! Canvas bag with webbed backpack straps, so you can wear this over the shoulders and pack it with apples. Front unclips to release apples gently at the open bottom. Made by the Scheffer and Rossum Co. St. Paul, Minnesota. This is a No.9 Jim Dandy Wenatchee Bag. Apples sold separately

Wooden bin with tin roof

Here is a wonderfully practical item. Store your kindling, bird seed, a big bag of dog food, salt for the winter, anything you desire! Very handy with a tin roof that latches securely to keep the varmints out. Box measures 26 inches wide, 18 inches front to back, and the back at highest point is 24 inches tall, roof slopes down to 21 inches in front. Green paint, and fantastic rusty tin lid

Two wooden hardware bins

Love these handy hardware bins. They have a metal holder for a label that you can add to show what you are storing! Grayish, blue paint. They measure 21 inches long by 8-12 by 8 inches. I have some new bins that are similar to these that I display all the knobs and latches that I sell. These are perfect for organizing craft supplies, or just about anything. These are two separate bins, stacked one on top of the other. Buy one or both!

Texaco oil cans

I should be saving these for the automotive room we are adding, but just can't resist listing them. Great cans with oil still in them. Used for lubricating just about anything. Nice Texaco star graphic on front. 3 fluid ounces.

metal pie safe

Cool metal pie safe, my favorite part is the little Good Housekeeping label on inside of door. Two shelves for holding pies and plenty of rusty patina to boot! Measures 13-1/2 inches wide by 11 inches and 20 inches tall.


Take an old broken down baby buggy that still has cool wheels, and a 7-Up Crate and what do you get? A funky Franken-buggy! Unique item for your garden, fill the box with flower pots, or pumpkins. You will be guaranteed to be the only one who has one!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The best surprise of the day!

Out behind the auction hall today, we spotted this black bear. The guys were estimating him to be around 300 pounds.

More wooden boxes

I just can't help but buy old wooden boxes. People seem to love them for organizing, and displaying. These have a great look to them. Also picked up the old bar of ivory soap today.
Box on bottom is sold!
Ivory soap is sold!

Primitive berry drying tray

Love the red paint on this interesting berry dryer. Grids in two layers are attached to the wooden frame. Has wire on back for hanging, but this would also look great displayed on the counter or country table. Measures 21 inches tall by 12 inches wide.

Early wooden trunk

Small trunk, possibly an old tool trunk. Beautiful patina on top. This trunk measures 22-1/2 inches wide by 9-1/2 inches front to back and 7-1/2 inches tall.

Vintage lawn ornaments

Mama and baby goose have stakes for sticking in lawn. Nice vintage lawn ornaments!

Old sled is perfect for hanging display!

Wonderful primitive sled would be excellent for hanging display. Currently, I have a quilt hanging from it, and it has several rungs so it can hold many items. It stands 55 inches tall and is 17-1/2 inches wide.

Wooden ice box

Wooden ice box in minty green paint. Has wheels on base for easy rolling. Someone plugged up the drain hole inside, so it wouldn't really function as a cooler anymore. However, it would make a "cool" little coffee table or storage bin. Ice box measures 2 feet wide by 16 inches front to back and stands 17 inches tall.

Wooden rocking horse with seat

This great old rocker has two horses, one on each side and a seat in the middle. He has been repaired on his neck area, but what a neat look! He measures 38 inches long from front rocker to back rocker, and is 12 inches wide.

Two tin cannisters

One tall green and rusty cannister, and one shorter tin can, mostly off white with a green lid, and also rusty! I like them stacked together. In fact bought the taller one last week, and then the shorter one to go with it today.
Green can is SOLD!

Interesting little box

Interesting little wooden box with great handle on top. Inside and sold separately are several brass hose nozzles. Assorted sizes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A sneak peek at our addition and the car behind it all!

My husband bought the fenders and hood to a 1947 quarter midget race car (at least that is what we were told it was, but we are not 100% sure) He had a friend fabricate a frame, and used some axles and tires he had to make the little car complete. It doesn't have an engine, but it looks like it is ready to go! He wanted to display this little car in front of the store and let kids sit in it. I have been working on him for an addition to the store for a while now as we are running out of room. When he said he was going to put this car outside, I told him it would get wet, and that he should build an addition around it. He liked that idea, and so began the project of adding on to Log Cabin Antiques. The little car just got its paint job and is ready to come home. The addition is going to take a bit longer, but hopefully it will be done by late summer or early fall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old chicken coop door

Everyone seems to be into the chicken stuff right now, so couldn't resist this great old door. Chicken wire on top and a sliding wooden door to keep them locked in and safe at night from predators! It had a nameplate at the top, so I added the name Henny to it, couldn't help myself! Door measures 24-1/2 inches wide by 66-1/2 inches tall. I have seen these displayed in country kitchens as part of the decor. Architectural farm art!

Chicken crate

I knew I was (or at least hoped) I would be getting the chicken door above, and so when I saw the chicken crate for sale, I figured I would get that for my display too. Now I am kicking myself for selling my beautiful rooster last week. I know where he is, and I may go kidnap him. Roosternap him?

Iron tools

Cool assortment of old iron tools. They look great hanging anywhere!

Egg box

Why do I love egg and chicken related items so much? Fantastic egg box!

Old painted oars

Old green paint on these wooden oars, and they still have their oarlocks attached. One oar blade is a bit rough but still perfect for your camp or cottage display!

Wonderful old wooden carrier

Nice old paint on this long carrier. It measures 31-1/2 long and is 9-1/2 inches wide. Early repair on handle gives it some great character!

Enamel top table with two pull out leaves

Very ornate legs on this wonderful enamel top table. One drawer in center. Table measures 24 inches front to back, with two leaves that pull out on either side, each measuring 10 inches. The table is 40 inches wide and stands 31 inches tall.

Wooden hog trough

This is a cool piece. Intended for use as a hog feeder. Small holes have been drilled in the bottom to make this a handy planter. If you want to put your pigs on a diet, this is perfect because the food will fall through the holes and they will eat less! I would be tempted to fill it with straw and display pumpkins in the fall too.

A mix of old and new!

The sap bucket is old, but someone added a nice little label to the front. If I remember correctly, it has a log cabin on it! Then I added some artificial sunflowers to it for a display. Flowers are not included!

Sap bucket covers

I bought the handpainted sap bucket cover at an auction. I can never resist anything with a chicken or a rooster on it. Then I remembered I had some sap covers in my garage. Now if you are a talented painter you can make a great painted item like this one. Or, the covers are great for magnet boards.
Chicken painted on sap cover is SOLD!

Wooden dairy crate

My daughter was working for me in the shop when something sold, and we moved this box in. She suggested turning it on it's side as shown for a cute little shelf unit! Great idea Kate!

Wooden beverage carrier

Wooden beverage carrier with wire dividers. I usually display these with my freshly picked Black eyed Susans. Lucky for me, they just started to bloom when I picked this box up last week.

Tin teakettle

I have never seen a cute little tin teakettle like this, and I love the red knob on the lid.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brought home a truckload this week, but this is my fave!

This is so adorable! I bought this sweet little childs table from my friend at Jan's Junk, which is really a treasure trove of wonderful finds. She had just gotten it that morning, and now it's here. I don't think this will be around long, because it is so darn cute.
Teaset is sold!
Table is SOLD!